Assembly in Brief

Tuesday, November 19

*Asian Culture Club: This year the focus will be on Japan. Till 2 pm today, Japanese movies and TV will be aired in conference room #1.
*Classics Club: There will be a meeting at 8 am on Thursday in the Classics lounge.
*Dance Marathon: DM will be held in February. Committees are beginning to form. Suggestions for which charity/charities should benefit should be submitted to Congress by next Wednesday.
*Environmental Awareness Club: There will be a meeting at 8 am in Dr. Walther's classroom to plan grocery bag recycling.
*Sunday Funday: The Montgomery Plan has scheduled a Sunday Funday from 2 to 3 pm on November 24 at Stonecrest at Clayton View ~ everyone is welcome.

Monday, November 18

*GYLI: GYLI will meet at 8 am tomorrow in Kim Bouldin-Jones' office.
*Old Newsboys Day: This annual fundraiser for St. Louis children's charities will be held before school on Thursday. Burroughs collections will be taken at the Clayton Road circle and at the corners of Price & Clayton and Price & Ladue. Sophomores, juniors and seniors who are collecting must sign up on the Montgomery Plan's Canvas page and give Ms. Rathert a signed permission form. This year's edition of the OND paper features seven JBS student writers.
*Photo Club: This is a new club which will have its first meeting at 8:15 am tomorrow in the choir room. The club is for anyone who would like to learn more about photography. Current plans include weekend drives around STL to take pictures.

Kudos to ...
*the cheerleading squad which competed in State this weekend and have qualified for Nationals and
*the swim team which competed in State last week, earning four medals, breaking three school records, and placing 10th overall (15 spots higher than last year).

Soccer Advances to Semifinals ... AND!
On Saturday, the boys varsity team won the quarterfinals game and advances to the semifinals vs. Priory at 2 pm on Friday at the Soccer Park. School will close at 1 pm on Friday so that all of those who are interested can attend the game. Classes will run for 30 minutes and lunch will be served. Students who want to ride a JBS-provided bus will have to sign up, and they will be storecarded $10. There is also an $8 entrance fee at the game.

Friday, November 15

*Cheerleading: The team is going to state, 3 pm on Saturday at Lindenwood. Fans wanted!
*Classics Words of the Day: Geneaology, from the Greek meaning generation and study; fratricide, from the Latin meaning brother and kill; Philadelphia, from the Greek meaning beloved and brother; and germane, from the Latin meaning siblings ... or neighbor as our German exchange student pointed out.
*Commons Cafe: This all-student event is from 7 to 9 pm tonight in the Commons. It is being billed as Fyre Festival: Part Two ... with the expectation that this FF will be wildly successful.
*Holiday Program: Anyone in grades 9-12 may submit a tableau design; those interested should speak with Ms. Allison or Ms. Edgerton; the design deadline is December 3. Any senior who would like to audition for the senior solo should touch base with Mr. Estes or Ms. Pietz; the auditions are on December 4. Any senior who would like to be a reader can audition on December 6. Details are on the theatre call board.
*Soccer Quarterfinals: The boys varsity team will face Cape Notre Dame at 1 pm on Saturday at home. Fans wanted!

Fan Etiquette
Jackson Miller '20 reminded student fans to not let their excitement go too far: no cursing, no singling out players ~ get revved but always show respect for all involved.

Music Friday
Juniors Arim Fremont (piano) and Leyla Fern King (piano, vocal) performed during assembly. See "Campus Candids" later today.

Thursday, November 14

*Commons Cafe: All students are invited to the JBS version of the Fyre Festival ~ this one will be great! It's from 7 to 9 pm on Friday in the Commons. You can still sign up to perform.
*Current Events: You can watch the public impeachment hearings on the TV in the Haertter Hall lobby.
*Stubborn Ounces: Submit!

Middle School Boys Choir
The 7th- and 8th-grade boys choir performed one of the songs from last Tuesday's concert: Don McClean's "Vincent" (Starry, Starry Night), with solos by 8th graders Evan Dierberg, Gavin King and Ted Spetnagel.

Wednesday, November 13

*Commons Cafe: All students are invited to this music extravaganza, featuring student talent, from 7 to 9 pm on Friday in the Commons.
*Common Day: 7th graders go to Haertter Hall, 8th to the choral room, 9th to the Newman Aud, 10th to advisory, 11th to the Newman Aud and 12th to Haertter Hall.
*Lettuce Club: A photo will be taken of the "club" at 8 am tomorrow.
*Men's A Cappella Concert: Five upper school groups will perform at 6 pm tonight.
*Review: Everyone is welcome to a meeting at 8 am tomorrow in Mr. Chen's classroom.
*Varsity Soccer: Good luck to the team which faces Metro High School in State sectionals at 3 pm today at JBS.

Homework Survey
After assembly, all students are asked to take the semi-annual homework survey. Committed to equity in student workloads/assignments, the school uses the survey results as one measure. On average, 7th and 8th graders should have no more than 100 minutes of homework per class per week, and upper school students should have no more than 150 minutes of homework per class per week. If students' workloads exceed those caps, they are asked to tell their teachers.

Middle School Girls Choir
The 7th- and 8th-grade girls choir performed one of the songs from last night's concert: Alicia Keys' "Girl On Fire," with a solo by Madison Moore '25.

Tuesday, November 12

*7th and 8th Grade Math Classes: Students will take the AMC8 test during class today ~ just bring a couple of pencils.
*Choir Concerts: The middle school singers and JBS Voices will perform at 7:30 pm tonight and the men's a cappella groups will perform at 6 pm tomorrow night.
*MUN Impact Club: The focus this year is on sustainability. Everyone is welcome to a brainstorming session at 8 am on Thursday in Dr. Koropchak's classroom.

Gandhi Exhibit
Check out the exhibit about Gandhi's life and continuing global influence on the third floor of the STAR building. The exhibit celebrates the 150th anniversary of Gandhi's birth and is on loan from the Mahatma Gandhi Center (Ballwin). 

Monday, November 11

*Review: Leaders demonstrated the "review" process and welcomed everyone to the next meeting at 8 am on Thursday in Mr. Chen's classroom.
*Sophomore Breakfast: The fundraiser is tomorrow, beginning at 7:30 am. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door.

Veterans Day
Parent and former Air Force Captain Joel Hylen spoke about his time in Saudia Arabia during Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and ROTC Wash U senior Adam Messer talked about the value of ROTC and thanked Captain Hylen for his service. The speakers were invited by the JBS Americans Patriot Organization which is also selling donuts through 3rd period today to benefit Honor Flight.

Friday, November 8

Thank you and congratulations to the orchestras and bands for great concerts this week!

*6-People Club: The game of the week is the varsity football game at 1 pm tomorrow at Priory. It's the district semifinal.
*7th & 8th Grade Play Rehearsal: The cast should be ready at 3:30 pm this afternoon.
*Backpack Study: Seniors Gaby Thornton and Christian Graves, along with Mrs. Smallwood, are conducting a study of the impact of backpacks on JBS students. Over the next few weeks, they will weigh "willing" backpacks before school and after lunch.
*Bomber Hockey: The team's "home" opener is tomorrow at 9:30 pm vs. St. Mary's at Affton. The theme is "animals."
*Business Club: The BC is setting up the stock market codes today.
*Classics Word/s of the Day: Treason, derived from Latin, the crime of betraying one's country; archive, a collection of historical documents or records providing information about institutions, places or groups of people; and mountain, the high ground.
*Sophomore Breakfast: The breakfast will run from 7:30 to 8:35 am on Tuesday. Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door. This is a fundraiser for next year's prom.

