Assembly in Brief

May 26, 2017 ~ Part Two

After Field Day, students re-assembled in Haertter Hall. The 2017 Governor was presented to Mr. Abbott and to yearbook faculty sponsors Margaret Bahe (science) and Katie Bava (library). Yearbook staff also presented copies and read tributes to retirees Judy Grand (college counseling) and Steve Wilcutt (PE/athletics) and to specially recognized retirees Macon Finley (administration, mathematics) and Anne Rossi (mathematics). The yearbook staff also presented a copy and read tributes to retiree Howard Jones (fine arts) to whom they dedicated the 2017 edition.

May 26, 2017 ~ Part One

*Exams: 10 am on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Lunch available to any student who is interested.
*Science Move: Begins today. No one is to enter any part of the old science building.

KUDOS to ...
the Little Big Shots who won the 7th grade ITE competition and the Haunted House team which won the 8th grade competition.

Field Day Assembly
The theme for today's competitions is celebrity chefs. Organizers showed a brief video explaining how the final teams were selected.  They include Martha Stewart, Chef Boyardee, Guy Fieri and Gordon Ramsey.

May 25, 2017

Senior Assembly
As is tradition, the class of 2017 was seated on the stage, facing the student body, the faculty and their parents. As president of the Alumni Association, Sarah Yoselevsky Kaye '95 welcomed the class to the ranks of JBS alums; as class president, Aidan Reid shared parting remarks; selected by the class, Mylin Johnson '92 (academic support, PE/athletics) addressed the class; and as head of school, Andy Abbott relived some "forgettable days that make unforgettable memories." See "Campus Candids" later today.

May 24, 2017

*Craft Club: Will recycle old binders. Drop off empty binders in the marked bins.
*Field Day: Teams are posted. T-shirts will be distributed after lunch today.
*Senior Assembly: Tomorrow. 9th - 11th graders should return to their "old" assembly seats to make room for the seniors' parents.

Nod to the Sound Booth
Mr. Abbott asked everyone to thank the students and faculty who run the sound booth for every assembly ~ including today, the last regular assembly of the year.

May 23, 2017

*Current Events: Meeting at 7:45 am tomorrow in Dr. Smith's classroom.
*Livestreaming: Beginning with the Fall 2017 season, the PE/Athletic Department wants to livestream as many athletic contests as there are students interested in doing so. See Mr. Tasker or Ms. Cosentino for more information.
*Stubborn Ounces: Diversity, ETC released the first edition of Stubborn Ounces, "a publication in the 'zine' style, published three or four time a year ... focused on creating meaningful, respectful conversation among members of the John Burroughs community on the topics of diversity and inclusivity." The first edition was edited and produced by seniors Morgan Lindsey and Ian Doty. Going forward, it will be completely submission based. At 7 pm tomorrow night in conference room #2, there will be an informal follow up.

May 22, 2017

Tuesday is a late day, Thursday is senior assembly with an 8:15 am start and Friday is a late day followed by Field Day.

Good luck to track athletes going to State!

Human Rights Crisis in Chechnya
On behalf of the Current Events Club, Harley King '19 spoke about ongoing detention of gay and bisexual men in Chechnya. See "Latest News" later today.

Farewell ... and consider this
Soon to leave Burroughs to head The Ellis School in Pittsburgh, Macon Finley (assistant head of school, director of academics, math teacher, etc.!) spoke to assembly. She said she felt very lucky to be at Burroughs with great students and colleagues, but the primary point of her remarks was to ask students to consider an idea: Try to get more comfortable with being uncertain ... Embrace confusion and wrestle with ideas ... A zigzag path can be as ~ or more ~ fulfilling as a linear one. If possible, Ms. Finley's remarks will be posted under "Latest News."

May 19, 2017

*Library Summer Reading Launch: Come to the library today to borrow a summer reading book, participate in some crafts, enjoy some treats.
*Montgomery Plan: The final event of this year is the senior prom at Bethsda-Dillworth ~ all dancers welcome! And check out the activities bulletin board in the Commons for ideas for summer volunteer opportunities.
*Student Theatre Showcase: 7:30 pm tonight. Everyone is welcome.

Special Counsel
Juniors Olivia Benoit and Arianna Latuda continued the Current Events Club's presentations with a discussion of the recent appointment of a Special Counsel. See "Latest News" later today. Next meeting is at 7:45 am on Wednesday in Dr. Smith's classroom.

May 18, 2017

*Field Day: Friday, May 26. The theme is celebrity chefs ~ t-shirts and more details to come.

May 17, 2017

*KIVA: Last meeting of the year at 8:15 am on Thursday.
*Student Theatre Showcase: At 7:30 pm on Friday in the Black Box. Will feature original student writing. Click HERE for more information.

Juniors Adam Banga and Ian Sajjapong talked about some of the traditions around Ramadan, a month-long fasting (from dawn until sunset) which begins on May 26 (in the U.S.). This observance is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam and is a time to appreciate the simple things in life.

Members of the SMVC described their cars — one fueled by biodiesel which competed at state and the other fueled by gasoline which competed in the international Shell Eco Marathon. They encouraged more students to get involved with SMVC as leaders, drivers or mechanics. Here are three links to accounts of their efforts and performance:

May 16, 2017

*Boys Lacrosse: First playoff game today at 5:30 pm vs. Eureka ~ fans wanted!
*Relaxation Day: Thursday!
*Summer Reading Day: Friday in the library ~ check out summer reading book/s, try to win a gold ticket, enjoy a few activities ...

Kudos to ...
the boys and girls track teams ~ each won districts last weekend.

May 15, 2017

Kudos to ...
the boys and girls track teams for their district title wins!

On behalf of the JBS robotics teams (#6153 and #4211), Lauren Keeley '19 and Ben Wei '20 described the teams' process (strategizing, building, programming, testing, documenting and competing) and did a mini demonstration with #6153.

May 12, 2017

*2017-2018 Publication Editors:
The Governor
Kwayera Burrows, Ashley Caster, Editors- in-Chief
Michaela Bach, Eliza Miller, Sealy Thompson, Assistant Editors
Cassie Berns, Junior Editor
The World 
Alison Gill, Editor-in-Chief
Gabe Fleisher, Junior Editor-in-Chief
Victoria Sansone, News Editor
Hallie Williams, Online Editor/Layout Editor
Nandini Jain, Opinions Editor
William Bartnett, Photography Editor
Tina Chen, Communications Coordinator
Lucy Bloomstran, Features Editor
Emma Swanson, Arts and Entertainment Editor
The Review
Ella Schmidt, Stella Erickson, Dahlia Haddad, Editors-in-Chief
Carly Galvin, Alexa Kouvelis, Managing Editors 
Jason Zhou, Ann Zhang, Junior Editors
Adina Cazacu-De Luca, Juliet Mahony, Layout Editors
Claire Pan, Art Editor

Music Friday
Eighth graders Kendall Allen and Abby Philpott sang Adele's "Make You Feel My Love." See "Campus Candids" later today.

May 11, 2017

*Current Events: Meeting at 7:45 am tomorrow in Dr. Smith's classroom.

Kudos to ...
juniors William Bartnett and Matthew Williams who were named state champions at the STEM Engineering Expo sponsored by the Technology Education Association of Missouri.

Science Town
Mr. Abbott invited students to propose names for the two temporary science facilities. Right now, they're Big Sci and Little Sci.

May 10, 2017

Music Wednesday
Arim Fremont '21 performed Edward McDowell's Hungarian. Click Here for a video clip.