Assembly in Brief

Monday, December 10

Thanks and congratulations to the cast and crew of The Ash Girl!

*City of Ladue Youth Council: Ladue is looking for interested high school students (who live in Ladue!) to serve on a Youth Council. See Ms. Salrin or Dr. Deken for more.
*Review: There will be meetings at 8 am on Tuesday in Mr. Chen's classroom and on Thursday in Ms. Zmudczynski"s classroom.
*The Moon: The second (limited) edition of The Moon is out.

Image of Earth from the Moon
Brian Connor (Sustainability) showed the iconic picture taken 50 years ago aboard Apollo 8 by Bill Anders, which shows the Earth peeking out from beyond the lunar surface as the first crewed spacecraft circumnavigated the Moon. It was the first picture taken by humans and, Connor said, changed our perception of our planet and ourselves.

The Asian Culture Club invited Jeanne Kloeckner, an occupational therapist and mindfulness educator, to assembly. She took students through several exercises (breathing, mindful check-in, interpersonal mindfulness) and encouraged them to slow down and connect with themselves to achieve greater access to their positive emotions.

Friday, December 7

*7th & 8th Grade Play: The Ash Girl will be performed at 7:30 pm on Friday and Saturday ~ tickets are on sale in the bookstore.
*100 Neediest Cases: Time to pick it up to help these families at the holidays! Collections so far: 12th grade $69, 11th $1851, 10th $268, 9th $84, 8th $110, 7th $37 and faculty/staff $81.
*Ice Hockey: Don't miss tomorrow night's game vs. St. Mary's at 7:45 pm at the Brentwood Rink.
*Stubborn Ounces: Is out!

Thursday, December 6

*7th & 8th Grade Play: The Ash Girl will be performed at 7:30 pm on Friday and Saturday ~ tickets are on sale in the bookstore.
*96th Anniversary of the Free Irish State: Mr. Connor (Theatre) shared that the Irish Free State was established on December 6, 1922.
*C Reserve Basketball: Boys team seeking fans for 5:30 game tonight.
*Crafts Club: Everyone is welcome to personalize note cards for residents of Sunrise on Clayton in conference room #1 today.
*Girls Wrestling: Girls wrestling is now sanctioned by MSHSAA.
*Guild of Geeks: The club is sponsoring an Exploding Kittens tournament.

Wednesday, December 5

*7th & 8th Grade Play: The Ash Girl will be performed at 7:30 pm on Friday and Saturday ~ tickets are on sale in the bookstore.
*9th Grade Plant Sale: Today is the last day to order poinsettias from the 9th grade.
*Canned Sculptures: Students will build sculptures out of donated canned goods and other non-perishables during advisory today.
*Current Events: The club will hold a meeting at 7:45 am on Friday in Dr. Smith's classroom, 210/Brauer.

Bush 41
Members of the Current Events Club spoke about George H. W. Bush. See "Latest News & Assembly Presentations" later today.

Tuesday, December 4

*100 Neediest Cases: Two more cases were read, and the 8th and 10th graders were encouraged to get going ($0 raised so far).
*Canned Food Drive: Thanks to all who helped with the collections at Straub's Markets last Saturday. Sculptures will be built in advisory tomorrow.
*Craft Club: Drop by conference room #1 any time on Thursday to personalize cards that will be given to area nursing homes.
*Ugly Sweater Day: Tomorrow.

Monday, December 3

Tuesday and Thursday are late start days.

*Computer Science Week Scavenger Hunt: It's still on ~ ends mid-month.
*Environmental Awareness: The club is holding its first meeting on Thursday. Location TBD. Members needed!
*French Club: There's a bake sale today (to support future Mardi Gras festivities), and on Thursday, those interested should meet at the Price entrance at 7:30 am to head over to the City Coffeehouse & Creperie in Clayton.
*GEO: There's a meeting at 8:15 am on Thursday in conference room #1.
*KIVA: Kandygrams are on sale now. If you purchase for a 7th or 8th grader, the cost is $2. If you purchase for a high schooler, there are three options. Orders may be placed in the front office, bookstore or College Counseling office. The Kandygrams will be assembled on Friday ~ volunteers needed.
*Scholastic Art & Writing Contest: The deadline for art is December 5 ~ see your art teacher soon! The deadline for writing is during winter break ~ see your English teacher before break.
*Ugly Sweater Day: Wednesday.
*Ushers: Ushers for this weekend's production of The Ash Girl are needed ~ volunteers get a production credit and a free ticket.

KUDOS to ...
*Adam Zhao '21 (cello) and Sammie Lee '22 (double bass) for being chosen by audition to perform with the Missouri Music Educators 2019 All State Orchestra.
*Adina Cazacu-De Luca '20 for winning the JBS Poetry Out Loud contest.

Careers in Technology
As part of Computer Science Week, Bill Richert spoke to students about careers in technology. See "Latest News & Assembly Presentations" later today.

Friday, November 30

*7th & 8th Grade Play: Tickets ($10) are on sale in the bookstore for the Friday, December 7 and Saturday, December 8 performances of The Ash Girl.
*9th Grade Plant Sale: The sale is underway. Find a 9th grader to order red poinsettias.
*SMVC: There's a meeting from 3 to 5 pm on Sunday in IT&E for middle and high school teams. Also, this year the club is going to build a car out of hockey sticks ~ if you have an old one to donate, please do.
*Trivia Night: All students, faculty and staff are invited to tonight's Trivia Night: 7 to 9 pm in conference rooms #1 and 2. It's important to sign up as a team to guarantee a place at the table. After the announcement, club leader Nathan Peng '19 shared a mash of trivia.

Music Friday
Izzy Thorpe '19 performed Sara Bareilles' "King of Anything" and then was joined by Paul Salomon (Math, Makerspace) on Pedro the Lion's "Yellow Bike." See "Campus Candids" later today.

Animal Allies
At the invitation of the student club, Animal Allies, past parents Kathy and John Qualy brought two of their rescue dogs, D'Angelo and Carmen, to assembly. The Qualys are advocates for all stray animals but especially pit bulls. They encouraged students to follow D'Angelo on Instagram @dangelo_nybc, to fight the stigma associated with pit bulls and discrimination against any animal, to shop at shelters (there are purebred shelters), to purchase The Journey of a Rescued Pit Bull, my lil superstar D'Angelo (available in the bookstore ~ all proceeds to benefit animal welfare and rescue), and to volunteer with Stray Rescue of Saint Louis.

Thursday, November 29

*100 Neediest Cases: Fundraising, by class, has begun for the annual 100 Neediest Cases drive. Two cases were read.

Kudos to ...
the chess team which had an auspicious season opener with a shutout.

Wednesday, November 28

*Canned Food Drive: Reverend Brenda Booth, executive director of Isaiah 58 Ministries, said Isaiah 58 connects those with resources with those without, and thanked the student body for their efforts. The Montgomery Plan will have a meeting a 8 am tomorrow in the Newman Auditorium to discuss the drive.
*French Club: The club will meet at 8 am tomorrow in Madam Joubert's classroom, and will sponsor a bake sale next Wednesday.
*The Moon: The second edition of this satirical publication is coming soon. There is a bake sale tomorrow to support the project.

Music Wednesday
Libby Hizar '20 performed Sutton Foster's "My Heart Was Set on You." See "Campus Candids" later today.

Tuesday, November 27

*Canned Food Drive: The annual Montgomery Plan food drive for Isaiah 58 Ministries is launched. The collections at Straub's Markets are on Saturday ~ sign up to help. Sculptures will be built in advisory next week. Bring in non-perishables!
*Trivia Night: The student club's trivia night is from 7 to 9:30 pm on Friday in conference rooms #1 and 2. Sign up with a team name. A few trivia facts were shared to generate interest in the competition: Hans Steininger was killed by his own 4' beard; the inventor of the Pringles can was buried in one; the lowest natural temperature ever directly recorded at ground level on Earth is −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F; 184.0 K) at the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica on July 21, 1983.

