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2017-18 Course Selection

February 9, 2017

Students will receive their 2017-18 curriculum guides on Friday, March 10, and their course selections need to be returned to their advisors by Wednesday, April 12. Following are a few of the curriculum changes for next year:

The History Department will offer Modern Global Feminism (senior elective, four periods/week), taught by Martha Fischer. The course will combine a variety of texts with film to study 20th- and 21st-century feminism around the world. Likely units will include suffrage in the U.S. and Europe, postcolonial feminism in the Caribbean, the diversity and challenges of modern African feminism, the rise of female leaders in Latin America and Black feminism in the U.S.

The Industrial Technology and Engineering Department will offer  Hi-Tech Tooling (elective, two periods/week), taught by Chris Lubniewski and Dan Barton. The course will be an extension of  Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD). It can be taken either concurrently or subsequent to CAD. Likely units will include box assembly, widget gears, carbon-dioxide cars and printed circuit boards.

The Science Department will swap “Accelerated” for “Achievement” in its course descriptions.

The Math Department will adopt a new approach to tracking that will be rolled out gradually by grade level, beginning with the current seventh graders who will be in eighth grade during the 2017-18 school year. The new model will offer regular and accelerated options at each grade level. Once the new approach is fully in place, all students will take algebra in eighth grade, geometry in ninth grade, algebra II in tenth, allowing greater flexibility to shift tracks midstream. Next year's eighth grade math options will be Algebra 8 and Algebra 8 Accelerated.