History of Burroughs Athletics

History of Burroughs Athletics

Former coach and athletic director Jim Lemen and Jud Calkins '59 co-authored Teammates for Life, A History of Burroughs Athletics, 1923-2011. Lemen, who was involved in Burroughs athletics for half the life of the school, brought an encyclopedic knowledge of the school's athletic past. Calkins—a four-sport JBS athlete, lawyer and former writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch—brought masterful research skills and knack for telling a story.

The result of their collaboration is a 266-page, full-color, hardcover book that spans the decades. It conveys an abiding sense of community and how generations of athletes have learned from coaches who epitomized the values that sports engender. As Lemen said, "Teammates is more than a story of wins and losses over the decades. It is a story about all the values that one hopes young athletes will gain from sports."

1_W_Field hockey_1928-29 for web for JCK.jpgYou may order a copy of Teammates by contacting Lisa Holekamp Yost in the Alumni Office.

10_W_SoccerFinal_195_1108.jpgYou may peruse the book online by clicking on the following links:

1920s/How It All Began
1930s/A Gathering Force in the ABCs
1940s/A Decade of Domination
1950s/Giant Killers
1960s/Pinnacle of a Golden Era
1970s/Dawning of the Modern Age
1980s/Establishing State Preeminence
1990s/State Titles Abound
2000s/New Millennium, Continuing Tradition
Epilogue/Boding Well for the Future

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