Good Luck, Kennedy!
Mr. Abbott played a recording of Kennedy Holmes' performance last night on The Voice. Kennedy was introduced by classmate Kyndall Rhodes. Check it out at

Monday, November 26

Tuesday and Thursday are late start days.

*Candidates for 9th & 10th Grade Principal: At the end of this school year, Dr. Deken will return to the classroom full-time, and the search has begun for his successor as principal of 9th and 10th grades. Candidate visits to campus begin today.
*Computer Science Week Competition: Check out the signs around campus with an IP address that will provide clues to this annual scavenger hunt.
*Rise: The privilege walk will begin at 8 am tomorrow in the Black Box.

Tuesday, November 20

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is 7th and 8th grade Grandparents Day, as well as the annual Thanksgiving assembly. A decade ago, a new tradition was established at Burroughs — that of the senior class choosing one of their classmates to deliver the Thanksgiving assembly speech. The class of 2019 chose Eli Hurwitz.

*Hockey team: There is a game tonight against MICDS at 9 pm at Queeny Rink. Fans wanted! The theme, construction, is designed to emphasize the Bomber value of hard work. If you have hard hats and high-visibility vests, wear 'em if you've got 'em.
*Rise: There will be a privilege walk next Tuesday to raise awareness of how our societal and socio-economic statuses affect our lives and the lives of others.

Class of 2019 Thanksgiving Speech
Eli Hurwitz spoke about how stress and a packed schedule — pretty much par for the course during senior year — can make us feel like we only have the energy to attend to our own needs, without much left over for other people. Not being able to give love, care and support to those around us can make us feel guilty, not to mention selfish. But love and kindness are not point-for-point quid pro quo things — we care for each other as we are able. The important thing is to do what what we can do right now. For a transcript of Eli's talk, see "Latest News & Assembly Presentations" later today.

Monday, November 19

There's a lot of homework to do leading into the holiday week, but take a few minutes to watch Kennedy Holmes on The Voice tonight. There are four ways to vote, including through the app and on the website — see the graphic posted to the JBS Facebook and Twitter pages for details. Tomorrow is Grandparents Day, and they'll be having breakfast in the dining room, followed by the Thanksgiving Assembly. It's also dress-up day.

A survey was just sent to every student's e-mail account — that survey should be taken today, ideally with 100 percent participation. The survey will help measure stress among the student body, specifically stress related to homework. The survey will ask you gauge how much time you dedicate each week to doing homework in each of your classes.

*Montgomery Plan: Monday, November 26, through Thursday, December 20, MP is collecting non-perishable food items for Isiah 58 food pantry. On December 1, MP will collect donations at all Straub's stores; Ms. Rathert will send a sign-up email today. Then, on December 5, the food sculpture competition will happen during advisory. There will also be general collection boxes posted all over the school.
*Trivia Club: There over 93 million people with the last name Wang, more than the population of Texas and California combined. By comparison, there are only 2 million Smiths. It's a popular name because its most common translation is "king."

Kudos to ...
Wyatt Baizer '19 who won a sportsmanship award from NCSA and to the entire varsity soccer team which presented its state championship trophy to the school.

John Merritt on the 1968 Olympics
As part of the "1968" speaker series, John Merritt (History, Athletics) gave a powerful talk about the 1968 Olympics. Held in Mexico, it was the first Olympics not held in Europe or the United States. It was also historic because Norma Enriqueta Basilio, a track and field runner, became the first woman athlete to light the Olympic cauldron. However, the biggest historical moment came on October 16, when runners Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their black-gloved fists in a black power salute on the podium during the playing of the national anthem. Australian silver medalist Peter Norman wore a human rights badge on his jacket in solidarity. All three athletes were expelled from the Olympic village, and were ostracized by the athletic community for their actions; Smith and Carlos received death threats, and Norman never competed as an athlete again. When Norman died in 2006, Smith and Carlos were pallbearers at his funeral. The Australian government did apologize to Norman — in 2012, six years after his death. In 2016, the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC installed a sculpture in tribute to Smith and Carlos, with a blank space where Norman stood, inviting visitors to "Take a Stand" for justice, just as the athletes did in 1968. Mr. Merritt connected these events of 1968 to contemporary protests, such as Colin Kaepernick's kneeling protests during the national anthem before NFL football games.

Friday, November 16

Old Newsboys Day was rescheduled for this morning, due to the snow day yesterday. 

*Guild of Geeks: Will host a Dungeons & Dragons game night in Mr. Salomon's room next to the Makerspace.

Dr. Soon-Young Yoon
Mr. Abbott introduced Dr. Soon-Young Yoon, a special guest speaker who is here as part of the Exploratory Lecture series. Dr. Yoon's work at the United Nations has, as Mr. Abbott noted, impacted the lives of millions of people around the world, particularly women and girls. After her talk, Dr. Yoon answered questions from students, including about the languages she speaks (English, Korean, and French); subjects she loved as a high school student (arts and swimming, though her tests revealed her strengths were in social science); her North Korean roots; the challenges of growing up as a woman of Korean descent in Ann Arbor, Michigan; and the use of social media by the UN. After her speech, Dr. Yoon met with students and faculty during 1st, 2nd and 3rd periods. For a transcript of Dr. Yoon's talk, see "Latest News & Assembly Presentations" later today. 

Wednesday, November 14

Thursday is a late start day ~ if there is any change in the schedule, a phone blast will be sent before 10 pm tonight OR after 6 am tomorrow.

*Animal Allies: The supply drive for the Humane Society continues through Friday.
*GAP: There's a meeting at 8:15 am tomorrow in the athletics conference room.
*Guild of Geeks: The Star Wars marathon continues in the Makerspace.
*Halloween Candy Drive: The drive continues through Friday ~ all collected candy will go to an area food bank.
*KUTO: All students are welcome at the meeting from 6 to 7 pm tonight in conference room #3.
*Old Newsboys Day: The collection for area children's charities will be Friday morning (this is a change made because of the weather forecast). Burroughs faculty and students will be stationed at the corners of Price & Clayton and Price & Ladue as well as at the Clayton Road entrance. 

Music Wednesday
Sophomore Leyla Fern King and junior Carrie Zhang performed separately. See "Campus Candids" later today.

Tuesday, November 13

*Bookstore: The bookstore will close at 2:45 pm today.
*Guild of Geeks: The Star Wars movie marathon continues in the Makerspace. Avenger I will be screened next Tuesday. Thanks to Stan Lee!
*KUTO: A meeting to discuss stress management will be held from 6 to 7 pm tomorrow in the Commons ~ all students welcome.
*Trivia Club: Continuing to promote the trivia night at the end of this month, a club member talked about ant reproduction. She explained that there are no male ants. A queen creates prince ants for the sole purpose of injecting their DNA into princess ants ~ the princes die and the princesses begin new colonies. "Now that's a working woman!"

Monday, November 12

Congratulations to the soccer team!

Tuesday and Thursday are late start days.

Thursday is Old Newsboys Day.

Welcome to our guests from Nerinx.

*American Patriots Organization: Club leaders acknowledged that yesterday was Veterans Day, shared a slideshow of some JBS veterans and encouraged students to come to conference room #2 today to write cards to vets.
*Gaming: Every late start day will feature gaming in the Makerspace ... until you hear otherwise.
*Guild of Geeks: There will be a Star Wars marathon all week in the Makerspace.
*Holiday Program Tableau: Any upper school student who would like to submit a design for the holiday program tableau should contact Ms. Allison or Ms. Oates.
*Tuesday Theme Day: Remember the competition is on for the best decorated Commons area ~ design assignments are neon for 7th grade, western for 8th, decades for 9th, sports/jerseys for 10th, holidays for 11th and beach for 12th.

Friday, November 9

Good luck to the soccer team!

The 11th & 12th Grade Commons will be cleared at 2 pm today to set up for a special event.

