Jon Hamm '89

At 25 years old, Jon Hamm ’89 hit Hollywood with $150 in his pocket and a Toyota Corolla that barely made it over the Rockies. Now a major award-winning actor on both the big screen and television, he has remained a good friend to Burroughs. He served as alumni co-chair of the capital campaign, hosted events in St. Louis and New York, and named the black box theatre in honor of retired theatre chair Wayne Salomon. Jon taught theatre at Burroughs for one year between college graduation and his move to Los Angeles.

“Burroughs has given so much to me,” Jon said. “The school has a fundamentally sound approach at a stage where kids are developing in a huge way. Burroughs has a way of getting the right teachers, keeping the right teachers, and providing an experience-oriented, well-rounded education that instills in the students an excitement and desire to learn.”