contact.jpgMailing Address:

755 S. Price Road

St. Louis, MO 63124

Main Phone Number: 314-993-4040
24-hour Direct Dial Phone Number: 314-993-4045

Fax: 314-993-6458

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Primary Faculty/Staff Contacts:

Head of School: Andy Abbott ext. 282

Assistant Head of School/Director of Academics: Macon Finley ext. 325

Principal, Grades 7 & 8:  Julie Harris ext. 219

Principal, Grades 9 & 10: Scott Deken ext. 326

Principal, Grades 11 & 12: Chris Front ext. 349

Business Manager: Laura Placio ext. 235

Director of Admissions & Tuition Aid: Caroline LaVigne ext. 227

Director of Advancement: Jim Kemp ext. 256

Director of Athletics: Peter Tasker ext. 217

Director of College Counseling: Nanette Tarbouni ext. 281

Director of Communications & Community Relations: Ellen Bremner ext. 355

Director of Counseling & Wellness: Jennifer Jones ext. 323

Director of Diversity & Multicultural Education:  Daniel Harris ext. 221

Director of Plant Operations: Ed Philipp ext. 444

Director of Sustainability: Christopher Hinshaw ext. 388

Sage Food Services: Shelli Pate ext. 243