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October 1, 2019

Boys and Girls Cross Country

The Bombers Cross Country Teams had a great weekend in the Run for the Belt!  The boys soundly beat MICDS boys in the race from Burroughs to MICDS, Led by Akash Mallady (1) and Daniel Martin (2) the boys clearly dominated the field. Sam Wang finished 3rd, Nathaniel Doty was 6th and Samuel Knispel was 9th.

The girls came very close to winning the title, edged out by MICDS by a mere 3 points.  (In cross country, this is close!) . Kylie Goldfarb easily took top honors followed by Ella Nichols (3rd) Cori Spetnagel (4th) Madeline Buchowski (10) and Maddie Pass (11th).

The teams take a 2 week break before heading to Principia for a meet on the 15th of October and the Borgia meet on the 19th.  The championship season begins October 24th with the Metro League Championship, followed by District (November 2) and the State Championship (November 9th)

Girls Varsity Golf

Girls Varsity Golf had three matches during the penultimate week of the regular season.  The Bombers would finish the week with two victories and a loss.  On the season, the lady linksters sport a very satisfactory 6-1 overall record. 

On Monday, the team would amble down Price Rd. to the hallowed grounds of St. Louis CC to take on MICDS for the opening competition of the “Spirit Week” festivities.  This would be the second matchup of a home-and-away with the Rams - the first of which took place the previous Thursday at Forest Park.  In that competition, the Bombers prevailed with a narrow 157-158 victory.  Unfortunately, in this match, SLCC proved to be much too severe for our young team to effectively manage. The Charles Blair MacDonald layout reared up and took a bite out of the young Bombers squad.  The demanding, undulating and sloping terrain reeked havoc all afternoon, causing numerous unforced errors throughout the match.  This,  combined with some home course knowledge from the Rams, spelled defeat for the Bombers 190-207.  The first loss of the season for the gritty Bombers.  Scores for the match included:  Claire Pan 44, Ann Zhang 48, Teresa Jiang 53, Emma Kovalic 62, Jillian Mays 69, and Karuna Kayembe 72.  Despite the disappointment of the loss, the team was able to take honest inventories of areas of their games that will need work moving forward.  This is the essence of true learning despite the unfavorable result!

On Wednesday, we welcomed Ursuline Academy to The Highlands GC in Forest Park.  The Highlands is also an “old school” tricky layout.  A course which forces its golfers to play accurate tee and iron shots to small and sloping greens.  Putting the fast greens is no easy bargain either!  On this day, we would be much better in all areas of the game which included:  decision-making, course-management, and all the physical aspects of shot-making and putting.  This improvement added up to the lady linksters defeating Ursuline 167-185.  Leading the way on this day was Claire Pan 39, Teresa Jiang 40, Ann Zhang 43, Emma Kovalic 45, and Jana Smith 52.

On Thursday, we loaded up the van and hit the road to face Villa Duchesne at Forest Hills CC - another tough and tricky track!  It was the dynamic duo of Claire Pan and Ann Zhang who once again outplayed their playing competitors by 12 total strokes.  This margin provided the cushion for the young Bomber squad as the score saw a 156-172 final go the Bombers way.  Scores included the following:  Ann Zhang 35, Claire Pan 36, Emma Kovalic 42, Teresa Jiang 43, Jillian Mays 50, Jana Smith 54. 

We have seen tremendous progress made by each and every girl throughout the whole program in all areas of the sport!  Our new varsity performers are displaying poise, grit, resilience and a skill-set that have added so much value to the overall success of our team.  The coaching staff applauds each and every one of you for your contributions and efforts.  Keep it going girls, let’s finish strong!

Here is the scheduled matches for the week:

Tuesday, October 1 - JBS vs. Visitation Academy, IWA 3:45 Sunset Hills CC

Thursday, October 3 - JBS vs. Nerinx Hall 3:45 Forest Park

Girls Varsity Tennis

This past week the Varsity tennis team stayed busy, adding three more dual match wins to their record. 

