Computer Science

In all classrooms, computer labs, industrial technology spaces and in the library, devices are available to facilitate and enhance study.

Seventh graders take a year-long course that focuses primarily on the technological skills students need throughout the JBS experience: G Suite applications, the Canvas learning management system, research skills, video creation and editing, data analysis, digital citizenship and the responsible use of technology. When possible, the seventh-grade curriculum connects with projects in core classes, particularly History and Science, to reinforce covered topics. Eighth graders engage in a semester-long course in coding, building and solidifying essential programming and logic skills. The eighth-grade coding class coincides with the robotics unit covered in the Industrial Technology & Engineering Department, providing excellent opportunities for reinforcement, application and mastery of programming concepts. At the high school level, students have elective options in web page design and programming that fulfill the Practical Arts graduation requirement. (Note: Computer-aided drafting, digital audio technology and computer video editing are offered through the Industrial Technology & Engineering Department.) In addition to electives, high school students with a passion for Computer Science have two full credit programming options: Mobile Application Development and AP Computer Science.