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Ann Lemp '71

June 19, 2019

Ann Lemp '71 was featured in Town & Style, in an article that showcased her expertise in bridge, specifically how it can benefit well-being in a number of ways: "If you ask local bridge expert Ann Lemp how the card game benefits those who play, she’ll tell you that it strengthens mental focus and encourages strategic thinking. But she also will explain how it improves people’s lives in much deeper ways. Lemp plays duplicate bridge, a form of the game that is used in club and tournament circles. A retired attorney, she is the former president and a current board member of the nonprofit St. Louis Bridge Center in Olivette, which offers a variety of special events, competitions, seminars and classes. The center opened about seven years ago and already is one of the largest of its kind in the nation. It aims to help people of all backgrounds enjoy the game’s many mental and social benefits, Lemp explains. 'No matter what else is going on in your life, bridge is a great escape,' she says. 'When you’re spending three and a half hours at the card table, you have to focus completely on what you and your opponents are doing. When I first began playing, I was having some difficulties in my personal life, and the game provided a much-needed diversion.' She says it’s a godsend for people who have lost a family member or suffered other setbacks that might isolate them. 'The game encourages you to get out of the house, be with other people, make friends, follow rules and sharpen your thought processes,” she explains. “The bridge center is one big community of people who look out for each other. No one cares where you live or how much money you have; you’re accepted for who you are. It’s a very socially healthy experience.'" Read the whole story here