*Animal Allies: The drive continues through next week.
*Guild of Geeks: TheGoG plans a Star Wars movie marathon next week.

The Great War
As the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I approaches, Mark Nicholas (History) discussed the Great War ~ the times leading up to it, the devastation and havoc it wreaked, and the impact it continued (continues) to have well after the signing of the armistice and the Treaty of Versailles.

Thursday, November 8

*Class Cup: On Tuesday, there will be a competition for all grade levels to earn points for the Class Cup. Each grade will decorate their Commons area with the following themes: 7th graders, neon; 8th graders, western; 9th graders, decades; 10th graders, sports/sport jerseys; 11th grade, holidays and 12th grade, beach. 
*Soccer: The soccer team is heading to the state semifinals on Friday. The game is at noon at Soccer Park. Entry is $8 per person, cash only. There was a tongue-in-cheek intro to the team roster. 
*Orchestra Concert: Tonight's 7-12 grade orchestra concert is at 7:30 pm in Haertter Hall. 
*Trivia Club: Continuing to promote the November 30 Trivia Night, members of the club shared another piece of trivia — Wal-Mart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard. Wal-Mart's acceptance rate is 2.6 percent, versus 8.9 percent for Harvard. 

Rule of Law
Michael Dee (English/Outdoor Education) spoke about the importance of the rule of law, and invited anyone interested to join him in a protest at 5 pm near the Old Courthouse. The protest is one of thousands organized across the country under the hashtag #ProtectMueller in response to the firing of Jeff Sessions.

Wednesday, November 7

Members of the Asian Culture Club explained Diwali, the annual fall festival of lights, observed throughout India. The five-day festival (which this year begins today) represents the victory of good over evil, light over darkness. It is celebrated with rangoli designs, diya lamps and fireworks.

How Coal Birthed the Jewel Box
Brian Connor, chair of the faculty/staff sustainability committee, spoke about the origins of the Jewel Box in Forest Park. "Smoke pollution had been a problem in St. Louis for many decades due to large-scale burning of bituminous, or soft, coal for heat, power, and transportation. ... Leaders determined that only improving the quality of fuel would have a positive effect, and required the use of higher quality coal.... In 1913, Nelson Cunliff became Commissioner of Parks and Recreation for St. Louis City. Due to high levels of smoke and soot within the city, he began a survey of which plants could survive the conditions. He later asked John Moritz, who was in charge of the city’s greenhouses, to set up a display to showcase the various plants that could survive. Someone described the displays as 'like a Jewel Box,' hence the name.  ... In 1937, the Smoke Ordinance was passed, and by 1938, commercial smokestack emissions had fallen by two-thirds. ...St. Louis can respond to change and environmental degradation. As we consider the tragic subterranean landfill fire at Westlake, and the peril of a changing climate, let us hope that we can again come together to face the environmental issues that confront us, and to find solutions for the health and well being of all."

Kudos to ... 
Gabi Brent, who made alternate for the jazz band on alto sax, and Sruthi Dommaraju, who made 5th chair percussion for the concert band, during auditions for the Metro 8 Middle School Honor bands. 

Words Can Be Toxic
After explaining two transgender slurs, a senior shared the pain and violence that befalls many transgender women and reminded everyone that words which may seem small can be toxic ... that no matter how inclusive and kind our community is, we cannot be complacent about the language we use.

Tuesday, November 6

*Assembly: Tomorrow there will be a presentation which may be uncomfortable for some students ~ those students are excused from assembly but must report to the 7th/8th grade Commons for attendance.
*Trivia: Continuing to promote the November 30 Trivia Night, another piece of trivia was shared. Modern Warfare 3 is the fastest selling video game, having sold 8.8 million copies in the first month.

Current Events Club
Juniors Rafi Brent and Jon Sky spoke about last week's shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. See "Latest News and Assembly Presentations."

Monday, November 5

*Current Events: Gabe Fleisher '20, editor of "Wake Up to Politics," shared a brief overview of tomorrow's midterm elections:

    • All 435 members of the House of Representatives are up for re-election, 35 Senators are up, as are 36 governorships. There are 1000s of state and local elections and ballots.
    • Currently, Republicans hold a 51-49 majority in the Senate; 26 seats held by Democrats and nine held by Republicans are up. Because 10 of the seats currently held by Democrats are in states which supported President Trump, Republicans are expected to maintain the majority in the Senate.
    • Currently, the Republicans hold a 235-193 majority in the House. Democrats need to flip at least 23 seats to regain control of that body.
    • A number of Republican governorships are vulnerable. Particularly hotly contested races are in Florida and Georgia. Democrats are expected to do well.
    • The Senate race in Missouri is extremely close.

*Review: There's a meeting at 8 am tomorrow in Mr. Chen's classroom. Keep submitting writing and art.
*USA Spirit Day: Wear your spirit tomorrow.

The Holiday Program — A pre-discussion
John Pierson, chair of the Theatre, Speech & Dance Department and director of the annual holiday program, spoke to students about the inevitability of change in that program. He shared several ways ~ some small, some large ~ in which the program has changed through the years and said it will continue to change. He stressed that 'change' and 'tradition' should not be viewed as opposites ~ they can work together ... it's called evolution. The program is meant to be a beautiful work of music, visual art and the spoken word, celebrating the season, homecoming and peace, and welcoming everyone ~ so that everyone can feel the warmth of the familiar and the excitement of the new. As the school explores changes, Pierson invited students to share their thoughts at an informal meeting at 8 am tomorrow in the Black Box.

How the JBS Student Court Works
Members of the court showed a tongue-in-cheek video demonstrating the workings of the judicial system at JBS. Bottom line: Students who skip lunch receive one hour of detention; class, three hours; study hall, two hours; fitness, two hours. Students who fail to sign in (after a late arrival) receive one hour of detention, and students who leave campus receive three hours, which cannot be suspended. With the exception of leaving campus, most hours can be reduced by one if students make their court appearances. Also, if a student pleads guilty to their first case and gets no other cases during the year, the student will never have to serve those hours. However, if the student does get another case and is found guilty, the hours from the first case are added to the second case.

Thursday, November 1

Good luck to our cross country athletes who are headed to state, and to our soccer players who are headed to the state quarterfinals.

*Animal Allies: AA is holding a supply drive for the Humane Society through November 15. Please bring in blankets, towels, toys, beds, etc.
*Grand Canyon Trip: The deadline for current 8th graders to sign up online for the June trip to the Grand Canyon is midnight tonight.
*Halloween Candy Drive: Bring in your extra candy for the St. Louis Area Food Bank. 
*STLWFD: Heads up that volunteers from throughout the St. Louis area will be on campus (field house) tomorrow to package food.
*Trivia Club: The second annual Trivia Night (for everyone) will be held from 7 to 9:30 pm on Friday, November 30 in conference rooms #1 and 2. Sign up! To inspire attendance, the club shared a piece of trivia: Though scientifically deemed a fruit, the tomato is legally a vegetable in the United States [Nix v. Hedden, 149 U.S. 304 (1893), Supreme Court of the United States decision, U.S. customs regulations]. And it is the state vegetable of New Jersey.

Wednesday, October 31

*Animal Allies: There's a meeting at 8 am tomorrow in the 2-D studio to discuss volunteer opportunities at the Missouri House Rabbit Society.
*STLWFD: Today is the last day to sign up for Friday's St. Louis World Food Day.

Halloween Assembly
The seniors presented their Halloween Assembly, themed around breaking school rules, e.g., using phones during school hours and parking in the fire lanes. See "Campus Candids" later today.

Tuesday, October 30

*Film Club: There's going to be a scary movie marathon tomorrow ~ location and movies TBD.
*Guild of Geeks: GoG is sponsoring spooky games all day tomorrow on the second floor of the library (STAR).
*Magic: There will be magic in Mr. Lewis's classroom at noon on Friday.
*Math Competition: Today is the last day to sign up for the November 10 math competition ~ the signup sheet is outside of 217/Brauer.
*UNICEF Club: Everyone is invited to the first meeting at 8 am next Tuesday in the 2-D studio. The club will have a different focus each month. 