Michael Eastman
Photographer Michael Eastman spoke about his work in Havana. One of his pieces is part of the school's permanent collection and two others are hanging in the Brauer Building, on loan from past parent Keith Baizer.

Thursday, November 7

*American Patriots: The club has arranged for Veterans Day speakers for Monday's assembly. They will also hold a donut sale that day. The club is also looking for volunteers to help coordinate speakers before and after assembly. If you are interested, e-mail club leader Hallie Williams. 
*Montgomery Plan: Club leaders gave a recap of recent service projects, including Challenger Baseball (40-50 volunteers participated); the cleanup at Ellis Island and Lincoln Shields, where students cleared trash out of the water and learned about plants and animals native to Missouri; and the Danna Drive Car Wash, which raised over $2,000 for 24-hour family shelter, Gateway 180. The funds went towards a play day, as well as towels, and socks and women's and children's underwear, which is in addition 400 pairs of underwear gathered during the drive. Last Friday, the club also participated in World Food Day, where volunteers packaged 440,000 meals that will be delivered to food-insecure people living in St. Louis and overseas.
*Sophomore Class: The sophomore breakfast is from 7:30-8:45 am on Tuesday, November 12. You can buy tickets from sophomores, or buy them at the door. All the money goes to the class.

Kudos to ...
the boys soccer team who won their game against Trinity on Saturday, and won district finals on Tuesday against U. City, 6-1.

Wednesday, November 6

*Common Day: 7th graders head to Haertter Hall for class elections, 8th to advisory, 9th to the dance studio for a class meeting, 10th to the Newman Aud for the diversity seminar, 11th to advisory and 12th to the Newman Aud for college counseling.
*Hispanic Culture Club: The HCC will sponsor a bake sale tomorrow.
*Montgomery Plan: MP will have a meeting tomorrow in the Newman Aud.
*Stubborn Ounces: Submissions for this student publication, focused on diversity and identity, are due before Thanksgiving break.
*The World: Staff will meet in the Quad for a picture at 8:10 am tomorrow and then head to Ms. Ervin's classroom for a discussion/workshop on writing news.

Tuesday, November 5

*Concerts: Don't miss tonight's 7-12 band concert or Thursday's 7-12 orchestra concert or next Tuesday's 7-12 choir concert!
*Math Club: Drumming up business for their club, sophomores Chris Perez and Davis Engler wove a math fact of the day into a math fact of a millennium. They demonstrated the enormity of the number 2 to the 100th power by showing that to graph it, you'd need more paper than could ever be produced by humans in the time we have left before our sun explodes!

Kudos to ...
*the boys cross country team which took second place in districts and qualified for the state meet this weekend
*the boys JV soccer team which won the Metro League Championship last week
*the boys swim team which won a five-school invitational ... and individual swimmers are headed to state next week.

Clayton Parking Lot
The projected completion date for expanding the Clayton Road parking lot by 75+ spots remains early December. However, for several weeks, we will actually lose about 20 spots. Please use the Price Road lots where there is always space. The trees that were lost to build a required bio-retention pond will be replaced ... and then some!

Monday, November 4

*Commons Cafe: This is an all-student musical event from 7 to 9 pm on Friday, November 15 (in the Quad, weather permitting). Sign up to perform and request equipment.
*Extra Hands for ALS: The next service day is this Saturday from 9 am to noon. Let Ms. Dillard know if you'd like to help.
*Swim Team: The team is seeking fans for today's conference meet at 4:15 pm at home.
*Visit with Katie Brucker '78: Katie is the State Department's Deputy Chief of Mission for the Ivory Coast. She will be on hand to chat with whoever is interested at 8 am tomorrow in conference room #1.

Kudos to ...
the varsity field hockey team which finished in the final four!

Eating Disorders
Laura Bumberry and Cherie Massmann of Partners in Wellness spoke to students about eating disorders ~ dispelling myths, sharing common signs and offering tips for conversations with friends or family who might have an eating disorder. See "Latest News and Assembly Presentations" later today.

Thursday, October 31

*Asian Culture Club: Correction ~ the day-long playing of Nintendo (in recognition of its 130th anniversary) is today in the library.
*Boys Basketball: Tryouts for high school basketball will begin at 3:15 pm on Monday. 
*Classics Club Word of the Week: Pangea, from the Greek pan, meaning all, and gea, meaning earth; Pangea refers to a supercontinent. In honor of Halloween, the club also shared words ending in phobia, such as phobophobia, meaning fear of fear.
*Field Hockey: The team is headed to the state semifinals with a game versus Villa at 4 pm tomorrow at SportPort. Fans wanted! The theme is construction. [$5 admission]
*Guild of Geeks: Spooky games will be played in the library.
*KUTO: During assembly on Monday, there will be a guest speaker on eating disorders. Students who might feel uncomfortable with the presentation may report to the Counseling & Wellness offices in lieu of attending assembly.
*STLWFD: Drop by any time between 3 and 5 pm today to help set up for STLWFD. And there's still time to sign up for the high school rally on Friday ~ just go to the Montgomery Plan's Canvas page.

Kudos to ...
Rafi Brent '20, Adina Cazacu-De Luca '20 and Evan Wang '22 for being chosen by audition to perform with the St. Louis Metro 8 District Honor Band, and to Sruthi Dommaraju '23 for being chosen as an alternate.

2020 Halloween Assembly
Tradition continued. Dressed for Halloween, the senior class took friendly potshots at school rules and traditions during an assembly skit about a future imperialized JBS. See "Campus Candids" later today.

Wednesday, October 30

*Commons Cafe: Sign up on the activities board or contact Leyla Fern King '21 if you'd like to perform at this all-student music event on November 15.
*Cross Country: Mateo Sanchez '23 "profiled" the team and invited everyone to the district meet on Saturday at Spanish Lake ~ boys begin at 10:35 am and girls at 11:10 am.
*STLWFD: There's still time to help. Sign up for the high school rally on Friday night and/or help with set-up from 3 to 5 pm tomorrow.
*UNICEF: If you want to collect coins and cash for UNICEF while you're trick or treating, take a can to Ms. Allison who will give you a UNICEF label.

Current Events
Junior Madeline Dornfeld spoke about the ongoing crisis in the Xinjiang province in China. See "Latest News and Assembly Presentations" later today.

Tuesday, October 29

*Animal Allies: Animal Allies is going to help out at the House Rabbit Society from 2:30 to 5:30 pm on Friday. 
*Field Hockey: Fans wanted at tonight's quarterfinals match with Cor Jesu at 6 pm at Parkway West.
*St. Louis World Food Day: An easy way to do some good is to participate in Friday's STLWFD high school rally. Sign up on the Montgomery Plan's Canvas page.

Monday, October 28

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Front!

*Aim High: There will be a meeting at 8:15 am tomorrow in Mr. McKone's classroom.
*Guild of Geeks: On Halloween, spooky games will be played in the library classroom.
*Hispanic Culture Club: There will be a meeting at 7:50 am tomorrow in FACS. Let Isa Rosario-Blake know if you're coming (for planning food).

Kudos to ...
*the girls varsity tennis team which won the Triple Crown: the state team championship, the state doubles championship (seniors Sami Remis and Gaby Thornton) and the state singles championship (junior Lily Walther); congratulations also to junior Ainsley Heidbreder who took second in singles, and to sophomore Emily Kantrovitz and junior Nina Zhu on their third-place finish in doubles.
*the cheerleading team which competed for the first time at the regional level and will advance to state next month.

