Admissions Process

The goal of our admissions process is to provide ample opportunity for you to become familiar with Burroughs and for us to get to know you and your family. We look forward to working with you on enrollment for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Student Visit

Come and spend a morning with us. You don't need to complete your application. Just come see what it's like to go to Burroughs. You will have the opportunity to tour the campus, see classes in action with a current Burroughs student, stay for lunch and find answers to all of your questions. Visits are from 9:00-12:30. Dress comfortably; we are an informal school. Your parents/guardians are invited to stay for a campus tour after they drop you off at 9 am. Schedule your student visit HERE or contact Nancy Vogt (314-993-4045 ext. 242). Parents/guardians, please feel free to ask for another tour date if your child's visiting day does not work for you.


Burroughs uses the SSAT online application. To begin, click HERE.

Please submit the student essays and parent/guardian statement of the SSAT application a week prior to your scheduled family interview (see below). Grade 9 applications are due by December 13. Applications for seventh grade are due by January 14.

Family Interview

We look forward to meeting you and at least one of your parents/guardians. The family interview is one way we get to learn more about you, and it also provides your family another opportunity to get to know us better. Interviews are conducted Monday through Friday, beginning October 7 for grade 9 and November 4 for grade 7, and are conducted by one of our faculty members. Remember that we need the parent and student portion of the application a week prior to your interview. Nancy Vogt can schedule your interview at your convenience. Contact Nancy HERE.


To register for the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test), please click HERE. Our office is also happy to provide registration materials or answer any questions.

Burroughs will host the SSAT on December 14 (register by November 15). To have your scores sent to Burroughs, please fill in school code 4250 when registering. Please note that Burroughs requests that the SSAT be taken by January 4.

Recommendation Forms (principal, English, math, transcript)

Just one set of forms is required, regardless of how many schools to which you apply. Please provide SSAT with e-mail addresses for the teachers/administrators to whom you want the recommendation link sent. We ask for at least one teacher recommendation form (principal, English, or math) from a current teacher. You do NOT need to submit all three forms.

School records are due by January 14.

Since we want to get to know your child as well as we can, we also ask for one personal letter of recommendation. Please ask someone who is well acquainted with your child's personal qualities to write us or complete the online personal recommendation. We would like to know how this person knows your child, why this person would recommend your child and anything else that you think we should know about your child from this person. Please ask this person to send the recommendation by January 14. Your child's reference can also e-mail the letter to us at This personal recommendation is in addition to the academic recommendation.

Note: To cover the expense of processing, all applications to Burroughs must be accompanied by a $40 fee. The cost of the SSAT is $144 and should be paid directly to SSAT. In most cases of significant financial need, these fees will be waived. Please ask our office about this opportunity.