The team started the week at Parkway Central with everyone coming away with an individual win.   In doubles action, Sami and Gaby cruised to an 8-0 win at the top doubles spot.   Stuti and Sriya claimed the win in the #2 doubles spot 8-3 while Sophie and Arim took home the point at #3 doubles with their own 8-3 win.  On the singles side, Lily, Sami, Ainsley, Emily, and Nina cruised to 8-0 wins at #1 through #5 singles.  Emma Shearburn finished the sweep at #6 singles with an 8-4 win, wrapping up the 9-0 win for the Bombers.

Next up for the girls was Clayton High School.  Again, the team started off strong in doubles.  The duos of Gaby/Nina, Stuti/Sriya, Sophie/Emma, and Tina/Arim all came away with wins in doubles over the Greyhounds.  On the singles side, Gaby and Nina took home 8-1 wins at 1 and 2 singles respectively.  Stuti had a solid 8-3 win at #3, and Sriya cruised to an 8-1 win at #4.  Rounding out the singles action, Sophie didn’t drop a single game at #5 and Emma dominated with the 8-1 win at #6.

On Saturday, the team traveled to MICDS for a full day of tennis.  Following a great team breakfast at Sami’s, all twelve girls came away with a win for the Bombers in singles action!  From #1 to #12, JBS completed the sweep in singles play.  On the doubles side, Lily/Sami cruised to an 8-3 win at the top doubles spot.  At #2 doubles, Ainsley/Gaby won 8-1.  Emily/Nina (#3) and Stuti/Sriya (#4) brought home wins with scores of 8-5 and 8-6, respectively.  Sophie and Emma (#5) finished with the 8-4 win while Arim and Tina lost a close match at #6 doubles with a score of 8-6.  Despite some lightening and rain delays, the girls stayed focused and brought home their third dual match win of the week.

The team kicks off the final week of regular season play on Tuesday when they host Edwardsville for Senior Night.  Later this week, the team faces off with Visitation and St. Joe’s to wrap up the regular season.  Keep it up, Bomb!

Girls JV Tennis

Last Monday the JV tennis team defeated Parkway Central 4-1. Winners were Izzy Saccone and  Abigail Gardner, Varna Krishnan and Anne Marie O’Shea, Lucy Von Rohr and Diya Krishnan, and Phoebe Martyn and Grace Moore.

On Thursday the team defeated Clayton by the score of 12-4. Winners were Sophia Crowley and Maya Kaslow, Saccone and Gardner, Krishnan and Krishnan, Martyn and Moore, Arna Gowda and Alina Tejwani, Sasha Kaslow and Natalie Caster, Kiran Khan and Udonne Eke Okoro, Kami Harris and Sarah Kuhlman, and Jackie Champer and Sydney Starks.

On Saturday the Bombers lost to their arch rival MICDS by the score of 8-5. Winners were Crowley and Kaslow, Saccone and Gardner, Krishnan and Krishnan, Martyn and Moore, and Sasha Kaslow and Udonne Eke Okoro. The Bombers next compete against Lutheran North on Tuesday.

Girls Varsity Field Hockey

It’s difficult to capture in this single note all of the excitement that transpired within the Bomber field hockey program over the last week.  Going into the week, we knew it was going to stretch our team in new ways. It was Spirit Week, which is always lots of fun but can be exhausting, we had back to back games in the middle of the week, and we wrapped up the week playing one of our toughest competitors.  Once again, our Bombers rose to the occasion, played phenomenal hockey, and showed a new level of unity and energy that makes all of us so proud.

On Tuesday, we welcomed Rockwood Summit to our home turf.  Summit came out hard and made us work on the field but our team quickly found themselves controlling the game with sound possession and repeated pressure inside the Summit circle.  The Summit goalie was skilled though and made us work for every goal. In the first half Grace Pottebaum outsmarted the Summit goalie and posted 2 goals with the first assisted by freshman and sister, Esther Pottebaum.  In the second half, Grace’s tenacity and varied shots on goal resulted in another pair of goals! Anna Duncan and our skilled defenders kept the Falcons scoreless for a final score of 4-0. Great start Bombers!

