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2018-19 Course Selection

January 31, 2018

Students will receive their 2018-19 curriculum guides on Thursday, March 8. Their course selections need to be returned to their advisors by Wednesday, April 11. Following are a few of the curriculum changes for next year:

The Computer Science Department will offer Advanced Computer Science: Mobile Applications Development, a full credit, non-AP course. This course will combine object-oriented programming and user interface design to write programs for mobile devices. Boolean logic, data structures and design thinking will be emphasized. Throughout the year, students will plan, program and test their own mobile applications from scratch. This course will provide the opportunity to further explore computer science concepts learned in other course offerings, but it will also be accessible to those who are completely new to the field of computer science. This course is an option for students who are unsure whether they can handle the rigor of AP Computer Science, but it can also be taken post-AP. Instruction will be tailored to meet the needs and levels of all students in the class. The purchase of additional equipment or software is not necessary for this course.

The Industrial Technology and Engineering Department will offer two single-semester project technology classes (grades 9-12) — Project Technology I and II. Both levels will focus on furniture design. (Students who want to pursue non-furniture projects must apply for independent study.) Each level will focus on mastering a pre-determined set of skills and the design process, which the students will then use to complete a small project during the semester.

The Family and Consumer Science Department will offer two one-semester sewing classes (grades 9-12)  — Sewing I and II. In level I, students will explore and practice techniques on the sewing machine, and will then use those techniques to create three projects — a lined tote bag, fleece hat and jacket — using pattern instructions. In level II, students will choose two projects from pre-selected categories of garments. Materials will be purchased by the teacher, and students will be store carded. The change will allow students to learn the basics of pattern construction in a structured class setting.

The Math Department will continue its implementation of a new approach to tracking, which is being gradually phased in by grade level. This year's eighth grade algebra curriculum was the first to transition to a model in which regular and accelerated options are offered. All ninth graders will take geometry in 2018-19 to include a Geometry and Geometry Accelerated options. Once the new approach is fully in place, all students will take algebra in eighth grade, geometry in ninth grade, algebra II in tenth, allowing greater flexibility to shift tracks midstream.