Letter from the Director

We appreciate your interest in Burroughs and welcome you to our website. We value each applicant, and through the course of the admissions process, we attempt to get to know each candidate as best as we can.

Above all, we want to be available to you. Please contact us if you need more information about a topic that interests you or if you need additional materials. I can be reached at clavigne@jburroughs.org or 314-993-4045 ext. 227. You may also contact Meridith Thorpe, assistant director of Admissions, at mthorpe@jburroughs.org or ext. 270 or Nancy Vogt, administrative assistant, at nvogt@jburroughs.org or ext. 242.

There are several steps in the admissions process, including a school visit, an interview, recommendations and an examination. No one factor is more important than another. Please take a moment to review the Admissions Process and Admissions Calendar pages for basic information. And if you are in fifth grade, you might be interested in an optional preliminary step. We offer a practice test the spring before your sixth grade year which can help identify areas you might want to review before taking the entrance exam which is required to complete your application. Also, for fifth graders, if you are considering applying to or committing to another school this year, we offer early consultation and investigation about JBS.

Please remember that the entrance exam is only one part of the application. When we are making admissions decisions, we carefully review the complete file on each applicant.

We realize everyone has something to contribute and honestly wish that we could accept everyone who applies. But generally, there are more qualified applicants than we have space for, and we are committed to maintaining our small grade size, a 7th-grade class of approximately 100 students. Due to the size of our current 7th-grade class, we will not be accepting applications for grade 8 (2020-2021 academic year).

No specific type of student is sought; each individual is considered for who he or she is, as well as for who he or she might become. We are also interested in the diversity of the class. We seek students with different abilities and skills — academic, musical, artistic and athletic. We want children from different backgrounds, cultures and viewpoints. Our student body comes from a large number of elementary schools (typically between 20-30 schools) and from a wide range of communities in and around metropolitan St. Louis. While preference is given to siblings and children of graduated alumni, each year approximately half of the incoming 7th grade is new to our community.

We hope you will have fun exploring us online. Lots of other opportunities to get acquainted with Burroughs are ahead. I look forward to working with you and your family.


Caroline Gaskin LaVigne '92
Director of Admissions & Tuition Aid