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Daphne Benzaquen '08

July 23, 2019

Daphne Benzaquen '08 was featured in St. Louis Magazine's August issue, in a story about her fashion line, daph.: "[Benzaquen] gives us a peek at her forthcoming fall line: 1. Paper Models: 'I’m a visual person,' Benzaquen says. 'I make paper models to see what it would look like. I have no design experience, so I need to see where the zipper would go, where the pattern would go.' 2. Huayruro Seeds: People often ask why there’s a period at the end of daph. 'It’s actually this seed,' she says, holding a décor piece, multiple huayruros glued together. 'It’s supposed to bring you good luck.' The bright-red seed is sewn onto the logo on the inside of most bags. 3. The Bag That Started It All: Benzaquen wanted a backpack that was leather, functional, and different than anything she’d seen—so she drew it up and emailed manufacturers in Peru, where she was born. She eventually visited Arequipa, where she settled on a father-daughter duo who introduced her to baby alpaca fur (marking the animal’s first shave). 4. The Nicole: 'It’s named after my sister, and it’s my bestseller, so she’ll never let me forget it.' Its appeal? Versatility. It’s a three-in-one: It can be slung over the shoulder, worn as a belt bag, or used as a clutch if you ditch the strap." See the story here.