Music Monday
The Disestablishment (Lucas Bernstein '21, Shayfer Huitt '22 and Phoebe Martyn '22) played two original pieces, "Trickle Down" and "Got a Passion for You." Check out "Campus Candids" later today.

Friday, October 25

*6-Man Club: There are two games of the week ~ boys soccer at Whitfield at 4 pm today (the theme is attendance and it is senior night) and girls varsity home game at 2 pm tomorrow, their first in the Missouri State Round of 16 (the theme is crazy hats).
*Asian Culture Club: Everyone is welcome to a day of gaming, celebrating Nintendo's 130th anniversary, in conference room #2 on Monday.
*Chicago: Ms. Pietz will be available in the choir room after school today to help those who want to prep for the singing auditions for the musical.
*Classics Club: The club will have a meeting at 8 am next Thursday.
*Front: The fall play opens at 7:30 pm tonight, with a second performance at 7:30 pm tomorrow night.
*Word of the Day: Rather than sharing words, the Classics Club shared characters whose names are drawn from Latin, including Thanos (a fictional supervillain), Dolores Umbridge (a witch in Harry Potter) and Cersei (the queen in Game of Thrones).

How Will You Tell The Story?
Eddie Glaude, chair of the Department of African American Studies and the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of African American Studies at Princeton, spoke to students about the inequality that is "sewn into the fabric of our society" and the urgency of leading lives that are a concrete example of who we need to be. A summary of his comments will be posted on "Latest News and Assembly Presentations." 

Thursday, October 24


*Chicago Auditions: If anyone would like help preparing for upcoming singing auditions for the musical, Mr. Estes will be available during 6th and 7th periods today, and Ms. Pietz will be available after school.
*Front: Members of the cast brought a bit of character to an announcement promoting the fall play, which will be performed at 7:30 pm Friday and Saturday evenings.
*Math Peer Tutors: Take advantage! Check out information in the math office.
*UNICEF: The club is conducting a trick or treat drive. 

Wednesday, October 23

*Chicago Auditions: If anyone would like help preparing for upcoming singing auditions for the musical, Mr. Estes will be available during 6th and 7th periods tomorrow, and Ms. Pietz will be available after school on Thursday and Friday.
*Common Day Schedule: 7th graders go to advisory, 9th to a class meeting in the dance studio, 10th to the diversity seminar in the Newman Aud, 11th to a college counseling meeting in the Newman Aud and 12th to a class meeting in Haertter Hall.
*Dance Show: If you'd like to prepare for the dance auditions that will be held on November 4, there will be prep opportunities after school on October 30 and 31. To be part of the dance show does not require experience ~ there's a place for everyone who is interested.
*Front: Tickets ($10) are on sale for the Friday and Saturday night performances of the fall play, which takes place in London during World War II and focuses on the people "left behind."
*GYLI: GYLI is sponsoring a 101 conversation about cars (e.g., what does that light on the dashboard mean?!?) at 8 am tomorrow in 311 Brauer.
*RAD: RAD will have its first meeting at 8 am tomorrow on the third floor of the Brauer Building.
*Review: Everyone is welcome to attend a spooky writing (and doodling) workshop at 8 am tomorrow in Mr. Chen's classroom.

Kudos to ...
the girls golf team which took 3rd in State! 

Tuesday, October 22

*Asian Affinity Group: AAG will have a meeting at 5:30 pm tomorrow in the library conference room.
*Front: Tickets ($10) are on sale in the bookstore for performances of the fall play at 7:30 pm on Friday and Saturday.
*Guild of Geeks: GoG has purchased 20 advance tickets for the December 20 opening of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Let club leaders know if you're interested.

*Cars: Err on the side of caution and don't leave valuables in your car.
*Laptops and Earbuds: They are fine to use in the library and in classrooms with faculty permission, but they should not be used in the Commons.

Monday, October 21

*Field Hockey: Today's games are the seniors' last home games.
*TED Club: There will be a meeting at 8 am tomorrow in the Green Room to watch a TED Talk.
*The World: The second issue is out. There is a meeting at 8 am tomorrow in Ms. Ervin's classroom. One of the editors' goals this year is to take deeper dives into issues about JBS and the larger community to facilitate greater student understanding and engagement.

Kudos to ...
the girls cross country team which took first place in the Borgia Invitational.

Aim High St. Louis
Aim High program director Imani Harris showed a video about Aim High and invited JBS students and faculty to "join us on a journey." There are opportunities for students and faculty during the summer session (June 12-July 17, 2020) as well as during the school year Saturday sessions. Harris, an Aim High and JBS grad, drew attention to other ways to get involved such as the ACT prep class developed by Penny Zheng '20 and a project in the MakerSpace being developed by Sophia Crowley '20.

Math Art
Through the work of M.C. Escher and Richard Hassell, JBS math teacher Paul Salomon '02 described how seemingly chaotic art is very structured. See "Latest News & Assembly Presentations" later today.

Friday, October 18

*Common Day: Everyone goes to advisory.
*Dance Show: Auditions for the dance show will be on Wednesday, October 30, Thursday, October 31 and Monday, November 4. Everyone who wants to dance, will. The auditions are for planning purposes only. Anyone who would like to choreograph this year should attend a meeting at 8 am on Tuesday in Madam Kinney's classroom (LL3).
*Front: Tickets for the fall play are on sale in the bookstore. Performances are at 7:30 pm on Friday, October 25 and Saturday, October 26. $10 / general admission.
*Review: There will be a spooky writing (and doodling) workshop at 8 am on Thursday, October 24 in Mr. Chen's classroom.
*Rock Climbing: Climbers at all levels are welcome to join Mr. Dee on an outing in southern Illinois, running from after school on Friday, October 25 until dinner time on Sunday, October 27. All gear will be provided. If you're interested, contact Mr. Dee.
*Tennis: The girls varsity tennis team has its first sectional match at 12:30 pm today ~ take your lunch and support the team. If they win, their next match will at 3 pm today at Visitation.

St. Louis Area Foodbank
A spokesman spoke about the foodbank's work and St. Louis World Food Day (November 1) at JBS. See "Latest News & Assembly Presentations" later today.

Thursday, October 17

*Asian Affinity Group: The group's first meeting will be from 5:30 to 6:30 pm next Wednesday in the library conference room.
*Current Events Club: There will be a meeting at 7:45 am tomorrow in Dr. Smith's classroom.
*Danna Drive: The play day at Gateway 180 will be from 1 to 3 pm on Sunday ~ sign up on the Montgomery Plan's Canvas page.
*Theatre Notes: (1) Auditions for Chicago will be from 3 to 6 pm on Monday, October 28 and Tuesday, October 29 ~ sign up on the call board. (2) Volunteers are needed to take tickets and usher for the fall play, Front, on Friday, October 25 and Saturday, October 26. Benefits of volunteering include a free ticket and early entrance to the show, and production credit. Sign up on the call board.

Hong Kong
The Current Events Club sponsored a presentation about the protests in Hong Kong. See "Latest News & Assembly Presentations" later today.

Wednesday, October 16

*Classics Word of the Day: "omphaloskepsis," meaning contemplation of one's navel.
*GAP: There's a meeting to discuss this year's plans at 8 am tomorrow in the athletics conference room.
*Musical Auditions: Auditions for the musical, Chicago, will begin on Monday, October 28 (singing) and Tuesday, October 29 (dancing). Sign up on the call board.
*UNICEF: There is a meeting at 8 am tomorrow in the 2-D studio.

