Campus Candids

Animal Rescue: D'Angelo, Carmen & the Qualys

During assembly on Friday, November 30, past parents Kathy and John Qualy brought two of their rescue dogs, D'Angelo and Carmen, to assembly. They were invited by Animal Allies, a student club sponsored by Donya Allison (Fine Arts).

The Qualys are advocates for all stray animals but especially pit bulls. D'Angelo, who was truly on the brink of death, was initially rescued by the NY Bully Crew. When he was strong enough, the Qualys reached out to adopt him ~ promising that they would partner with D'Angelo as a "force for good." Fully recovered, D'Angelo is a certified therapy dog and has "paw-tographed" The Journey of a Rescued Pit Bull, my lil superstar D'Angelo, which is on sale in the bookstore. (All proceeds will benefit animal welfare and rescue.) Before leaving the stage, D'Angelo demonstrated several tricks and welcomed his sister rescue dog, Carmen.

The Qualys encouraged students to follow D'Angelo on Instagram @dangelo_nybc, fight the stigma associated with pit bulls and discrimination against any animal, shop at shelters (there are purebred shelters), and volunteer with Stray Rescue of Saint Louis.

Here are a few pictures taken during assembly and in the Commons as well as a video clip, courtesy of Andrew Newman (Fine Arts, school photographer).