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of our students receive tuition aid in the form of grants and loans


The average award covers more than 75% of tuition.


Our aid budget for 2019-2020. Awards are made separate from (that is, after) admissions decisions.


Burroughs' rate of attrition averages less than 2%.

Burroughs’ rate of attrition averages less than 2%, which means each year less than 2% of students leave Burroughs for any reason, including moving. The NAIS average is more than 9%.


of Burroughs students participate in some aspect of our arts program, many in multiple areas.

In the current school year, 62% of our students are engaged in the fine arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography), 65% in music (chorus, jazz band, orchestra), 50% in theatre, speech or dance, and 66% in the practical arts (web design, computer programming, robotics, CAD, woodworking, video editing, architectural drawing, sewing, cooking).

They are also involved in more than five dozen student activities and clubs, ranging from traditional student government and publications to particular student interests such as chess, film, robotics, and so forth. Hallmark activities include our 42-year-old community service program, 20-year-old diversity and global awareness initiatives, 44-year-old outdoor education program and 32-year participation in The Hague International Model United Nations.


members of the Class of 2019 were named National Merit Semifinalists and another 10 received letters of commendation. One was honored by the National Hispanic Recognition Program.

Did You Know?

For more than a decade, Burroughs has had the highest percentage of semifinalists in the State of Missouri. The median SAT scores for the Class of 2019 were 750 on math and 720 on E-B reading/writing. The median ACT score was 33.

Top College Choices Among Burroughs' Seniors for the Past Ten Years.
(Where They Attend, Not Where Admitted)

Our goal is to find the right match for our students, and, on average, members of any senior class head to 50 to 60 schools nationwide.

Average Rate of Parent and Alumni Giving

93%from parents
32%from alumni

If you are new to the independent school world, this may seem like a strange number. But actually, what better measure of parent satisfaction and alumni loyalty than voluntary giving? This money is dedicated to the school’s annual operating budget, helping to moderate tuition increases. The NAIS average is 65% from parents and 18% from alumni.


Burroughs' Endowment
(As of May 31, 2019)

$85,000per student

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