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Alex Abramson '11

February 7, 2019

Alex Abramson '11 was featured in several news outlets, including the New York Times on 2.7.19, for his contributions to creating a new method of delivering insulin orally to diabetics: "As it’s conceived now, a patient swallows a capsule containing the device, said Robert Langer, a chemical engineer at M.I.T. The capsule dissolves in ten minutes, and the device lands on the stomach wall. The sugar disc shatters five minutes later, releasing the post. It pokes through the stomach wall, delivering insulin to the bloodstream. Eventually, the device is excreted; patients should not even notice it. In tests with pigs and rats, led by Alex Abramson, a doctoral student at M.I.T., the device delivered as much insulin as a conventional injection. But the stomach had to be empty when the animals swallowed the capsules. Much work remains — more tests for safety and to make sure that frequent injections do not damage the stomach, for example. 'But the hope is that the device would be used for an array of injected drugs, not just for insulin. “Insulin is a proof of concept,' Dr. Langer said." Read the article in its entirety here.  

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