Kudos to ...
Sammie Lee '22, a double bass player and member of the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra, who won a merit-based scholarship sponsored by the Buder Charitable Foundation; Rafi Brent, Adina Cazacu-De Luca, Lily Sheets and Evan Wang who have been chosen to perform with the St. Louis Metro 8 Honor Band; and the boys varsity soccer team, which won districts and competes in sectionals in a home game at 4 pm today.

Monday, October 29

Tuesday and Thursday are late start days, and there are no classes on Friday.

Congratulations to all those who contributed to the Commons Cafe (Rock 'n' Roll on the Grassy Knoll) and to the field hockey team which is advancing to the state quarterfinals.

Moment of Silence
On the heels of the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, the killing of two African Americans at a Kroger in Kentucky, the mailing of pipe bombs to prominent Democrats, and the Administration's consideration of rolling back protections for transgender people, Mr. Abbott called for a moment of silence —  for the victims, for the families of the victims, and for the country. He reminded students that the faculty as a whole and the Counseling & Wellness Department in particular are here to provide support and that this is an especially important time to be good allies for one another.

Hispanic Culture Club ~ Citizenship Quiz
To demonstrate the difficulty of the U.S. citizenship civics test, leaders of the club asked four students 12 questions which can appear on the test ~ from naming the three branches of the government to the number of amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

Beau Willimon '95 
After checking out the stained glass window installations in the STAR building which his mother, Nancy Willimon, oversaw, Beau Willimon '95 made an impromptu appearance at assembly to encourage student political engagement. See "Latest News & Assembly Presentations" later today.

Friday, October 26

Heads up: The Commons will be cleared this afternoon at 2 pm.

*Commons Cafe: This all-student event will be held from 7 to 9 pm tomorrow night in the Quad. Performers are asked to come by at 6 pm for a sound check.
*Football: Fans are wanted for JBS's first district (home) game at 2 pm tomorrow ~ the theme is "spooky."
*Poetry Out Loud: The JBS competition will be before school on Thursday, November 29. All 9th-12th grade students are eligible ~ just memorize a poem from the online Poetry Out Loud anthology and let Dr. DesPrez know by Friday, November 9. The Burroughs winner will compete in regionals.

Thursday, October 25

*Aim High: AH needs volunteers to help on a field trip to Grant's Farm this Saturday, 8:45 am.
*Guild of Geeks: GoG announced last week's trivia and raffle winners.
*JV Soccer: The team is seeking some home support for today's game vs. Priory at 4:15 pm.
*KIVA: Club members are asked to bring in baked goods and to help man the bake sale tomorrow.
*STLWFD: There are three sign-up opportunities: help set up on Thursday the 1st, help during the daytime packaging event on Friday the 2nd, and/or attend the evening high school rally on Friday the 2nd.

Wednesday, October 24

*American Patriot Organization: APO has a meeting at 8 am tomorrow in the Newman Auditorium.
*Anatomy Club: AC has a meeting tomorrow in Ms. Bahe's classroom (206/STAR).
*Chess Club: CC has a meeting at 8 am tomorrow in Dr. Smith's classroom (210/Brauer).
*Commons Cafe: Rock 'n' Roll on the Grassy Knoll is all set for 7 to 9 pm on Friday in the Quad.
*Review: A meeting is set for 8 am tomorrow in Mr. Chen's classroom. Writing and art submissions are welcome.
*TED Club: TC has a meeting at 8 am tomorrow in the Green Room (Haertter Hall) to discuss the elections.

Tuesday, October 23

Watch The Voice tonight!

*6th-Man Club: The game of the week is today's volleyball match against MICDS at 4 pm. The game of the weekend is Saturday's field hockey game vs. St. Joe's at 2 pm.
*Jewish Culture Club: The JCC will hold a meeting with the Middle School Diversity Club to talk about bar and bat mitzvahs at 8:15 am tomorrow in the dance studio.

Kudos to ...
the cross country team which won the Metro League Race over the weekend.

Last year, the JBS Dance Marathon raised more than $10,000 for HELA (Hope in Education and Leadership in Afghanistan) which organizes Model United Nations conferences in Afghanistan. With those funds, the group has been able to move offices to an area of greater security and to sponsor more MUN and leadership programs in four provinces in their country. As a result of this increased activity, HELA was awarded a $300,000 grant by the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. Mr. Newman (Fine Arts, THIMUN sponsor) shared a video of HELA leaders explaining their recent successes and expressing thanks to Burroughs. Newman shot the video at the Qatar Leadership Conference in Doha.

Monday, October 22

Thursday is a late start day, with assembly beginning at 8:45 am.

Kudos to ...
Sami Remis '20 and Gaby Thornton '20, who won the State Class I Tennis Doubles Championship.

'68 on '68
Four members of the Class of 1968 answered questions about daily life at Burroughs and the level to which JBS students were aware of/engaged in national and international issues. See "Latest News & Assembly Presentations" later today.

Friday, October 19

There's an all-day Marvel trivia competition today in 312/STAR, and after school, Captain America: The First Avenger will be shown in the Newman Auditorium.

*6th-Man Club: The game of the week is the home varsity football game vs. North County at 1 pm on Saturday. There will be tailgating at noon in the Clayton parking lot.
*Almost, Maine: Tickets are on sale for the upper school fall play, which will be performed at 7:30 pm on Friday and Saturday. Mr. Pierson (Theatre Department chair) made an impassioned case for coming to the play ~ from the power of the subject matter to the finesse of the actors.
*Business Club: Signups are posted for the stock market game.
*Health Survey: Any 9th-12th grade student who has not taken the health survey may do so during 4th, 5th or 6th period today in Ms. Jones' office.
*Quad Fun Club: The club has just been approved and will hold a very mini activities fair during 5th and 7th periods on Monday in the Quad.
*Spectrum: A junior read another, and final, anonymous coming-out story by a current student.
*Squash Team: This is an independent activity ~ all students are eligible. Players and managers are needed.
*Sustainability: Mr. Connor (Faculty Sustainability Committee chair) brought attention to the 50th anniversary of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act ~ which has protected 1000s of miles of national rivers. Connor applauded environmental safeguards that are in place but added that there is work to be done.

Flannel Friday
There was a brief fashion show featuring students in full-on flannel.

Thursday, October 18

*6th-Man Club: The game of the week is the home varsity football game vs. North County at 1 pm on Saturday. There will be tailgating at noon.
*African-American Affinity Group: All African-American and Black students are welcome at today's meeting from 5:30 to 6:30 pm in the library. Meetings are held every other Thursday.
*Almost, Maine: Tickets are on sale for the upper school fall play, which will be performed at 7:30 pm on Friday and Saturday.
*Business Club: Signups are posted for the stock market game.
*Commons Cafe (aka Rock 'n Roll on the Grassy Knoll): Tomorrow is the last day to sign up to perform.
*Flannel Friday: Tomorrow!
*Flu Vaccine Clinic: Flu shots are being administered to those with permission forms from noon to 3 pm in the faculty lounge.
*Spectrum: Another anonymous coming out story by a current student was read by a senior.
*Stubborn Ounces: Submissions are due Monday.
*Sunday Funday: One and all are welcome to perform at Sunset Clayton between 4 and 5 pm on Sunday.

Kudos to ...
the varsity golf team, which won their state championship and presented their trophy to the school.

