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November 25, 2019

Varsity Soccer

What a weekend at the Soccer Park!  Although the Bombers came up short in the state semis vs. Priory, it was a game for the ages.  Ultimately Priory won 1-0 in double OT on a PK, but everyone who was there was treated to two teams of young men who gave it their all for over 100 minutes of soccer in end-to-end, breathtaking action.  Both sides brought incredible quality and heart to this contest, which pushed all of the participants to their limits physically.  

The Bombers were able to win their final game of the season and earn 3rd place honors in Class 2 for the state of Missouri with a 4-3 victory over Southern Boone County.  

Although everyone was disappointed to walk away with anything less than the 1st place trophy, when the dust settles on the season it is certainly one for the record books with plenty to be incredibly proud of.

A 22-2-1 record.

Trailing on the season for a grand total of FOUR SECONDS - that is simply incredible to think about and will certainly never be replicated.  

Our many thanks to the incredible seniors on this year's class.  You've been a part of 3 trips to the Final Four and two state championships - also a JBS record and a tough task for any future Bombers to match.  You've set the bar high - so many thanks for your hard work and dedication to the program!