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2013 Travel Opportunities

October 15, 2012

Travel opportunities for 2013 are at various stages of planning. Here's an overview of what's in the offing.

THIMUN_228.jpgThe Hague International Model United Nations (January 25 through February 2) — The team of 19  juniors and seniors participating in this year's THIMUN is in the throes of preparation for this august conference, which brings together students from more than 300 schools in 90 countries to debate and vote on resolutions as ambasadors for assigned countries. Jon Bang is the faculty sponsor of THIMUN.

Service Trip (March 19 through 21) — The Montgomery Plan will take a group of students (all grade levels) to clean up a section of Missouri River shoreline. The students will camp in tents on Pelican Island, about 16 miles upstream from the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. During the day, Missouri River Relief will take them by boat to their work site. The trip is in the early stages of planning. Contact Susan Dee for information.

Athletic Trips (Spring break 2013) — Some coaches organize team trips during spring break. Daniel Harris will once again offer a training and team building trip for track athletes in Orlando, Florida (March 18 through 25). JBS student athletes will train at the National Training Center, alongside high school, college and even Olympic medalists. Andy Katzman will take a group of baseball players to Port St. Lucie, Florida, for training and four or five games with other schools from March 24 through 30. The boys' lacrosse team will participate in a spring training camp, including games with other high school teams, at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando, Florida, from March 25 through 29. Contact Troy Hood.

Chicago Heritage Music Festival (April 19 through 21) — Choir and orchestra students in grades 9 through 12 will perform at the Chicago Heritage Music Festival on April 20 and then attend the awards ceremony at the Medieval Times Dinner Theater. The trip will include sightseeing, museum visits and, if available, a Broadway musical performance. Fifty students have signed up to participate, but a few more may be added before the end of the first semester. Contact Denise Stookesberry for more information.

Grand Canyon (June 3 through 9) — The Science Department will once again sponsor the Grand Canyon trip for interested rising ninth graders. The trip includes a study of the Grand Canyon as a complement to the eighth grade earth science curriculum, a float trip down the Colorado River, side trips to Zion and Bryce National Parks and more. For more information and to register, visit the trip's web page. Space for this popular trip is limited to 35 students. The faculty contact is Margaret Bahe.

Shakespeare's London (June 5 through 13) — Students, parents and alumni gain familiarity with Shakespeare's plays and explore London and its monuments, paying particular attention to how the city developed from its Roman foundations to its 19th century role as the heart of the empire. The 2013 trip is in the early stages of planning. Contact Wayne Salomon for more information.

France Trip (June 6 through July 1) — The inaugural student exchange partnership with Burroughs' sister school, Lycée Arbez Carme, in Bellignat, France, will focus on cultural immersion including a two-week homestay with the families of French host siblings followed by one week of travel. The trip is open to students of French in grades 9 through 12. The registration deadline is October 22. For more information, visit the trip's website or contact Allégra Clément-Bayard.

Spain Trip (June 5 through June 14) — This inaugural trip for students in Spanish III and IV will focus on the history and culture of Spain. It will include visits to Madrid, Segovia. Toledo, Cordoba and Granada. For more invormation, visit the trip's website or contact Carlos Carvajal or Maria Cohen.

Leadership Training Opportunites (Summer 2013) — Trips that help students develop global leadership skills include the Global Youth Leadership Institute (grades 9 through 12) and Anytown Youth Leadership Institute (grades 9 through 11). GYLI participants join students from other schools across the country for three summer institutes over the course of three summers. Visit the GYLI website or contact Brian Connor to learn more about the program. Anytown Youth Leadership Institute, held on the campus of University of Missouri-St. Louis, prepares youth to be effective leaders and change agents who are dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry and oppression. Visit the Anytown website or contact Daniel Harris for more about this program.