Wednesday, October 17

*Almost, Maine: Tickets are on sale for the upper school fall play, which will be performed at 7:30 pm on Friday and Saturday.
*Club Pictures: Pictures for the yearbook will be scheduled after assemblies unless a club wants their picture taken during a meeting ... in which case, please notify the yearbook staff.
*Excellence in Mathematics: Interested upper school students are invited to sign up (outside 217/Brauer) for this annual competition, which will be held on Saturday, November 10.
*KIVA: This club, which provides micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries, will hold a meeting at 8:15 am tomorrow in the Newman Auditorium/STAR.
*KUTO: KUTO will hold a meeting at 8:15 am tomorrow in conference room #3/across from the bookstore.
*STLWFD: Help is needed to set up and run St. Louis World Food Day, which Burroughs hosts. Set up is on Thursday, November 1. Food packaging takes place all day on Friday, November 2, culminating in the high school rally from 9 pm to midnight.
*Spectrum: A sophomore read a letter from another alum about coming out.
*SMVC: Everyone is invited to a meeting at 8 am tomorrow in IT&E/STAR.

Kudos to ...
the golf team which won the class 1 state championship yesterday!

Tuesday, October 16

Tomorrow and Thursday are late start days.

*Health Survey: The independent school health check survey will be administered to grades 9-12 during English class this week. It is administered every three years to inform JBS programming, services and support. To maximize the survey's effectiveness, it is important to answer all questions honestly and skip those you can't answer. Aggregate results will be shared in the spring. The survey is voluntary and anonymous.
*Musical: Auditions for Legally Blonde will be held next Wednesday (October 24) and Thursday (October 25), from 3 to 6 pm, with callbacks next Friday (October 26). If you want a little help with singing, Mr. Estes is making time available during 6th and 7th periods on Thursday (18th) and Tuesday (23rd). No dance experience is required.
*Prelims: Reports will be shared with students during advisory this Friday.
*Review: Meeting at 8 am tomorrow.
*Spectrum: Last Thursday was the national Coming Out Day. A junior read a letter from an alum from the Class of 2003 who described his process of coming out.

Thursday, October 11

*Almost, Maine: Tickets go on sale at the bookstore after lunch today.
*Bonsack Gallery: The opening of Susan Scafati's exhibition in the Bonsack Gallery is tonight at 5:30 pm. Scafati '95 will speak to interested students, faculty and staff during periods 2, 3 and 4 today.
*Game of the Week: Swimming at 4 pm today vs. DeSmet.
*Outdoor Ed: There will be an outing October 19-21 in Illinois or Arkansas ~ all students are eligible but space is limited. See Mr. Dee.

2018 Alumni Awards
JBS Alumni Board president, Ellen Trovillion '73, presented the annual alumni awards to John Dubinsky '61 (Outstanding Alumnus Award) and Steve Trulaske '75 (Distinguished Service Award). They both spoke about how Burroughs factored in their careers and outlook as an adult. See "Latest News and Assembly Presentations" later today.

Wednesday, October 10

*Poetry Out Loud Competition: If you're interested in this competition, which begins at JBS on November 29, contact Dr. DesPrez. The JBS winner will advance to regional competition.
*Sunday Funday: Those who are interested in performing (skits, poetry, vocal, instrumental) are welcome. The first Sunday Funday will be from 4 to 5 pm on October 21 at Sunrise on Clayton.

Tuesday, October 9

*Danna Drive: The donation and coin drives for Crisis Nursery end on Thursday. The car wash raised $1400! Weather permitting, the carnival for CN will be from 10 am to noon on Saturday.
*Guild of Geeks: On Thursday in the library conference room, there will be an all-day Star Wars game, and at 3:30 pm on October 19, Captain America will be shown in the Newman Auditorium.
*Montgomery Plan: Other upcoming events include the Chouteau Island clean-up (new date TBA, due to flooding) and Sunday Funday on October 21.
*Spectrum: Anyone who wants to submit or read a coming out story should contact Ms. Zmudczynski or a club leader. Anonymous submissions are fine.

Kudos to ...
*the girls golf team, which won sectionals
*the girls varsity volleyball team, which won the Affton Tournament ... Mr. Abbott reported that a coach from another VB team complimented the Bombers for helping out a smaller team during warm-ups.

Monday, October 8

The Blue & Gold Dance and Challenger Baseball were great events over the weekend. Thanks to all who made each possible.

8th grade community service week begins today. Tuesday will be a late start day. Wednesday sophomores and juniors will take the PSAT. No school on Friday or Monday!

*Asian Culture Club: Everyone is welcome to a meeting at 8 am tomorrow in S306 (STAR).
*Business Club: Everyone who is interested in LaunchX ~ a competition in which you design your own business ~ should come to tomorrow's meeting at 7:50 am in 309 (Brauer).

Scholarship Assembly
Every fall, Mr. Abbott talks to students about the school’s endowed and annual scholarships, which currently number 65 and support 144 students (23 percent of our student body). Today, he read the list of scholarships to remember those who have been honored and spent a few minutes talking about one of three funds established in the last year.

While an English teacher and coach at Burroughs in the late 1960s, Norm Schwesig met his late wife, Marsha, also a member of the English Department. The Schwesigs sent their daughters to Burroughs, and Mr. Schwesig was a trustee. The family established this scholarship in recognition of their long-time connection to JBS. Mr. Schwesig also returned to coaching middle school basketball!

Mr. Abbott reminded students that they are all here because of someone else’s generosity ~ whether a Burroughs alum, their parents or their grandparents. "It is wonderful to thank them, and I hope that you do, but the best way to show your gratitude is to take full advantage of the opportunities that they have provided for you, and, as always, to be your very best self."

Friday, October 5

*Blue & Gold Dance: Sophomores, juniors and seniors are invited to tomorrow evening's fall dance ~ 8:30 to 11 pm in the dining room.
*Challenger Baseball: Sunday.
*Commons Cafe: Sign up to perform on Saturday, October 27.
*Tennis: Individual district championship play continues today ~ fans wanted.

Kudos to ...
the girls varsity tennis team, which won districts (they won every match).

Thursday, October 4

*Current Events: The first meeting will be at 7:45 am tomorrow in Dr. Smith's classroom (the old Hum Lab, second floor, Brauer). Discussion will include (but not be limited to) Judge Kavanaugh's nomination, USMCA (successor to NAFTA), and Indonesia (in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami). Come to talk, listen or ask questions.

Words Matter
Spectrum leaders took a moment to explain the importance of the proper use of pronouns as the primary way people are referred to other than their name. By using the correct pronouns, we are affirming an individual's identity.

      • Those who identify as binary use he, him and his or she, her, hers
      • Those who do not identify as binary use they, them and their (although there are many other alternatives)
      • The question of whether "they" can be used in the singular has been addressed and embraced by the Chicago Manual of Style and the Associated Press
      • If you don't know what a person's pronouns are, ask
      • If you make a mistake, apologize, correct and move on

To help normalize the use of pronouns, it is helpful at the start of a meeting or event for everyone to share their name and pronouns.

Wednesday, October 3

*Blue & Gold Dance: All sophomores, juniors and seniors are invited to Saturday's dance (8:30 to 11 pm in the dining room).
*Challenger Baseball: Sunday!
*GAP: Everyone is welcome to a meeting at 8:15 am on Thursday in the athletics conference room.
*TED Club: Everyone is welcome to a meeting at 8 am on Thursday in the green room (SW corner of Haertter Hall). The meeting will feature a TED Talk on the impact of social media.
*The World: All writers, editors, photographers and anyone else who is interested should come to a meeting on Thursday (publications lab in the STAR?) to discuss the next issue.

School Policy on Use of Alcohol/Illegal Drugs
Mr. Abbott spoke to assembly about the consequences of using alcohol or illegal drugs on campus or at any school activity. The latter will result in automatic expulsion, the former in either suspension or expulsion. He explained that the school's clear and firm rules around use of illegal substances are grounded in concern for student safety and health. He said it is well-established that the impact of alcohol use on the developing brain is particularly unhealthy and that the longer you delay use, the less likely you are to have problems with addiction. He also encouraged students to reach out to faculty if they have any concerns about themselves or others. Those conversations will be held in confidence (as long as no one is in imminent harm) and with support (as long as no violations of major school rules occur). [See p. 34 of the Student-Parent Handbook for more details.]

