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Carolyn Kindle Betz '95 & Todd Schnuck '77

August 31, 2017

Carolyn Kindle Betz '95 and Todd Schnuck '77 were featured in the 8.31.17 St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "The fireworks are coming back to the river, and the air show is headed back with them. Fair St. Louis is returning to the Gateway Arch grounds next year, marking the grounds’ grand opening, four years after moving the city’s celebration of Independence Day to Forest Park. The air show was suspended during its time at Forest Park. 'We have a high degree of confidence that the whole park will be ready to go,' said Todd Schnuck, chairman of the Fair St. Louis Foundation. The CityArchRiver project, a $380 million renovation of the Gateway Arch grounds and surrounding areas, will be complete before the three-day event that draws hundreds of thousands visitors from across the region, officials said Wednesday. The Arch grounds were the original home of the fair since 1981. 'The return of Fair St. Louis to the Gateway Arch park is the perfect way to bring St. Louisans and visitors to the park to discover all of the improvements,' Carolyn Kindle Betz, chairman of Gateway Arch Park Foundation, said. Betz said they could not offer a firm opening date for the opening but said there was some kind of a buffer built in between completion day and the fair. The announcement of the musical entertainers headlining the event will be made in the spring, Schnuck said. They are also considering new dining and beverage options, he said. The fair will take place July 4, 6 and 7. Organizers say the event drew approximately 300,000 people to Forest Park last year — more than any event there in more than a century. Schnuck and Betz say they expect next year’s attendance to top the large crowds at Forest Park. There is more contained space at the grounds than the park. They expect the public’s curiosity about the renovations to mean additional visitors. They are considering ways to use the additional space and electrical access to enhance the programming of music, food and family activities. 'In some ways we are sad to go because it was such a great partnership,' Schnuck said. 'But we are really excited to be back on the Arch grounds.' Plus, moving the fireworks back to the riverfront means they will be bigger and brighter than last year, Betz added."