Campus Candids

from faculty co-sponsor Andrew Newman ...

THIMUN ~ Day One

What's a little delay because of de-icing in Atlanta when we could only imagine what life would be like if our flight was out of the east coast this year? We thanked our lucky stars and were grateful to arrive in the Netherlands to sunshine and spring-like temperatures. The glass top of the canal boat was pulled back giving us a spectacular view of the gables and steeples and folks out taking a stroll on a gorgeous day. We opted to spend most of the day outside because of the weather, enjoying the Museumplein, the flower market and other streets, where we learned to avoid all the bicycles. We ended the day in Amsterdam with a somber, but meaningful visit to the Anne Frank house. We left Amsterdam at sunset and arrived in Scheveningen, a small seaside village outside of The Hague where we had a wonderful candlelit dinner at the hotel before catching some much needed Zzzzzz's. 

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