Guiding Principles

We are committed to a Mathematics Department in which all students have a meaningful learning experience. In our courses, we help students to develop valuable habits of mind and to enjoy and appreciate mathematics. Students master a substantial amount of mathematical content, and often continue their mathematical studies after leaving JBS. 

A meaningful mathematics learning experience for all students.

  • We provide challenge and growth for our most passionate students.
  • We provide support and accessibility for the students who struggle.
  • We offer different levels of classes, as well as differentiation within some classes, to help provide the most appropriately challenging experience for each student.

Habits of mind. Students:

  • Develop the ability to sustain effort over time in challenging situations.
  • Develop a growth mindset about their learning and abilities.
  • Experience and learn from teachers with a variety of styles and approaches.
  • Reflect on their progress and acquire skills for promoting their own learning. 
  • Communicate their mathematical understanding clearly.
  • Collaborate effectively. 

Mathematical enjoyment. Students:

  • Are excited and curious about mathematics, and perceive it to be engaging, useful, applicable and interesting.
  • See themselves as capable of learning and doing mathematics.
  • Experience mathematics as a creative endeavor.

Mastery of mathematical content. Students:

  • Are well prepared for the next course in the sequence, for their college math classes, and for using mathematics in their lives.
  • Become really good problem solvers. 
  • Perform well on objective measures of their mathematical understanding.
  • Keep all future career options open for themselves. 

Many students leave JBS and continue their math studies.

  • Some students become mathematics majors, while others integrate their mathematical understanding and appreciation into their studies in other ways.
  • Students see our program as preparing them for successful entry into an interesting world of study.