Assembly in Brief

January 18, 2017

*ALS: Bake sale today to benefit the ALS Foundation.
*AMC10/12: Sign up by the end of this week (outside of Mr. Taff's classroom, 217) for the February 7 math competition .
*Outdoor Ed Opps: All students are welcome to meet with Mr. Dee (classroon 106) at 8:15 am tomorrow to discuss upcoming service, rock climbing, backpacking, float trip and tree climbing opportunities.
*To Be Takei: The Asian Culture Club, Guild of Geeks and Spectrum are cosponsoring a screening of To Be Takei after school on Friday in Ms. Zmudczynski's classroom, 313.
*World: Everyone is welcome to a meeting tomorrow at 8 am in Ms. Ervin's classroom, 105.

Science, Technology and Research ~ New Digs
Mr. Abbott showed students the basic plans for replacing the current science and library buildings with one, three-story building to house those programs as well computer science, industrial technology & engineering, and family & consumer science. The next issue of the Reporter will share similar information for parents, et al.

January 17, 2017

*Dance Show: 7:30 pm on Friday and Saturday; tickets ($10) on sale in the bookstore.

January 12, 2017

*Game of the Week: Girls swimming at 4 pm on Friday.
*MLK Day of Service: There's time to sign up for this half-day of service on Monday, January 16 ~ turn in your permission slips.
*Monday Basketball: JBS vs. MICDS basketball games have been rescheduled on Monday, January 16 ~ JV boys and girls at 4 pm, V girls at 5:30 pm and V boys at 7 pm. Some interesting cheers are in the works for this zoo-themed afternoon/evening.

January 11, 2017

*Game of the Week: Girls swimming at 4 pm on Friday.
*House Cup Update: Student Congress leadership announced the current class standings in the House Cup. Classes earn points through participation in service drives, teacher acclamation, etc. Seventh graders are in the lead with 634, followed by sophomores (581), seniors (579), juniors (561), eighth graders (321) and freshmen (283).
*KUTO: Peer training (part 2) at 6 pm tonight in conference room #3.
*MLK Day of Service: There's time to sign up ~ turn in your permission slips.
*Review: Meeting at 8 am on Thursday in Ms. Simonds' classroom ~ continue submitting.

Student leaders explained the micro-loan program and invited everyone to their next meeting at 8:15 am on Tuesday in conference room #3. See "Latest News" later today.