Tuesday, October 15

*Classics Words of the Day: Among others, "philos," meaning love of; "agateophilia," meaning love of insanity, and "ergophilia," meaning love of work.
*Current Events Club: There will be a meeting at 7:45 am on Friday in Dr. Smith's classroom.
*Flu Vaccine Clinic: The second clinic will be held in the faculty lounge from noon to 3 pm.
*Poetry Out Loud: Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors who are interested in this competition should contact Dr. DesPrez. The first round will be before school on December 5. 
*PSATs: Sophomores and juniors should report to the field house by 8 am tomorrow to take the PSAT. Remember to bring a #2 pencil and your calculator.
*Spook-grams: The junior class is selling spook-grams ($3, $4 and $5) through October 25. The spook-grams will be delivered the following week.

Kudos to ...
the golf team which took 2nd in sectionals and will advance to state competition.

Monday, October 14

Today is Parent Visiting Day. 

*Anatomy Club: There's a meeting tomorrow morning at 8 am in Ms. Bahe's room, STAR 204.
*Animal Allies: There will be a bake sale tomorrow; volunteers and baked goods still needed.
*Boys Basketball: All those who signed up this season, please read and reply to Coach Johnson's urgent email — right after assembly if possible.
*Business Club: The club meets at 8 am tomorrow in Mr. Lewis' room. Sign up for the stock market game and/or the October 18 tour of Express Scripts.
*Classics Club: In honor of the 10th and 11th graders taking the PSAT this Wednesday, Classics Club will present a word of the day, and then word of the week. Today's word is "nocebo" — the opposite of a placebo, or a neutral substance or influence that harms you because you believe it will.
*Comedy Club: The club will have its first meeting in Library classroom 2 at 8:15 on Thursday. 
*Math Competition: The deadline to sign up is end of day tomorrow. Sign up outside of Mr. Taff's room. The competition is on November 2.
*UNICEF: The first UNICEF meeting is tomorrow at 8 am in the Painting & Drawing Studio.

Kudos to...
the tennis team which won its district this weekend. They'll play sectionals at Burroughs on Thursday. Fans welcome!

Tuesday, October 8

*Business Club: Sign up for the stock market game and/or the October 18 tour of Express Scripts.
*Chouteau Island Cleanup: More volunteers are needed.
*Excellence in Mathematics Competition: The deadline to sign up for a JBS team has been extended to Tuesday, October 15. The competition is on November 2 at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park.
*Guild of Geeks: Today there will be a marathon learn-to-play Star Realms in the library.

Kudos to ...
the girls golf team which won districts.

7th & 8th Grade Principal
Mr. Abbott announced that Maggie Doyle Ervin will succeed Julie Harris as principal of 7th and 8th grades when Harris assumes the lead at The Biome School (CWE) next spring.

Monday, October 7

*7th & 8th Grade Play: If you are part of the acting/production team, check the call board daily for announcements.
*Backpacks for Kenya: The GAP drive continues.
*Chouteau Island Cleanup: Sign up on the Montgomery Plan Canvas page. Volunteers will work from 9 am to noon on Saturday, October 12.
*Common Day: 7th graders should go to advisory, 8th to Haertter Hall, 9th to advisory, 10th to the Newman Aud, 11th to advisory and 12th to the Newman Aud.

Impeachment Proceedings
Gabe Fleisher '20 explained the impeachment process. His remarks were sponsored by the Current Events Club which provides factual information about important topics so that students, et al., can make their own informed opinions. See "Latest News & Assembly Presentations" later today.

Music Monday
Freshman Graham Sagel performed Sam Smith's "Stay With Me." See "Campus Candids" later today.

Friday, October 4

Welcome back to the 7th graders!

*Challenger Baseball: Volunteers still needed on Sunday from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.
*Danna Car Wash: Volunteers still needed on Sunday from 2 to 4 pm.

Alumni Awards
Andy Abbott and president of the JBS Alumni Association, Seema Mukhi Dahlheimer '98, presented the 2019 Outstanding Alum Award to Vicki Liebson Goldberg '54 and the 2019 Distinguished Service Award to William Shearburn '79. See "Latest News and Assembly Presentations" later today.

Thursday, October 3

*Chouteau Island Cleanup: Sign up on Canvas to help with this annual cleanup effort with the Army Corps of Engineers on Saturday, October 12.
*Extra Hands for ALS: The first service day is Saturday. Please submit your permission slip to Ms. Dillard.
*GAP: During October, GAP is collecting lightly used backpacks that GabyThornton '20 and her mother will take to children in need in Kenya.

The Burroughs Bubble
Diversity E.T.C. set a goal this year: Let's burst the Burroughs bubble. Mr. Abbott commended that goal which he said was well-illustrated by today's announcements (see above). But, he added, the Burroughs bubble also has a powerful role: it provides a safe place for students to think and discover who they are and how they want to impact the world around them. He read Mary Oliver's "The Mockingbird." A mockingbird just imitates sounds, but everyone has a true self and should spend time searching for it.

All summer
the mockingbird
in his pearl-gray coat
and his white-windowed sings

from the hedge to the top of the pine
and begins to sing, but it's neither
lilting nor lovely,

for he is the thief of other sounds–
whistles and truck brakes and dry hinges
plus all the songs
of other birds in his neighborhood;

mimicking and elaborating,
he sings with humor and bravado,
so I have to wait a long time
for the softer voice of his own life

to come through. He begins
by giving up all his usual flutter
and settling down on the pine's forelock
then looking around

as though to make sure he's alone;
then he slaps each wing against his breast,
where his heart is,
and copying nothing, begins

easing into it
as though it was not half so easy
as rollicking,
as though his subject now

was his true self,
which of course was as dark and secret
as anyone else's,
and it was too hard–

perhaps you understand–
to speak or to sing it
to anything or anyone
but the sky.

Wednesday, October 2

*6-People Club: The game of the week is tomorrow's 4 pm tennis match vs. Viz. The theme is fun socks.
*Common Day: 8th graders to Newman Aud, 9th to Haertter Hall, 10th to Black Box and 11th to advisory. (7th and 12 graders do not have classes today.)
*Math Peer Tutors: Check out the schedules posted outside the math office, math teachers' classrooms and principals' offices to find times to meet with peer tutors.
*Montgomery Plan Lineup: Meeting at 8 am on Thursday; Challenger Baseball and Danna Drive car wash on Sunday; Chouteau Island cleanup on the 12th; Danna Drive play day with resident children at Gateway 180 on the 17th; and Sunday Funday on the 27th. Also, the women's and children's underwear drive will continue until the 17th ~ a collection box is outside of Ms. Rathert's office. All signups for Montgomery Plan activities should be made through Canvas.
*Staff Appreciation Club: The club will meet at 8 am tomorrow in the Makerspace to decorate jars of honey for the staff.

Parking Lots
Mr. Abbott told students that work will begin next week to convert the overflow gravel parking area in the Clayton Road lot into a permanent parking area. The work should be complete by winter break. He also urged students to respect the signage in our lots (don't park in handicap spots or in the fire lanes; only park in the green spaces if you qualify; etc.) and to drive slowly at all times.

Tuesday, October 1

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who made last weekend a great one!

