Counseling Team

Burroughs college counselors share their experiences and expertise as a team to support the college search process for every student.

Burroughs college counselors do not specialize by college, region, size or program. In addition to attending professional workshops with college admission representatives, counselors regularly visit colleges and universities throughout the United States to keep abreast of new developments in college admission practices and to keep lines of communication open between Burroughs and admission officers from colleges and universities.

  • Nanette Tarbouni
    314-993-4045 ext. 281
    B.A., Newcomb College, Tulane University

    Nanette joined the Burroughs faculty in 2009 as director of college counseling. She is the past director of undergraduate admissions and recruitment at Washington University in St. Louis. Nanette joined the Washington University admissions team in 1983.

  • Christopher Front
    314-993-4045 ext. 349

    B.A., Columbia University
    M.A., Columbia University
    A.B.D., Northwestern University

    Chris came to Burroughs in 2002 and joined the college counseling team in 2011. He is Director of Academics, teaches history and interviews prospective students.

  • Scott Heinzel
    314-993-4045 ext. 370
    A.B., University of Chicago
    Ph.D., Stanford University

    Scott came to Burroughs in 1992 and joined the college counseling team in 2004. He is a science teacher and co-coordinator of student scheduling.  He also has been a principal of the 11th and 12th grades, a reader/grader for the AP biology examination and a  tennis coach.

  • James Lowe
    314-993-4045 ext. 338
    B.A., Colby College
    M.A., University of Wisconsin
    Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

    Jim came to Burroughs in 1989 and joined the college counseling team in 1998. He teaches Latin and Greek and is immediate past chair of the classics department.  He also interviews prospective students. He has chaired the classics department, coordinated the school's accreditation and sponsored August Days.

  • Jaclyn Yetter
    314-993-4045 ext. 360
    B.S., DePaul University
    M.S., University of Washington

    Jaclyn came to Burroughs in 2010 as a member of the science department, teaching chemistry and sponsoring the Science Olympiad Team.  She is co-sponsor of the sophomore class and in 2014 joined the college counseling team.

  • Laura Fogarty

    314-993-4045 ext. 291

    B.Educ Studies, U. of Missouri

    Laura joined the JBS faculty in summer 2017 as the associate director of college counseling. Her degree is in educational and counseling psychology. She comes to Burroughs from Washington University in St. Louis, where she spent 11 years working in undergraduate admissions and five years working in admissions and advising in the Olin Business School's Graduate Program Office.

  • Johanna Nicholas

    314-993-4045, ext 277

    B.A., M.A., University of Northern Colorado
    Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis

    Johanna, a developmental psychologist, came to Burroughs in 2017 from Washington University School of Medicine, where she was an Associate Professor and a research scientist for more than 25 years.  She provides administrative support to the college counseling team and coordinates the college testing program.