Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity

As a central point of effort and coordination, the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity was established in 1997. It is directed by Daniel Harris and is supported by the Burroughs faculty and staff, all of whom engage in ongoing personal and professional development.

We believe that understanding the many dimensions of diversity is essential to excellence in education. Our commitment is to advance diversity and inclusivity as part of the fundamental fabric of the Burroughs experience and to prepare students for a globally-oriented world.

We are fortunate to have our faculty, staff and administration, Board of Trustees, students, parents/guardians and alumni —  all segments of our community —  actively engaged in this work.

It is our desire to always stand available as a place where open minds can share resources for individual and community growth. We invite you to explore this website for additional information about our efforts and initiatives. More than that, we hope you will partner with us in advancing our commitment. With that in mind, please feel free to contact us with any ideas, questions or suggestions about our programs and initiatives.

Faculty members currently assisting with specific student programs are:

African American Affinity Group

Jennifer Jones
John Merritt

Asian Culture Club

Andy Chen (English)
Susie Lim (Science)
Alex Wu (Mathematics)

Diversity, E.T.C. Martha Fischer (History) - Grades 9 - 12
Jennifer Kinney (Modern Languages) - Grades 7 - 8
French Club Jennifer Kinney (Modern Languages)
Gender Equity Organization (GEO) Prue Gershman (Counseling & Wellness)
Global Youth Leadership Institute (GYLI) Brian Connor (Theatre)
Jerry Estes (Music)
Michael Gesiakowski (Fine Arts)
Spanish Club Maria Cohen (Modern Languages)
Spectrum Jennifer Jones (Counseling & Wellness)
Megan Layton Zmudczynski (English)
Stubborn Ounces Maggie Doyle Ervin
Transcending the Dream Andranique Harrison (Modern Languages)
World Religions & Beliefs
Carrie Dodson-Ching (History)


Faculty members currently serving on the steering committee of the Faculty & Staff Diversity Committee are:

Daniel Harris (Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity) Co-Chair
Ellen Bremner (Communications & Comm Relations) Co-Chair
Allegra Clement-Bayard (Modern Languages)
Ellie DesPrez (English) Curriculum Development & Delivery
Martha Fischer (History) Student Diversity Initiatives
Christopher Front (History, Administration) Faculty/Staff Training & Programming
Julie Harris (Mathematics) Campus Environment
Jennifer Kinney (Modern Languages) Student Diversity Initiatives
Jim Lewis (English) Curriculum Development & Delivery
John Merritt (History) ISACS Board of Trustees/Equity Committee
Mark Smith (History) Faculty/Staff Training & Programming