*Anonymous Sound-offs: Senior Rafi Brent '20 is working with the administration to facilitate student expression. The ultimate goal is to have an environment in which everyone feels comfortable sharing their opinions/views. As a stop-gap measure, students will be able to submit anonymous sound-offs to be read at assembly by other students. These anonymous submissions will have to meet certain parameters and are intended to offer an avenue for thoughtful discussion, not angry rants.
*Challenger Baseball: Volunteers should plan on being campus between 11:30 am and 2:30 or 3 pm on Sunday.
*Chouteau Island Clean-up: Sign up on Canvas to help with the October 12 clean-up. More details will be discussed at the Montgomery Plan's meeting at 8 am on Thursday in the Newman Aud.
*Danna Drive: You can sign up to help with the car wash on Sunday and/or buy tickets! Proceeds will benefit Gateway 180.
*Hispanic Culture Club: There will be a meeting at 8 am in Senora Cohen's classroom to discuss upcoming events.
*Jewish Culture Club: Yesterday, many celebrated the Jewish New Year (5780). Rafi Brent '20 blew a shofar, a ram's-horn trumpet which is sounded at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
*STAR Break: The east ramp into the STAR building is closed until a window near the entrance is repaired.

Kudos to ...
*the girls field hockey team which won its conference title
*the boys cross country team which won the "Battle of the Belt" at the JBS/MICDS fun run.

Friday, September 27

*Danna Drive: Continues!
*Excellence in Mathematics Competition: Sign-up sheets for this competition on November 2 are posted outside of Mr. Taff's classroom. The deadline for signing up is October 14.
*Jewish Culture Club: There will be a "meeting" at 8 am on Tuesday in the Quad.
*Math Club: There will be a meeting at 8 am on Tuesday in Mr. Taff's classroom.
*MATHCOUNTS: There is a meeting from 3 to 4 pm today in Mr. Taff's classroom.
*The Curved Wall: At 11 am today, photographer Laena Wilder will discuss her work currently hanging on the curved wall in the Haertter Hall lobby.

Spirit Week
*Pick up your pre-ordered Pink Ribbon Girls t-shirt in the snack shack today and wear it tomorrow! Extra shirts are available.
*Tonight: The student picnic begins at 6:15 pm in the Quad, followed by the pep rally in the Memorial Gym at 7 pm and the bonfire around 8 pm. The evening should be over by 8:45 pm.
*Spirit Talent: Before the annual video was shown and the cheerleaders took the stage with a mini pep rally, eight students revealed some pretty dazzling talents: Glenn Randall '20 on the Rubik's cube; Christion Wynn '21, a human calculator; John Abbott '21 and Gaby Thornton '20 juggling; Lindsey Okafor '20 acrobatics/dancing; Penny Zheng '20 martial arts (and she flattened several volunteers); Sarah Kuhlmann '22, a contortionist; and Jackson Miller '20, a master of quantum physics. (Hopefully, we'll have pictures and/or video later today.)

Thursday, September 26

*Danna Drive: The collection for women's and children's underwear ends tomorrow. $5 tickets for the October 6 car wash are on sale now.
*Junior Class Bake Sale: The class is sponsoring a bake sale today to raise funds for the spring prom.
*Math Peer Tutors: Starting on October 1, juniors and seniors will be available as math tutors. Schedules will be posted.

Spirit Week
After calling out all of the varsity teams that have games/matches/meets on Saturday, Loch Dean '20 led the 6-Man Club and then the student body in a spirit cheer. 

Wednesday, September 25

*Common Day: 7th grade goes to Haertter Hall, 8th to advisory, 9th to the dance studio, 10th to the Newman Aud, 11th to Haertter Hall and 12th to Newman Aud.
*Danna Drive: Donations of women's and children's underwear are still welcome, and tickets ($5) are on sale for the car wash ~ all to benefit Gateway 180.
*World Religions: WR will meet at 8:10 am tomorrow in room 203 to discuss Kashmir.

Spirit Week Fashion Show
Members of each class took the stage to show off their class themes: 7th tie-dye, 8th western, 9th PJs, 10th hippie, 11th USA, 12th winter holidays. Check "Campus Candids" later today.

Tuesday, September 24

*7th & 8th Grade Play: Check your e-mail and the call board for information regarding auditions for A Midsummer Night's Dream.
*Christian Affinity Group: Everyone is welcome to the group's first meeting at 7:30 am tomorrow in a conference room off the Commons. The focus will be on the Global Week of Student Prayer.
*Danna Drive: Keep bringing in women's and children's underwear donations for Gateway 180.
*Lockdown Drill: There will be a drill at the end of second period.
*Senior T-Shirts: They will be distributed after lunch(es) at the snack shack.

The Curved Wall
San Francisco photographer Laena Wilder will be on campus Friday morning to discuss her exhibit of portraits currently on the curved wall in the lobby of Haertter Hall. Here is a video about the exhibit.

Monday, September 23

Welcome to Spirit Week!

*Challenger Baseball: Challenger Baseball is a league for kids with disabilities. Since 2011 (or maybe before!), Burroughs has sponsored a Challenger Baseball afternoon when JBS students are paired with buddies to enjoy carnival games and a non-competitive baseball game. Everyone is welcome to sign up for this year's event on Sunday, October 6 from noon to 3 pm.
*Extra Hands for ALS: There is a meeting at 8:15 am tomorrow in the classics lounge to discuss the first service day.
*KIVA: There is a meeting at 8:15 am tomorrow (location wasn't mentioned) to discuss making microloans to entrepreneurs in developing countries.
*KUTO: There is a meeting at 8 am tomorrow in conference room #3 to focus on stress management.

Every fall, Mr. Abbott talks to students about the school’s endowed and annual scholarships, which currently number 67 and support 155 students (24 percent of our student body). Today, he read the list of scholarships to remember those who have been honored and spent a few minutes talking about one of the funds established in memory of Henry Rogers '14. While a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, Henry died in his sleep. Mr. Abbott remembered Henry as "an avid athlete…he played football and basketball at JBS, and rowed with the St. Louis Rowing Team. ... Henry absolutely loved Spirit Week at Burroughs, and loved competing against his friends from MICDS. I have a clear memory of Henry during his senior year at the pep rally…right in the middle of the front row, pounding his hands on the stage and having such a great time with his friends."

Mr. Abbott reminded students that they are all here because of someone else’s generosity ~ whether a Burroughs parent, an alum, our parents or our grandparents. "It is wonderful to thank them, and I hope that you do, but the best way to show your gratitude is to take full advantage of the opportunities that they have provided for you, and, as always, to be your very best self."

Friday, September 20

*Danna Drive: The drive for women's and children's underwear continues ~ the faculty are in the lead.
*Varsity Football: Come watch football as it's supposed to be played ~ under the lights, at Lutheran South, 7 pm, tonight.

Immigration in the U.S.
As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, author and associate professor of history at Saint Louis University Torrie Hester spoke to students about anti-immigrant racism, the origins of refugee policy and crimmigration. 

Thursday, September 19

*Activities Fair: The annual Student Activities Fair will run during outdoor lunch today.
*Environmental Awareness Club: If you don't participate in the Global Climate Strike tomorrow, please wear a red shirt to indicate your concern.
*Guatemala Service Trip: Senor Tasker invited any and all Spanish students in grades 9-11 to come to an information session at 5:30 pm next Monday in the coaches' offices. The trip will run July 16-25 and involve a five-day house build and three days of adventure tourism.
*Review: There will be a meeting at 8 am on Tuesday in Mr. Chen's classroom to begin reviewing submissions.