Tuesday, October 2

*Cartoonist Tillie Walden: Cartoonist and illustrator Tillie Walden will be in the Newman Auditorium during first period today to chat with anyone and everyone who is interested.
*Danna Drive: The drive continues with the supply collection (box outside Ms. Rathert's office), the coin collection which begins today and a day of service on Saturday, October 13. Sunday's car wash was a big success ~ thanks to all who participated.
*Game of the Week: The Game of the Week is today's home boys varsity soccer game vs. Priory at 4:15 pm.
*Montgomery Plan: There is a meeting at 8 am on Thursday in the Newman Auditorium. Aside from the Danna Drive, other community service opportunities this month include the Chouteau Island clean up on October 12 and a Sunday Funday on October 21.
*SpoFo Bake Sale: The sale will run through 8th period today.

Kudos to ...
the girls golf team, which won districts!

Monday, October 1

Welcome back to 7th graders who were part of  Drey Land II and many thanks to seniors and faculty who ran the program!

Tuesday and Thursday are late start days.

*Alumni Weekend: Please be welcoming to our visiting alums, October 11-13, and make sure they feel like this is still home.
*Current Events Club: Everyone is invited to the first meeting at 7:45 am on Friday in Dr. Smith's classroom.
*French Club: Everyone is welcome to a meeting at 8:10 am tomorrow in Madame Joubert's classroom (103 Brauer).

Friday, September 28

*Assembly Music: A survey will be sent to students soliciting music they'd like played before assembly.
*Challenger Baseball: Sign up to be a buddy on Sunday, October 7.
*Danna Drive Car Wash: Support Crisis Nursery by bringing your car to the Price Road circle between 2 and 4 pm on Sunday.
*LaunchX: Sign up solo or as a team to participate in MIT's high school entrepreneur program.

Tillie Walden
Cartoonist and illustrator Tillie Walden will speak during first period on Tuesday in the Newman Auditorium (STAR building). Everyone (who is free that hour) is welcome.

More on Spirit Week
Laura Crowley, chair of the Math Department, resumed the discussion about the appropriateness of Red & Green Day and the annual video during Spirit Week. Opposed to both, she encouraged students to think beyond intent, to impact.

Nick Booker '18
Mr. Abbott shared a report from Nick's dad, Britt Booker, that many of Nick's organs have been given to transplant patients. He reminded students that several years ago Coach Kinney received a transplant that saved his life and encouraged us all to consider this enormously generous gift.

Thursday, September 27

Nick Booker
At this writing, Nick's family plans to hold a memorial service at Burroughs over winter break ... so that Nick's friends in college will be able to attend.

Sexual Harassment / Sexual Assault
In light of all that is in the news around sexual harassment and sexual assault, Mr. Abbott reminded students that Burroughs faculty are resources for anyone who is the victim of any aggression. Members of our Counseling & Wellness Department are specially trained to support you.

Wednesday, September 26

Tomorrow ~ Thursday the  27th ~ is a late start day!

*Spectrum: The week of October 8 is "coming out" week, during which coming out speeches will be read. Anyone who would like to write and/or read a speech should submit it to Ms. Zmudczynski. Speeches, of course, can be read anonymously.

Nick Booker '18
Mr. Abbott shared the tragic news that Nick Booker died yesterday afternoon. Nick was a member of the JBS Class of 2018 and a freshman at Fordham University. On Monday night, he was playing basketball with friends and suffered cardiac arrest. Friends and paramedics attempted CPR in the gym and during transport to the hospital where Nick was stabilized, but he had already suffered severe brain damage. Nick's family kept Nick on life support until his organs could be saved for others.

Mr. Abbott acknowledged that it is hard to know what to do ~ we feel terrified we'll say or do the wrong thing. But he said the Bookers (and Nick's JBS classmates) would be very touched to hear from you ~ even if you didn't really know Nick. Mr. Abbott reminded students that the counseling staff, principals, teachers and coaches are here to talk with anyone.

"But even if you don't want to talk, think about the people you love, the people you're grateful for, and tell them you love them. You will not be sorry."

Tuesday, September 25

*Danna Drive: Remember to bring in your donations for Crisis Nursery Saint Louis. The Danna Drive car wash is from 2 to 4 pm on Sunday in the Price Road circle. Stay tuned for the coin drive and day of service.
*ExploraVision: The first meeting will be at 8 am on Thursday in STAR 106.
*Game of the Week: Fans are encouraged to attend the home varsity tennis match vs. St. Joe's on Friday.

Be Careful
Take care with your valuables, especially in locker rooms.

Monday, September 24

Tuesday is a late day (except for sophomores) and there will be an outdoor picnic (if there isn't rain!).

1/2 of the 7th grade class is at Drey Land ~ they will return on Wednesday, and the other 1/2 will head down.

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to a weekend full of great effort and spirit: the cheerleaders, dance squad, Athletic Department, Plant Ops, Mr. Newman, Ms. Bahe, Mr. Connor, SAGE and the Alumni Office ... and those who participated in the canned food drive.

*Film Club: Meeting at 8:15 am on Tuesday in Mr. Wagner's classroom.
*Golf Team: Seeks fans at last "home" game on Wednesday in Forest Park.

Kudos to ...
the boys cross country team, which won its meet against MICDS last Saturday.

Friday, September 21

* 7th Grade Drey Land: The first group leaves on Sunday.
*Soccer: The team is seeking fans for its 10 am home game vs. MICDS tomorrow.

Kudos to ...
the 7th-grade volleyball team, which won its first game.

Blue & Gold
Schedule in brief: Today ~ Games this afternoon; picnic from 6 to 6:45 pm; pep rally at 7 pm; bonfire at 8 pm; pickup at 8:45 pm. Tomorrow ~ Fun Run begins at MICDS at 8 am, followed by more contests with MICDS, the JBS Family Picnic from 11:30 am to 2 pm, followed by the varsity football game at 2 pm. Remember to bring non-perishable donations to the football game to benefit the St. Louis Area Foodbank.
Mini Pep Rally: The cheerleaders led the school in a few cheers, and a video was shown.

Thursday, September 20

*Business Club: Check the activities bulletin board for information about MIT's Launch X, entrepreneurship programs for high school students.
*Danna Drive: Remember to bring in donations to the collection boxes in the Athletic Center arrival court and the front hall of Brauer. 7th grade baby formula, 8th grade underwear for kids 3 to 8, 9th grade socks for kids 3 to 8, 10th grade non-perishable snacks, 11th grade baby wipes, 12th grade diapers sizes 3, 4 and 5.
*French Club: Thanks to all who participated in the raffle, but no one got even close to estimating the size of an average baguette ... so the prize goes to Amalan Gnararajah.
*Hispanic Culture Club: Today is the National Day of Action, one year after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. The call to action is to support Puerto Rico and raise awareness of the perils of climate change.
*Jewish Culture Club: Last week, Jews celebrated Rosh Hashanah, their new year, and yesterday Yom Kippur, the day of atonement and the most important holiday in the Jewish faith.

Tuesday, September 18

*Danna Drive for St. Louis Crisis Nursery: The drive runs for the next two weeks. Donation boxes are in the front hall of Brauer and in the Athletic Center arrival court. Each grade has been assigned specific items to collect.
*Food Drive: The MICDS and JBS football programs are co-sponsoring a collection of non-perishable foods for the St. Louis Area Foodbank. Collection barrels will be set up on the sidelines of this Saturday's varsity football game.
*Extra Hands for ALS: The club's first meeting is at 8:15 am on October 4 in the classics lounge (Brauer, 3rd floor) and the first of monthly service outings will be on October 6.
*KIVA: The club will meet at 8:15 am on Thursday in conference room #2 (off the Commons).
*Sports for Charity: The club will meet at 8:15 am on Thursday in the athletic conference room.

Kudos to ...
the varsity and JV golf teams, which won their matches with MICDS.

