Family Network


Family Network works closely with the Counseling & Wellness Department and sponsors an array of programs on adolescence and parenting for the Burroughs community.

Join us April 25 at 7 PM for a discussion with Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of How to Raise an Adult

An arm of the Parents Council, the Family Network promotes communication and the exchange of ideas on adolescence and parenting. The intent is to provide forums for discussion so relationships may be built or strengthened among parents and between parents and their teenagers. Accordingly, Family Network programs focus on family relationships, teen development, peer and academic pressures, substance abuse and topics suggested by the Administration.

Deborah LeMoine & Wendy Panagos

All meetings held at 8:30 am in Commons, Conference Room 2
Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Wednesday, May 10, 2017


  • The New Parent Mentor Program pairs families new to JBS with a current family to ease the transition to a new school, help them feel welcome and comfortable and address questions about how things work at JBS. CONTACTS: Kelly Steinkamp & Shilpa Thornton

  • Parenting Together (formerly known as Brown Bag/Coffee Connection) are casual meetings organized for each grade level and held over lunch or in the morning. They feature guest speakers who discuss age-appropriate topics and allow parents the opportunity to meet and talk with other parents from their child’s grade. CONTACTS: Kellie Hynes & Kelly Edwards (7th Grade), Kelly Martin & Angela Spittal (8th Grade), Lyn Grace & Carolyn Petite (9th Grade), Rajeev John & Suzanne Trotter (10th Grade), Helen Kouvelis & Michael Slawin (11th Grade), Tiwi Rush & Alicia Creighton (12th Grade)

  • Book Club provides informal discussions led by parents, teachers and staff on a variety of books including parenting issues, diversity, values, and works of literature. Family Network also offers a collection of books, tapes, and videos on a wide range of parenting topics. These are available in the Family Network section of the school library. CONTACTS: Marni Dillard & Risa Brown (Faculty-Led), Cheryl Barnett & Margaret Duncan (Parenting)

  • Parent to Parent addresses issues of family and community concern relating to our children's social lives, and has sought the perspectives of both parents and students with regard to issues of substance use / abuse.  This committee provides relevant information to parents at all grade levels. CONTACTS: Julie Hyken & Sally King

  • Sophomore, Junior and Senior Health Day. CONTACTS: Charlie Galvin & Sally King (10th Grade), Cheryl Barnett & Gale Braswell (11th Grade), Suzanne Siteman & Gale Braswell (12th Grade)

  • Faculty Liaison: Prue Gershman