The next day, we hopped on the Party Bus and traveled to Webster Groves to play them on their grass field.  The surface took a little time to adjust to but the girls did just that. About 7 minutes into the first half, the Bombers capitalized on a penalty corner.  Esther Pottebaum inserted the ball to Grace Pottebaum who dribbled towards goal then passed to Caroline Strahorn who buried the ball in goal. The Bombers went into halftime with a 1-0 lead and came out hungry for more.  During the second half, we had the opportunity to play how we often practice: as a program. The Junior Varsity team joined their fellow Bombers on the sideline and many of them joined our Varsity players on the field for the final 30 minutes of the game.  The two teams played together as one, never skipping a beat and cheering each other on both on and off the field. At one point, us coaches had to step aside because the energy coming from the sidelines was so strong. Varsity players Madeline Dornfeld, Grace Pottebaum, Caroline Strahorn and Julie Wykes added 4 more goals to the scoreboard in the second half.  Just before time ran out, the Bombers earned one more penalty corner and Junior Varsity player, Katie Kantrovitz, lifted the ball from the circle’s edge up over the defense and Webster goalie for a beautiful goal to end the game with a 6-0 win. Two games down, one more to go and it was going to be a big one!

On Saturday, the Bombers traveled down the road to face longtime and formidable rival MICDS in what would become one of the most magical games we, as coaches, have experienced in a while.  Before we even got on the bus, this team was united and pumped up! The energy was electric with everyone connected, focused and buzzing. When that first whistle blew at noon, it felt like fireworks went off.  For the next 60 minutes, every single player was dialed in and giving one another their all. For 60 minutes, their energy was high and productive. For 60 minutes our defensive line, comprised of Janie Shanahan, Kate Smith and Annie Arnold, was locked in and denied MICDS’ skilled forward line the opportunity to execute any significant attack on goal.  Kate Smith protected our goal making a crucial defensive save and Janie Shanahan contained the Rams’ in numbers down situations with complete control. Midfielders Sydney Panagos and Esther Pottebaum were relentless along the sidelines often double teaming with the forward line to stop the Rams and lightning fast to recover and support our defensive efforts.  Hallie Williams brought her entire self to the midfield with strong block tackles. Center midfielders Eavan Guirl and Grace Pottebaum probably ran 8+ miles during the game and were instrumental in our attacking efforts as well as denying the Rams’ easy touches on the ball. Ellie Strahorn, Caroline Strahorn and Riley King were fierce on the forward line on both sides of the ball and made particularly beautiful runs for the ball.  Anna Duncan was laser-focused in goal with 12 saves and great communication with her defensive unit. In the second half, the Rams were awarded a penalty stroke and Duncan was in the hot seat. She stood strong and poised in goal with arms outstretched and ready to stop the ball. As soon as the Rams’ player sent the ball flying towards goal, Duncan moved right and batted the ball down with her right hand for the save. Way to go Anna!  One of the most moving parts of this game was the way the girls possessed the ball. The passing patterns, off-ball movement and elimination skills were on point. They were synchronized in their movement and never left a teammate hanging. As for the goals, while one teammate gets the stat, we think the team would agree it took all 18 players to make each goal happen. Caroline Strahorn (2G), Ellie Strahorn (2G), Grace Pottebaum (1G), Esther Pottebaum (1G, 1A), Syndey Panagos (1A), and Kate Smith (1A) helped the Bombers finish in the circle. Their stick skills, speed, corner execution and relentless effort on the pads posted 3 goals for the Bombers in the first half and 3 more in the second for a 6-0 victory over the Rams!!!