Sound Off
In response to the Administration and Athletic Department's request that we forgo Red & Green Day this year, Senior Amalan Gnanarajah offered up a student perspective, which is that MICDS and JBS have a healthy rivalry, made strong by the schools' similarities, and that Red & Green Day does not come from a negative place — mockery, malice or disrespect — but rather from a positive place — one of respect and healthy competition.

Monday, September 17

Tomorrow is a late day and Parent Visiting Day ~ Wednesday school is closed / offices are open.

*Math Drop-In: Seniors will be available in the Math Office (Brauer, second floor, south end) to help younger students with math questions and homework. A schedule is posted. (This assistance is in addition to that provided by peer tutors and faculty.)
*Spirit Week: Tomorrow is Twin Day.
*TED Club: Everyone is invited to the first planning meeting at 8 am tomorrow in the Green Room (Haertter Hall, southwest corner).

Kudos to ...
the C field hockey team, which won the St. Joe's Tournament.

Danna Drive
This year's Danna Drive will benefit Crisis Nursery Saint Louis. The drive will include fundraising, a supply drive and a day of service. During assembly, a volunteer spoke to students about Crisis Nursery's work, focusing on saving babies, keeping kids safe and making families strong. She said parents come to Crisis Nursery because of stress, homelessness, domestic violence and/or illness. The organization has five nurseries and 11 outreach centers.

Lockdown Drill
There will be a lockdown drill at the end of 4th period today. Five bells will ring, followed by a school-wide announcement with instructions. Dr. Deken explained the difference between a lockdown, which is what we do if a dangerous person is in the general vicinity of JBS, and what he called an options-based response, which is what we do if a dangerous person is on campus. The options-based response instructs individuals to react based on their proximity to the intruder: if you're at some distance, escape; if you're nearby, evade, i.e., follow the lockdown procedure (lock and block the door of the room you're in and make yourself invisible); or, if you are too close to the intruder for you to escape or evade, engage. Dr. Deken said many schools are "hardening" their communities, e.g., installing metal detectors. However, he added, most experts believe the best way to keep a school safe is for the community to be a place where everyone is known and valued ~ for everyone to watch out for one another. (See the September head of school's message for more detail.

Music Monday
Bella Strawbridge '19 sang "Fools Rush In" and "Take Me The Way I Am" which she dedicated to her classmates. See "Campus Candids" later today.

Friday, September 14

*6th Man Club: The game of the week is tomorrow's home field hockey game vs. Lutheran South at 11:30 am. "South" is the theme.
*Artemisia: This trio will perform during third period today and at 7 pm on Sunday evening in Haertter Hall. The concert on Sunday is free and open to the public.
*Spirit Week Dress Themes: Monday is the student-teacher swap day; Tuesday is twin day; Thursday is TBD; and Friday is Spirit T-shirt day (the shirts will be handed out ahead of time).
*The Class Cup: Student body president Will Forsen and chief justice Turner Carlson announced the start of the 2018-2019 competition for the class cup. Points can be earned through participation in Montgomery Plan activities and in theme days, as well as attendance at school concerts and shows.

Kudos to ...
the varsity tennis team, which won every match at the Parkway Doubles Tournament.

Exploration of 1968
Carrie Dodson-Ching (History) launched the school's year-long exploration of 1968 and how the events of that time still resonate. See "Latest News and Assembly Presentations" later today.

Thursday, September 13

Rock 'n' Roll on the Grassy Knoll has been postponed till October 27.

*7/8 Math Counts: There will be a meeting for interested middle schoolers from 3 to 4 pm tomorrow in room 217 (Brauer).
*Challenger Baseball: The festivities will begin at noon on October 7. Volunteers needed to partner with kids with special needs ~ sign up in the Commons. "In a couple of hours, you can have an impact on some amazing people."
*Current Events: Leaders introduced themselves, and made a presentation on the nomination process for the U.S. Supreme Court and Judge Brett Kavanaugh's pending nomination. See "Latest News and Assembly Presentations" later today.
*GEO: Leaders introduced themselves and their club, and said there will be an introductory meeting next Thursday.
*Student Activities Fair: The fair is today between 5th and 7th periods, along with outdoor lunches.
*Unstash That Trash: Brian Connor (theatre, sustainability) encouraged everyone to take advantage of this annual collection. There will be collectors on-site to recycle/reuse electronics, clothing, prescription medication, household disposables (toothbrushes, toothpaste containers, solo cups) and more from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday, September 15 at the William J. Harrison Education Center.

Kudos to ...
William Dong '20, who has been selected as one of 34 violinists to perform with the 2018 All-National Honor Ensembles Symphony Orchestra.

Spirit Week
Mr. Abbott, Coach Thorpe and Coach Merritt spoke to students about discontinuing a negative tradition during Blue & Gold, aka Spirit Week. Although not done last year, for many prior to 2017, students have dressed in red and green on a specified day during the week. While not intended to be hurtful, it can be, and is inconsistent with our community which values respect and kindness. Coach Thorpe asked, "Why do we ask for a pass on our core values during Spirit Week?" Coach Merritt talked about the positive nexus of rivalry, tradition and respect.

Wednesday, September 12

*Challenger Baseball: Sign up sheets are posted; CB will be on October 7.
*Dance Show: If you are interested in choreographing, come to a meeting at 8 am next Tuesday in LL3 (Brauer).
*Flu Vaccine: Shots will be administered between 9 am and noon in the faculty lounge. Students need a permission slip.
*Guild of Geeks: Leaders introduced themselves and outlined their planned activities.
*Stubborn Ounces: Leaders announced an open call for submissions.
*Tornado Drill: The drill will be held at the end of third period.

During advisory today, students will discuss and sign the school's TAUP (Technology Acceptable Use Policy) during the advisory, indicating they understand the policy.

Mr. Abbott said we want students to

      • use technology and use it well ... but be able to turn it off and walk away
      • talk, interact, be present
      • with obvious exceptions (e.g., using a laptop in the library or in one of the computer labs), not use phones or laptops during the school day
      • be cautious in their online and digital lives

Tuesday, September 11

*KUTO: Leaders introduced themselves and their work.
*Rock 'n' Roll on the Grassy Knoll: All students are invited to attend AND perform ~ sign up!
*Science Olympiad: Leaders introduced themselves and their work ~ and invited other students to apply.

Kudos to ...
the girls golf team, which won the Metro League Tournament last Friday.

Mr. Newman (Fine Arts) read a few reflections by others and then expressed his own hope that the JBS community would honor the victims of 9/11 with random acts of kindness.

Friday, September 7

*Asian Culture Club: The leaders introduced themselves and said that this year the club's focus will be on India.
*Buzz Books: Students, faculty and staff may pick up a copy in the front office or bookstore. Parents will receive their copy at Mini School.
*GYLI: The leaders introduced themselves.
*Rock 'n' Roll on the Grassy Knoll (2.0): All students are invited to this annual event, featuring student musical performances, from 7 to 9 pm on Saturday, September 15 in the Quad. If you're interested in performing, sign up on the activities bulletin board.
*XC: Don't miss the JV and varsity meets on Saturday (starting with girls JV at 8 am) in Forest Park.

International Travel
Students who traveled to the Dominican Republic and Germany this summer shared slides and talked about their adventures. The trip to the DR centered on service, and the trip to Germany centered on the long-standing exchange program with the Porsche School in Stuttgart.

Thursday, September 6

*English Folders: If you'd like to have your papers from last year, please see your 2017-2018 English teacher.
*Middle School Diversity Club: Leaders introduced themselves and announced that their first meeting will be two weeks from today.
*Fire Drill: A fire drill will be held at the end of second period today.

Kudos to ...
the girls varsity tennis team, which won the Metro League Tournament at Westminster.

Rivers Are Not Supposed to Catch Fire
Brian Connor (Theatre) spoke about RISE FOR CLIMATE, an event intended to bring pressure to bear on governments across the globe to commit to a fossil fuel-free world. See "Latest News and Assembly Presentations" later today.

