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2019-2020 Class Officers

April 11, 2019

Congratulations to students who have been elected to serve as class officers in 2019-2020:

Class of 2020
President: Jackson Miller
Vice-President: Reed Garland
Secretary-Treasurer: Hallie Williams

Class of 2021
President: Samuel Wang
Vice-President: Sam Ilivicky
Secretary-Treasurer: Eleanor Hohenberg

Class of 2022
President: Julius Hollander-Bodie
Vice-President: Shayfer Huitt
Secretary-Treasurer: Charles Martin

Class of 2023
President: Ty Dierberg
Vice-President: Joe Baur
Secretary-Treasurer: Sylvia Barnes

Class of 2024
President: Shayla Danzie
Vice-President: Rosalie Tasker
Secretary-Treasurer: Eva Kasal