This was the type of game we plan for, practice for and reach for every time we step on the field.  We were one on Saturday and when we play as one we are unstoppable! Bombers, you were LIGHTS OUT!!!

Your Very Proud Coaches,

Mer and Janie

JV Field Hockey

I'm reporting in reverse order this week and starting with our final game of the week because I want to shout from the rooftops that we beat MICDS 2-1 in the best overall team effort of the season!!  By team effort I mean people like Anyi Sun who fearlessly jumped into the center midfield position for the first time (to give Zoe Scully a quick breather) and people like Holly Wei who faced an MICDS breakaway alone and came up with the crucial stop, and people like Arieyanna Davis who chased down a ball that appeared to be going out of bounds and created our scoring opportunity off that extra effort.  Those three acts alone earned each of them the Golden Stick Award for the game.  The team effort was also evident in the beautiful passing series in the first half led to Katie Kantrovitz's goal that put us up 1-0 against the Rams.  We held that one goal lead through the second half when Arieyanna Davis got the ball in our defensive half and used her speed to break away and take the ball all the way to the other end of the field and buried it in the back of the goal cage to make it 2-0 Bombers.  MICDS continued fighting hard and earned a goal with less than a minute remaining to make it a 2-1 final score.  Gabby Randall faced intense pressure on the pads by MICDS attackers in the first half of play and she calmly stayed in front of the ball and cleared it out time and time again.  Every single player fought hard and gave everything they had to offer that day.   Way to go Bomb!  

Now we move back to the beginning of the week when we welcomed Rockwood Summit to our home turf.  While we controlled possession for most of the game, Rockwood did get some scoring opportunities and Gabby Randall made two particularly strong saves that could have easily given Rockwood the momentum in the first half of the game.  Zoe Scully scored first for the Bombers off our favorite attack penalty corner when Katie Kantrovitz deceptively slips Zoe the ball and Zoe strikes it with impressive power!  Emily Brouillet scored our second goal of the game off a lifted ball.  And our third goal came from a perfectly executed series when Sophia King inserts the ball into our circle and Arieyanna gets a strong shot off that is ultimately tipped into the goal by Sally Arneson.  Our fourth and final goal of the game came from a Marin Guthrie pass to Sally who gets her second goal of the game!  Avery Boswell earned the Golden Stick Award for her effort in trying new things (sideline ariels, carrying the ball through the midfield and attacking from the back) in the course of the game.  We love seeing people try new skills in the game!  Bravo Bomb on the 4-0 victory over Rockwood Summit.  

We turned around quickly and played Webster Groves the day after the Rockwood game and once again adjusted well to the grass surface.  Marin Guthrie had the only Bomber goal and thank goodness she did, because it gave us the 1-0 victory over Webster!  Olivia Ballet's strong play in the center of the field combined with her attacking efforts out of the backfield earned her the Golden Stick Award.  And Milah Padda's strength and non-stop effort on the right side of the field earned her the Golden Stick Award for the Webster game as well.  Congratulations Bombers on a great week of field hockey!  

Girls C Field Hockey

C Field hockey faced Eureka last week.  Once again our offense got on the board quickly.

Grace Turza entered the circle and executed a powerful drive towards the post which

Cece Fernandez tipped into the goal! Then we were awarded a corner. Macy Goldberg pushed it out to Nadia Steinle who knocked the ball back to Macy who deflected the ball into the goal.

Minutes later we had another corner. Macy inserted the ball out to Allie Dornfeld, who shot it in front of the goal and Macy scored again!  Two successful corners in the first half! Amazing!

We kept playing very aggressively and unfortunately allowed Eureka to swarm the ball in front of our goal and sneak one in. So the score was 3-1 at halftime.

Eureka was testing us so we knew we needed to keep playing hard. We were dominating the play and creating lots of scoring chances. Annie Calhoun was on the right post when the ball headed her way. She use a reverse stick hit to know it into the goal! We gave up one goal in the second half but won 4-2!   Yeah C team!!