Spirit Week
Members of Congress shared the dress-up themes for next week:

  • Monday ~ Beach Day
  • Tuesday ~ Internet/Media Trends Day
  • Wednesday ~ Class Day (7th grade tie-dye, 8th grade wild west/cowboy, 9th grade pajamas, 10th grade hippies/70s, 11th grade USA, 12th grade winter stuff)
  • Thursday ~ Senior Spirit Shirt (all students will be given this shirt)
  • Friday ~ Blue & Gold Day

Wednesday, September 18

*Common Day: 7th and 8th graders will meet in Haertter Hall, 9th and 10th graders in the Memorial Gym, and 11th and 12th graders in Haertter Hall.
*Environmental Awareness Club: Drop by their table at tomorrow's Student Activities Fair to learn more about the global climate strike on Friday.
*Equitable Education in St. Louis: The Community & Equity Partnership is sponsoring a panel discussion that will explore the state of equitable education in STL, post-Ferguson. Panelists will include the Rev. Dr.Starsky Wilson, who co-chaired the Ferguson Commission, and Dr. Kelvin Adams, superintendent of St. Louis Public Schools. Everyone is welcome to the town hall at 7 pm tomorrow in Haertter Hall. 
*Student Activities Fair: The annual fair will run during lunch periods tomorrow. Representatives from all clubs and affinity groups should be on hand to explain their 2019-2020 plans and encourage student involvement.
*Sunday Funday: Remember that everyone is welcome to help entertain residents at the Mary Ryder Home on Sunday afternoon.

Danna Drive: Gateway 180
This year's Danna Drive, a Montgomery Plan initiative, will benefit Gateway 180, a homeless shelter serving women, children and families. A Gateway 180 spokesperson described their work and Burroughs' involvement. The shelter has operated in the same facility for 42 years. It is a long-term shelter with 162 beds providing 22,000 bed nights a year. G 180 pairs clients with case managers who provide employment, savings and housing counsel. G 180 also works with school districts to try to keep kids (who account for half of G 180's clients at any given time) in their home districts/schools. Burroughs' underwear drive, running through September 27, will help give dignity to G 180's clients. JBS students will sponsor a Funday for G 180 kids on Sunday, October 20.

Tuesday, September 17

*Challenger Baseball: Sign up to help with this event on Sunday, October 6.
*Montgomery Plan: The Danna Drive for Gateway 180 Homeless Services is a multi-month effort. Please donate women's and children's underwear (boxes are at the main entrances) and support the car wash (details to come). Also, if you would like to join in the first Sunday Funday, from 2 to 3 pm on the 22nd, it will be at the Mary Ryder Home. 
*MUN Impact: Leaders explained that their primary focus this year will be creating partnerships between existing initiatives (at JBS and beyond) to further the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Kudos to ...
the varsity volleyball team which won the consolation bracket at the Hickman Volleyball Tournament.

Monday, September 16

*Debate Club: The club will have its first meeting at 8 am tomorrow in the Newman Auditorium ~ everyone welcome.
*Montgomery Plan: This year's Danna Drive will benefit Gateway 180 Homeless Services. First up is an underwear drive. Boxes will be put at the major entrances. This is a class competition.
*SLAMUN: Topics are out. Sign up for countries. Resolutions and policy statements are due September 28.
*The Moon: Submissions are welcome; they are due by October 15.

Kudos to ...
*the C field hockey team which won all of their games (with two shut-outs) and took the division title in the St. Joe Tournament.
*the girls tennis team which won 14 out of 15 matches and took top honors at a highly competitive tournament in Chicago.
*the 8th-grade volleyball team which played and won seven games at the St. Louis Panther Volleyball Tournament.

Hispanic Heritage Month
Leaders of the Hispanic Culture Club shared an overview of this U.S. celebration which recognizes contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to our history, heritage and culture. The celebration runs September 15 through October 15. Yesterday marked the anniversary of five Hispanic countries' independence (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua). Students mentioned the names of influential Hispanics, from a US Supreme Court Justice to a major news anchor, from a well-known baseball player to an astronaut, from a civil rights activist to a Nobel Prize winner in physics. For information on local celebrations, go to the Hispanic Arts Council of St. Louis.

Pink Out
Junior Augie Nieberle told students about an off-the-field competition with MICDS. This week both schools will sell pink t-shirts to benefit Pink Ribbon Girls which provides "free direct services of healthy meals, housecleaning, rides to treatment, and peer support" to those battling breast or gynecological cancer. The t-shirts cost $12 and all proceeds will go to PRG. The goal is to sell as many t-shirts as possible and to have everyone wear pink at the upcoming JBS-MICDS games.

Jennifer Jones, director of Counseling & Wellness, shared her own story. She said "I'm going to tell you a brief story ... and I'm going to start at the end. I am fine!" Soon after Jones started at Burroughs, she was diagnosed with lymphoma and underwent surgery and chemotherapy. She said Burroughs fully embraced her, providing food trains, transportation, small gifts and cards, even wig ideas (!). Not everyone has a community like Burroughs to take care of them. That's what PRG does.

Friday, September 13

*UNICEF: Applications to be the 4th leader of the club should be submitted by Monday. Leadership will involve planning fundraising initiatives, events, and an assembly presentation. The club also plans to partner with Ladue.
*World Religions: Leaders introduced themselves and said the club's focus this year will be on Islam. The first meeting (on Friday, September 27 in classroom 203 (Brauer)) will address issues surrounding Kashmir.
*Varsity Football: Fans welcome at Saturday's 2 pm game at Westminster.

The Math Behind the Stanley Cup
As part of the annual STEM Speaker Series, Blues Hockey statistician Dave Otto spoke about his work with the Blues, taking the stats from every game (the Blues' and the League's) to inform game strategy. See "Latest News and Assembly Presentations" later today.

Thursday, September 12

*6-Man Club: The Game of the Week is today's volleyball game at 5:30 pm.
*Asian Culture Club: This year the club, which is open to everyone, will focus on Vietnam. Stay tuned for the annual bake sale, the annual dinner and maybe some special movies. The Asian Affinity Group, which is only open to Asian students, is getting organized ~ details to come.
*Challenger Baseball: CB is sponsoring a bake sale through 8th period today.
*Fire Drill: Our first emergency drill will be held at the end of 4th period today.
*Flu Vaccine: If you have a signed permission slip, the flu shots are being administered until noon today in the faculty lounge. There will be a second flu clinic on October 15.
*Sunday Funday: One of the Montgomery Plan's regular activities is Sunday Funday, when students entertain residents at an assisted living facility. The first one is from 2 to 3 pm on Sunday, September 22. Sign up!

Kudos to ...
*the boys soccer team which won the Metro League Tournament and
*the girls tennis team which won their Metro League Tournament ~ they won all 28 matches!

Wednesday, September 11

*Common Day: 7th and 8th graders are going to advisory, 9th and 10th graders are meeting in the performance gym and then going to advisory, the 11th graders are going to advisory and the 12th graders are going to a class meeting in the Newman Auditorium.
*Environmental Awareness: There will be a meeting at 8 am tomorrow in Dr. Walther's classroom (STAR) to discuss the global climate strike on September 20.
*French Club: The club's next meeting will be at 8 am tomorrow in the Makerspace (STAR).
*GEO: GEO will host a conversation about the Stanford assault case whose victim recently identified herself at 8 am tomorrow in conference room #2.
*Swim Team: Swimmers invited everyone to attend today's home meet which begins at 4 pm. They said Niko Theodos '22 may break the school's 500-meter record today and mentioned that Steven Busch '22 recently broke the school's record in the 200 free.
*UNICEF: Members of the UNICEF club introduced themselves, said they'd like a fourth leader, encouraged everyone to drop by their table at next week's Activities Fair and showed a video featuring UNICEF ambassador Orlando Bloom.

