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December 2, 2019

Varsity Ice Hockey

The Burroughs Ice Hockey team heads into a 2 week lull in the schedule after the strongest start the program has had in years. Sitting at 6-2, this group is in a rare position to compete for the Wickenheiser Cup, an impressive feat considering they are only a year removed from a one win season. The past three games have displayed both the level the coaches hope the ice Bombers can reach, as well as the level they hope to avoid in future games.

Against MICDS, JBS put together a dominant performance, controlling the puck throughout the game and putting consistent pressure on the Ram's goalie and taking the game 8-2. The first line of Will DeWitt, Max Wagener and Eric Sauter proved yet again they are one of the most explosive offensive lines in all of Midstates by scoring seven out of the eight goals, with four of the tallies coming off of DeWitt's stick. This was a physical game, but the Bombers showcased their ability to generate scoring opportunities at a rapid pace while also limiting their opponent's chances. Goalie Angelo Benoit played a solid game as well, happy to be on this side of an MICDS/Burroughs tilt.

Next up, the group took on CBC, arguably the strongest team in the state and the marquis hockey program of the last few decades. Going into this game, the JBS coaching staff hammered home the importance of playing strong defense, hoping to keep this CBC offensive juggernaut from scoring at will. The team responded amazingly, holding the Cadets one goal through the first period, leading to a hard fought 5-0 loss. This effort set the bar extremely high for Burroughs, and if the group can put this type of defensive effort against every team they face, they will be an extremely tough squad to beat come January.

The most recent game against Lutheran South showed the type of effort and performance the coaching staff hopes to avoid. Yes, Burroughs won 4-2, a definitive positive to take away from this game, but the group was complacent both defensively and offensively, relying more on individual players as opposed to solid team play. Luckily, the Bombers have two weeks of practice time before the next game to work out the kinks and figure out how to play the type of game they had against MICDS and CBC. The coaches are quite excited at the opportunity this group has and hope to push them to reach their potential by the time playoffs roll around.