Boys Varsity Soccer

The Bombers entered the week knowing it was going to be a tough one to manage – both with the quality of the opponents on deck and the emotions of Blue and Gold week. 

On Wednesday the Bombers travelled to WCA to take on a short handed Wildcats squad.  The Bombers struck first with a goal from Vic Williams and never looked back on this day.  Congrats to Julius Hollander-Bodie, who netted his first career varsity tally on this day en route to a 4-0 Bomber victory.  Goalkeepers Michael Turza and Reza Mofidi combined for the shutout.

On Saturday the Bombers took the field at MICDS in the annual Blue and Gold game.  Regardless of records or ability coming into the game, both sides know you can throw that all away – as this game has a way of bringing out the best in each side. 

Both sides played very even through the first 10 minutes, and then we were forced back into the locker room for a 30 minute lightning delay.  It’s not too often you get to see the other sides tactical formation and strategy and then revisit with the team, but that’s exactly what happened on this day.   We made a few changes based on what we saw and talked to the boys about how to exploit their tightly packed defensive formation. 

What ensured over the next 70 minutes was some clinical finishing by the Bombers – who were fed all day by Vic Williams off the wing.  When all was said and done, Jackson Miller had two goals, John Cordia netted two, Johnny Gates buried one, Vic Williams tallied three assists and Caleb Thompson added an assist – which led the Bombers to a 5-1 victory.    Despite one defensive breakdown that allowed the Rams to score a goal, the boys in the back were incredible on this day – allowing only that one shot on goal the entire game.   Austin Isaak, Chase Stokes, Charles Martin, Ritu Kumar, Josh Magare and Jackson Miller all played key defensive roles – while wingers Johnny Gates and Vic Williams tracked back to shut down numerous attacks throughout the course of the 80 minutes. 

All in all an exceptional effort, a terrific result and another successful week in Bomber soccer! 

Boys JV Soccer

The JBS Boy's JV Soccer team had another week of incredibly competitive soccer with games against perennial rivals Westminster Christian Academy and MICDS.

The Westminster game was a physical one, and the Bombers dominated possession the entire game. An early goal by freshman Will Chapman on a beautiful cross from Sophomore Peter Farley was the difference in the contest. Defensively, Freshmen Bowen Brantingham and Finley Desai held down the fort, keeping WCA from any significant scoring chances. The only downside from this contest was the fact that Burroughs only came away with one goal despite their constant control and many opportunities in the opponent's side of the field.

Against MICDS, this inability to finish came back to bite the Bombers. Freshman Connor Kaplan, who was all over the field and had his best game to date, scored the first goal on a long strike that snuck through the goalie's hands. Burroughs yet again absolutely dominated possession and took 18 shots over the course of the game. This pressure was impressive, and though MICDS didn't have a chance in the run of play, they did put significant chances in the box on set pieces. Freshman goalie Tucker Desloge played more like a senior, challenging MICDS' perfect placed free kicks with confidence and aggressiveness, punching away a handful of dangerous opportunities. With 7 minutes remaining though, a deftly placed corner floated centimeters above his outstretched hands and landed in a mosh pit inside the box, leading to the tying goal. The game would end in a frustrating 1-1 tie, and while the coaches were very pleased with the competitiveness and effort from the Bomber JV, the lesson that came from this contest was that we need to finish off the opposition when controlling the game, as a one goal lead won't always hold up. By the time the playoffs roll around, the team will undoubtedly have addressed this issue, making this a valuable lesson to learn midway through than season rather than at the end. 

Boys C Soccer

The boys C soccer team was in action for one game over the week, a tilt against rival MICDS on beautiful Beckman Field. The game got off to a shaky start for the Bombers as the Rams speed up top took advantage of two miscues on loose balls between the keeper and Burroughs back line. Within the first 12 minutes of the game the Rams had shocked Bomber faithful with a quick 2-0 lead. Stunned, but not beaten, the Bombers composed themselves and went on the offensive immediately. For the next 18 minutes of the game, and the rest of the first half, the ball remained on the Rams half of the field, with Burroughs maintaining possession and creating opportunities at goal. By half time, the Bombers had netted one, off the booming boot of Collin Logsdon from about 40 yards out.