Wednesday, September 5

*Game of the Week: The game of the week is the cross country meet at 11:30 am on Saturday at Forest Park.
*Jewish Culture Club: Leaders introduced themselves and announced their first meeting is at 8:15 am on Tuesday in Mr. Haveman's classroom (Brauer).
*LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group: If you'd like information about this affinity group, contact Martha Fischer.
*Spectrum: The club's first meeting is at 8:15 am tomorrow in Room 313 (Brauer).
*Swim Team: Today there's a home meet vs. Francis Howell. Fans wanted!

Academic Integrity
Mr. Abbott told students that during advisory today they will discuss academic integrity and sign a form that indicates they have read and understand the school's academic integrity statement. He said there are four things to remember:

      • never take credit for work or an idea that is not your own
      • if you get behind, speak with your teacher ~ do not take (desperate) shortcuts
      • individual violations of academic integrity can impact the entire community, e.g., when a friend asks you to share your homework or what was on a test, you can feel resentful or bullied

In more general terms, Mr. Abbott encouraged students to resist the culture of achievement which gives more weight to accomplishment than effort. A preoccupation with achievement can lead to pressure which can lead to academic integrity violations. The primary focus should be on growth and improvement.

Tuesday, September 4

Thursday is a late day with assembly beginning at 8:45 am.

*French Club:  Leaders introduced themselves.
*Montgomery Plan: Meghan Rathert, director of service learning, introduced student leaders and invited everyone to the first meeting at 8 am on Thursday in the Newman Auditorium (STAR).

Kudos to ...
the varsity field hockey team which won its pool in the Gateway Classic Tournament over the weekend.

Friday, August 31

*Fall Play: The cast and production details for Almost, Maine are posted on the call board.
*Football: There is a varsity game under the lights at 7 pm tonight at Brentwood. Fans wanted ~ the theme is "camo."
*Guild of Geeks: Everyone is invited to open gaming between 3 and 4 pm today in Mr. Salomon's classroom, 312 STAR.
*Tennis: The varsity team faces Lafayette at 4:30 pm at home. Fans wanted.

International Travel
Mr. Abbott explained that details about student travel are coming soon. In the meantime, he wants to be sure everyone is aware that funds are available to support every high school student (who can demonstrate need) to take one international trip. This year, those include trips to Greece, Spain, France, Qatar (THIMUN program) and Puerto Rico (GYLI program).

Thursday, August 30

*6-Man Club:  Game of the Week is the volleyball game vs. Visitation at 5:30 today. The theme is "attendance."
*All-Class Photos: The 8th- and 9th-grade shots will be taken today, the seniors tomorrow and the juniors next week.
*Hispanic Culture Club: Leaders introduced themselves. Stay tuned for fall events.
*Music Assemblies: All students are welcome to perform during assembly ~ sing, play, dance, etc. If interested, contact Bella Strawbridge '19 or Lindsey Steinkamp '20 to sign up.

Wednesday, August 29

*Spectrum: Club leaders explained their purpose and invited everyone to their first meeting at 8:15 am on Thursday, September 6 in 313 (Brauer).

School Rules 
As he does at the start of every year, Mr. Abbott began a discussion of school rules and customs. He said the school wants as few rules as possible and, instead, sets general guidelines to support our community. The overriding goal is to treat everyone with dignity and respect: be on time, behave appropriately at athletic contests, don’t call out at assembly, don’t use offensive language, etc.

But every year, there are a few subjects we need to revisit, such as:

      • don’t park illegally (there’s always room in the Price lots), honor the fuel efficiency spaces, don’t text while driving
      • have fun in the Commons and Quad but leave the hardballs and sports equipment in PE/Athletics
      • clean up after yourselves
      • do not “borrow” books, etc. without permission (it’s called stealing) 

There are major school rules, which if broken can result in probation, suspension or expulsion, e.g., an accumulation of minor infractions, actions outside of school that bring discredit to the school, posting negative material on social media. (The will be discussed in more depth at future assemblies.)

But more important than our rules are our everyday customs/practices: be kind, hold the door, thank your teacher for an especially good class, make eye contact and say hello even to those you don’t know, look out for one another. "The whole school is a better place when we do these things."

Tuesday, August 28

Fans Wanted

      • The varsity soccer team plays MICDS in the Metro League Tournament semifinals today at 4:15 on Beckman Field ~ the theme is "clothes."
      • The swim team has a meet vs. Timberland High at 4 pm today ~ the theme is "no clothes (bathing suits)."

Leaders of the diversity clubs introduced themselves. Groups include the African-American Affinity Group, the Asian Culture Club, the French Club, GYLI, the Hispanic Culture Club, the Jewish Culture Club, Spectrum and Transcending the Dream.

Monday, August 27

*Club Leadership Meeting: There is a meeting of all club/activity leaders and their faculty sponsors at 7:45 am tomorrow in the Newman Auditorium (STAR).
*Fall Play Auditions: Auditions for Almost, Maine will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday ~ see the call board for details. All 9th-12th graders welcome.

Kudos to ...
the girls varsity team, which won the Great 8 Tournament in Columbia over the weekend ~ they didn't drop a game!

Assembly 101
Mr. Abbott explained the procedures for speaking in assembly:

      • Announcements (anything that takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes to deliver) ~ let Mr. Estes know, either by e-mailing him the day before (if your announcement is time-sensitive) or by signing up at the podium the day you'd like to make your announcement (occasionally the number of announcements will be too great, and your announcement might be deferred to the next day)
      • Presentations (anything that takes 5 to 15 minutes) ~ give Dr. Deken one or two weeks notice
      • Sound Offs ~ review your remarks with your principal or another faculty member and then schedule your time in assembly with Dr. Deken
      • Current Events Presentations ~ review your presentation with Dr. Smith and schedule your time in assembly with Mr. Estes
      • AV Support ~ if you need support from the Light & Sound crew, share your slides, videos, etc. with L&S the day before (all videos must be approved by your principal or Dr. Deken).

Friday, August 24

*Bonsack Gallery Opening: The fine arts faculty biennial show opens today with a reception at 5:30 pm ~ everyone is welcome.
*Club Leadership Meeting: Students leaders and faculty sponsors will meet at 7:45 am on Tuesday, August 28 in the Newman Auditorium (STAR building).
*Football Opener: The first varsity football game is tomorrow at 2 pm vs. Soldan at JBS. It will be a blue-out.

Campus Changes
*STAR Building: The STAR is open (!) though there is still some finishing work to be completed.
*iPad Stations: There is an iPad station in the 9th & 10th grade Commons, and another in the 11th & 12th grade Commons. They can be used at any time during the day to check CANVAS.
*Print Stations: There is a new one on the second floor of the Brauer Building (near the old Humanities Lab). There is also a station in the 7th & 8th grade Commons.
*Old IT/E: Work is being done in the old IT/E space so access to the lower level Modern Languages classrooms is limited to the Schnuck Wing stairwell.
*Faculty Moves: All of the library, science, comp sci, FACS and IT/E faculty have moved into the STAR. So have Mr. Lewis, Mr. Salomon, Mr. Wu and Ms. Russell (Olga). Dr. Smith has moved to the old Hum Lab (second floor of Brauer), Ms. Gershman has moved to an office located off the Classics lounge (third floor of Brauer), Mr. Front has moved to the second floor of Brauer. Dr. Nicholas has moved to an office next to the bookstore.

New Faculty/Staff
Mr. Abbott introduced our new faculty and staff to the students. Click HERE.

New Baby!
Spanish teacher Andranique Harrison had a baby boy on August 21.

Thursday, August 23 ~ Opening Day
Mr. Abbott welcomed everyone to JBS's 96th year. After Harley King '19 sang "The Star-Spangled Banner," Mr. Abbott, senior class president Beecher Baldwin and student body president Will Forsen shared their hopes and visions for the year. See "Campus Candids" for Beecher's and Will's remarks and opening day photos.