Mr. Abbott talked about 9/11/01 when students and faculty learned of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers during assembly. Roz Schulte '02 was a senior. She later attended the Air Force Academy and served in the Air Force as an intelligence officer.On May 20, 2009, Roz died from wounds suffered from an improvised explosive devise (IED) near Kabul, Afghanistan. After her death, friends established the Roz Schulte Spirit Fund to assure that the spirit Roz brought to everything she did continued at Burroughs. This fund supports our annual Blue & Gold Weekend, a favorite time for Roz. Mr. Abbott called for a moment of silence to remember and honor Roz, all who have served, all who were lost on 9/11 and all of the first responders. 

Tuesday, September 10

*African American Affinity Group: All Black students are welcome to attend the AAAG's first meeting at 5:30 pm today in the library.
*Challenger Baseball: A bake sale to benefit CB will be held on Thursday.
*JV Reserve Soccer: The team has a home game vs. Hancock at 4:15 pm today ~ fans welcome.
*Review: The student literary magazine is accepting submissions now ... and throughout the year. The first Review meeting is on September 24.
*Volleyball: Members of the team introduced the "Hot Potato Club" and invited fans to today's game vs. Parkway Central at 5:30 pm.

Monday, September 9

*The Cloud Club, GYLI, Jewish Culture Club and Spectrum spoke briefly about their groups and invited everyone to check them out at the Activities Fair on September 19.

TAUP ... and common sense
Mr. Abbott talked about the school's Technology Acceptable Use Policy (TAUP), which students will discuss and sign during advisory on Wednesday. He said we want students to use technology and use it well, but also be able to turn it off. We are not a one-to-one laptop school by design ~ we want students to engage with their teachers and with one another in the classroom. We also ask students not to use their cell phones during the academic day ~ we want students to be present with those around them, whether in class or in a free period. That said, students are not cut off from laptops, phones, etc., which are available schoolwide for appropriate use.

Mr. Abbott also encouraged students to be cautious in their online and digital lives. He reminded students of public missteps such as the Parkland school shooting survivor who lost admission to Harvard after racist postings surfaced and the police officers in Philadelphia and St. Louis who lost their jobs because of racist and hateful Facebook postings. Mr. Abbott warned that if you post something inappropriate, excuses like "I was trying to be funny" or "I didn't mean anything by it" are not a defense. And these postings can follow you into your future ~ with colleges and employers.

Mr. Abbott said he hopes students will not say, much less post bigoted statements ~ not out of fear of punishment but out of affection for one another and out of a sense of justice.

Friday, September 6

*6-Man Club: The games of the week are the field hockey game at 11 am on Saturday and the football game at 1 pm on Saturday. The theme is red, white and blue.
*Challenger Baseball: On Sunday, October 6, Burroughs will host its annual Challenger Baseball event which partners Burroughs students with kids (and young adults) with developmental disabilities for an afternoon of carnival fun and baseball. Sign up if you'd like to be a buddy.
*Extra Hands for ALS: There is a meeting at 8 am on Tuesday in the Newman Auditorium. Please attend if you'd like to participate in this club which supports families living with ALS.
*GEO: GEO will host a conversation next Thursday about the Stanford assault case whose victim recently identified herself. Stay tuned for details.
*Hispanic Culture Club: Check out the HCC table at the Activities Fair (September 19) and stay tuned for information about Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15).
*JBS Family Picnic: Everyone is invited. Head to the Quad for a picnic lunch, 11:30 am - 1 pm, on Saturday.
*RISE: Members introduced themselves and invited everyone to drop by their table at the Activities Fair (September 19).

International Exchange Students
This year, Burroughs has two AFS students, Jasmine Brown from Ghana and Moritz Haberman from Germany. They spoke briefly at assembly, introducing us to their home countries and debunking stereotypes about them.

Thursday, September 5

*French Club: The leaders introduced themselves and invited interested students to join them at a planning meeting at 8 am on Thursday, September 12 in Madame Dyer's classroom.
*Guild of Geeks: The leaders introduced themselves and their current "divisions" (board games, Marvel cinematic universe, Harry Potter, Star Wars, card games). Everyone is welcome to get involved.
*JBS Family Picnic: Everyone is invited to lunch in the Quad from 11:30 am to 1 pm on Saturday. There will be lots of athletic contests on campus as well.
*Light & Sound: When sending slideshows, presentations, etc. to Light & Sound, use Google, not PowerPoint.
*Spirit Week: Principals will send an e-mail to all students to get their size for the free Spirit Week t-shirt designed by the senior class. Please respond by Monday.

Wednesday, September 4

*Classics Club: CC will have a meeting at 8 am tomorrow in the classics lounge.
*Common Day: During today's "common period," 7th, 8th and 12th grades will have class meetings, and 9th, 10th and 11th grades will have advisories.
*Environmental Awareness: The club will meet at 8 am tomorrow in Dr. Walther's classroom (STAR).
*Spectrum: Spectrum will have a meeting at 8:15 am tomorrow in room 313 (Brauer).
*Swim Team: Fans are welcome at today's home meet at 4 pm.

Rules and Customs
Later this month, Mr. Abbott will address major school rules. This morning, he reviewed day-to-day expectations and customs that set the tone at Burroughs.

He said the school wants as few rules as possible and, instead, sets general guidelines to support our community. The overriding goal is to treat everyone with dignity and respect. To that end, here are some of the guidelines he articulated:

  • be on time, behave appropriately at athletic contests, don’t call out at assembly, don’t use offensive language
  • enjoy most of our indoor and outdoor open spaces during free periods but don't hang out in unsupervised areas, such as the parking lots; the auditorium, backstage and lower level of Haertter Hall; the athletic center and locker rooms
  • have fun in the Quad but leave the hardballs and sports equipment in PE/Athletics
  • take care of the Commons ... use the furniture appropriately, leave the balls outside and clean up after yourselves
  • do not “borrow” books, etc. without permission (it’s called stealing)   

But more important than our rules are our everyday customs/practices: be kind, hold the door, thank your teacher for an especially good class, thank the plant operations and lunch staff for all that they do, make eye contact, say hello even to those you don’t know, look out for one another. He said that we are committed to being a culture of improvement and should strive to be better people ... together.

Tuesday, September 3

*French Club: If you are interested in a crepe breakfast, join members of the French Club at 7:25 am on Thursday in the Price Road circle ... and then head over to City Coffeehouse & Creperie in Clayton.
*Montgomery Plan: There is a meeting of the student service club at 8 am on Tuesday, September 10 in the Newman Auditorium. In addition to the 24+ Montgomery Plan event leaders, the heads of all service-based clubs are invited. Other students who are interested in joining the Montgomery Plan should enroll through Canvas.
*Out of the Darkness Walk: Freshman Liv Acree said she would like to get a group together to participate in the Out of the Darkness Walk on Sunday, September 29 at Creve Coeur Park. The walk is sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Stay tuned for more.
*Robotics: The club's first meeting will be at 8 am on Thursday (the location wasn't mentioned).
*Science Olympiad: Applications to participate in this year's Science Olympiad are due Friday, September 13. The SO involves preparation for 23 different events (not everyone does all 23!), weekend practices and three major tournaments. Upper school students will receive more information by e-mail.
*Volleyball: The opening game is with Hazelwood Central at 5:15 pm today at JBS. Fans wanted!