The second half continued the Bombers' dominance of play, pouring on more scoring opportunities with shots from Nikhil Morgan, Tim Nash, and Jah'de Alexander. The entire second half was contested in the Bombers offensive half of the field. Unfortunately, Burroughs could not convert on any of their chances, and the clock ran down with a final score of 1-2. Sometimes the results don't reflect the play the play on the field. The loss provided a good learning opportunity for our boys, who face another challenge this week, as their square off against CBC, at home, on Wednesday.

Boys JVR Soccer

The JV-Reserve soccer team faced one opponent last week, a second stint against Hancock JV. In the first go-around, the Bombers took complete control en route to a 6-0 win. The second time around brought much of the same. The Bombers controlled the play for all 60 minutes of play, again scoring six goals and ceding none. Regular scorers Jacob Plax and Koan Morris each netted one, and Uday Vissa tallied his second hat trick of the season. Additionally, sophomore Chris Perez, who's been playing wing back for much of the season, got some time as an attacking wing mid and took full advantage, netting his first goal of the season. Goalie Jack Huhn defended all shots against, earning the clean sheet in the 6-0 Bomber victory. JV-Reserve is back in action this week against Logos, at home, on Thursday.

Girls JV Gold Volleyball

On Monday, JV Gold took on Clayton High School at home.  Gold had long rallies and played good defense, but struggled to serve well in both sets.  Despite strong attacking from Alexis Spittal at the outside, the team could not overcome Clayton’s scrappy defense and ended up losing both sets 14-25 and 18-25.

During the week we had several players come down with illnesses or injuries.  We are hoping to have recovered when we play at St. Charles High School on Wednesday.

Girls JV Blue Volleyball

Deep into the midseason; the JV Blue Lady Bombers are seeing the fruits of their labors with two strong victories this week.  Tuesday’s match against Notre Dame was played in front of a supportive home crowd that bolstered a comeback victory.  After losing the first set 14-25; the Bombers rallied back with strong fundamentals to take the second set 25-13.  The 3rd set to 15 was a continuation of the Bombers display in ball control that ended 15-9 in favor of our lady Bombers.

Saturday’s match was a culmination of Blue and Gold spirit week with a match against the Bombers long time rival MICDS.  An earlier meeting at the beginning of the season, during the Metro League tournament, the two teams split their pool play games with each team taking one game each.  Their second meeting would show the Lady Bombers to be the dominant team.  Our Bombers started strong and never let up.  Taking both games 25-14, 25-13 with an energetic performance that showed real team work and enthusiasm to improve.  

Boys C Football

The C football team played CBC last Monday at home.  As in our first game, the Bombers got off to a slow start.  Carter Thompson and Brandon Biggs gave the bombers several good hard runs, and Joe Baur was able to complete several passes to Ian Bennett, Ryder Scully, Billy Sinton, and Peter Diemer.  But the offense could not put together enough positive plays in a row to put up a score in the first half.  The defense did a fantastic job of slowing a potent CBC offense.  JRob Goffstein led the team in tackles, with Ty Dierberg, and Joel Blumoff coming in a close second.  But with our offensive struggles, we went into halftime down 25-0.  In the second half though, the Bombers came alive.  Baur completed a fantastic corner pass to Sinton for our first touchdown of the season, and was driving down the field to score again when time elapsed in the fourth quarter.  The defense really found its stride, and was able to stop CBC on all but one of their second half drives.  The Bombers lost the contest 31-6, but showed tremendous growth in their second game of the season.  We have our third game of the season this Thursday at home against a good St. Mary's program, and we are working in practice to make sure we start our games as well as we finish them.