150408_Classrooms_028-350p.jpgTo see brief course descriptions, used by the department to make placement recommendations for students leaving Algebra II or Precalculus, click HERE.

In Grade 7, students are grouped according to results of a placement test and additional admissions information. In all future grades, course placement is based on the recommendation of the teacher, in consulation with the student and parents or guardians.

The following chart shows the course available at each grade level. To review the complete 2017-2018 math curriculum, scroll to pages 40 to 46.

GRADE 7:  Math 7, Math 7 Accelerated
GRADE 8:  Algebra I, Algebra I Accelerated
GRADE 9:  Algebra I-9, Geometry 9
GRADE 10:  Geometry 10, Algebra II
GRADE 11:  Algebra II, Topics in Precalculus, Precalculus, Precalculus Honors, Statistics
GRADE 12:  Topics in Precalculus, Precalculus, Calculus, AP Calculus, Statistics