Friday, August 30

*Boys Varsity Soccer: The defending state champions have their first game of the season at 4:15 pm vs. Lutheran South at JBS. Fans wanted!
*Computer Science Club: Everyone is welcome to the club's first meeting at 8:15 am on Tuesday in the comp lab (STAR).
*Diversity ETC: DETC oversees the work of all diversity-related clubs and affinity groups. DETC leaders introduced themselves, explained DETC's goals, listed the clubs and affinity groups (and explained the difference) and said their overriding goal is to expand current community and global initiatives to "burst the Burroughs bubble."
*World: The first issue of the school newspaper is out. Thirty students worked this summer to overhaul the layout, write stories and take pictures. Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend a planning session for the next issue at 8 am on Thursday in Ms. Ervin's classroom (105 Brauer).

Thursday, August 29

*Current Events: Everyone is invited to a meeting at 7:45 am on Friday in Dr. Smith's classroom (210 Brauer) to discuss the G7, the fires in the Amazon, the 2020 presidential race and the Oklahoma court decision against Johnson & Johnson.
*Outdoor Education: Michael Dee (English) welcomed students to sign up for upcoming outdoor ed outings, including tree climbing, rock climbing and white water kayaking. A schedule is posted outside of his classroom (Brauer 106) along with permission slips. If you are interested, Mr. Dee will let you know if space is available. During the first semester, students in grades 8 through 12 are eligible ~ during second semester, all students are eligible. If you are taking outdoor ed as part of your athletics requirement, get your permission slips in now (they're late!).
*Review: Seniors and editors of the Review, Adina Cazacu-De Luca and Ann Zhang, invited submissions to the school's literary and art magazine, which is published in the spring.
*Technical Production: Joe Novak (Theatre's technical director and production manager) invited students who are interested in light, audio, construction, engineering, etc. to sign up to receive work calls for school productions and/or notices about masterclasses which he will offer throughout the year. The sign-up sheet is outside of Mr. Novak's office at the west end of Haertter Hall.

Wednesday, August 28

*Common Day: 7th - 10th graders should go to their advisors. Juniors will have a class meeting in Haertter Hall and seniors in the Newman Aud.
*Music Assemblies: If you'd like to perform during morning assembly, please e-mail seniors Kendall Allen or Lindsey Steinkamp.

Academic Integrity
Wanting to set expectations at the start of school, Mr. Abbott spoke to students about the importance of academic integrity. In the past, serious violations have resulted in serious consequences. More importantly, violations of academic integrity tear at the very fabric of the school. 

Mr. Abbott shared the following advice

  • Never take credit for work or an idea that is not your own ~ always acknowledge your sources.
  • If you get behind, speak with your teacher ~ do not take (desperate) shortcuts.
  • Don't ask friends what is on a test or to share their homework ~ it is not fair to them and they can resent it (even if they don't say so).

To avoid temptation during a test, teachers may ask you to leave your backpack in the hall, put your phone in a bin, set up dividers, submit an essay to a special site, etc.

In more general terms, Mr. Abbott encouraged students to resist the culture of achievement which gives more weight to accomplishment than effort. A preoccupation with achievement can lead to pressure which can lead to academic integrity violations. The primary focus should be on growth and improvement.

Tuesday, August 27

*Current Events: Everyone is invited to a meeting at 7:45 am on Friday in Dr. Smith's classroom (210 Brauer) to discuss the G7, the fires in the Amazon, the 2020 presidential race and the Oklahoma court decision against Johnson & Johnson.
*Light & Sound: If you're going make an assembly presentation that requires light and/or sound assistance, please submit materials to the Light & Sound crew 24 hours in advance. Also, within the next week or so, L&S will send a survey soliciting pre-assembly music requests.

If You're Late ...
If you get to assembly late, go to the second-floor balcony and check in with Mr. Dieffenbach. If you miss assembly altogether, go to the front office (Price entrance) and check in with the receptionists.

Monday, August 26

*Fall Play: General auditions for the upper school play, Front, will be on Wednesday. Check out the call board (next to Mr. Novak's office) for information and to sign up. Callbacks will be held on Thursday and possibly Friday.
*Late Start Days: Assembly will begin at 8:45 am tomorrow and Thursday.

Common Days ... as part of ongoing efforts to help students manage their time and minimize their stress
Mr. Abbott explained that the advisory schedule has been replaced with a "Common Day" schedule which will occur on most Wednesdays. CD provides a regular slot for advisory, class meetings, the 10th-grade diversity seminar and housekeeping meetings (e.g., prepping for Drey Land, registering for APs, etc.) ~ all with the goal of preserving Late Start Days as days when students may sleep in, tend to personal business, etc.

In the last several years, the Administration and faculty have worked on other initiatives to help students manage their time and minimize their stress, including:

  • athletic schedules which involve less travel during the week
  • semester-end exam schedules which limit testing to one exam per day
  • an extra holiday in the spring
  • alignment of work in sections of the same course (so that the workload is similar from teacher to teacher)
  • adoption of CANVAS, a learning management system, which puts all major assignments/tests in one place for each student

Mr. Abbott encouraged students to pick the right course, plan ahead, use free periods and get enough sleep. He also urged them to use technology but be able to walk away from it; by minimizing interruptions (e-mail, social media, etc.), he said students will be able to stay focused and work more efficiently. 

Friday, August 23

*Club Leadership Training: Congress is sponsoring a training session for all club leaders at 7:45 am on Tuesday, August 27 in the Newman Aud.

Welcome New Faculty
Mr. Abbott welcomed new faculty members: Joe Novak (technical director/production manager), Allison Roberts (photography teacher/school photographer), Daniela Rudeau (substitute German teacher), Julie Shimabukuro (9th and 10th grade principal, member of the college counseling team) and Matt Tomlinson (computer science teacher).

Changes on Campus
Though not quite on the scale of last year's opening of the STAR building, some noteworthy changes were made on campus over the summer: a new ice machine, the addition of windows to Dr. Smith's classroom, a new chiller, a fully operational putting green north of the tennis courts and relocation of the principals to the second floor of the Student Commons.

Assembly Protocols
If you want to make a simple announcement (taking a minute or less), e-mail Mr. Estes the day before. If you want to make a major presentation (5+ minutes), touch base with Dr. Deken well in advance. If you need assistance from the Sound & Light Crew (e.g., to show a video), contact them at least a day in advance.

Thursday, August 22 ~ OPENING DAY!

As is tradition, the seniors sat on the stage facing their families, faculty and fellow students.

Isabella Koster '20 sang the National Anthem.

After welcoming everyone, Mr. Abbott set the tone for the year. He asked us to embrace one idea: That all human beings are beautiful and have the capacity to grow, that we appreciate the intrinsic value of everyone in the room, and that we let Burroughs be an island where our insecurities can melt away in a community of support.

Senior class president Jackson Miller told his classmates this is not the time to play it safe ... that it's OK to fail—in fact, it's required. Student body president Lola Fernandez declared this The Year of the Dive and encouraged everyone to get involved wherever/however they want and to support one another in those dives. Lola's and Jackson's remarks will be posted later today.

Mr. Abbott welcomed all new students: four juniors (including two AFS students), three sophomores, 11 freshmen, one eighth grader and 103 seventh graders.