Science, Technology & Research - Next!

In May 2014, we celebrated completion of a major campus improvement project (a new performing arts center, a new athletic center, an enlarged and renovated student Commons, and an expanded Quadrangle). We knew the next big project would be an overhaul of our science and library facilities ~ perhaps in time for the school's 100th anniversary in 2023. But before the grass in the new Quad had fully taken root, a handful of families came forward and said, "We need to do this now." And we are!

View from the south

The science building and library will come down, to be replaced with one larger building. The new building will square off the Quad, soften the end zone of the football field, preserve Graduation Grove, and provide an attractive facade from the Price Road parking lot. The facility will provide 73,000 square feet of space on three levels to bring science, computer science, engineering, family and consumer science, and the library under one roof.

We hope to begin demolition of the science building and library after graduation in June 2017, build on an accelerated schedule, and open doors on the new facility, rated at LEED Gold, by the fall of 2018. In the meantime, our library resources have already moved to temporary quarters on the second floor of the student Commons. At the end of this school year, our science classrooms and labs will be relocated in two fully equipped, temporary structures on the south side of campus, and family & consumer science will move to the second floor of the Athletic Center. Computer science and engineering will remain in the Brauer Building until the new project is complete.

We are not planning a community-wide fundraising campaign, but we welcome support from any and all interested families!

View from the west

View from east