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Daphne Benzaquen '08 and Jake Banton '10

July 12, 2019

Daphne Benzaquen '08 and Jake Banton '10 were honored as a part of the St. Louis Business Journal's annual "30 Under 30," awards, with a story published on 07.12.19.

Benzaquen: "As the self-taught creative designer and CEO of lifestyle brand, daph., I create high-quality, unique, baby alpaca fur and llama leather pieces while giving back to those in need in the Peruvian and St. Louis communities that molded me. In our second year in business, we have already donated 20% of our sales to both local St. Louis charities and nonprofits in Peru. An avid believer in paying it forward, I use my branding and strategy experience to work with entrepreneurs in brand creation and website design through Daphne Benzaquen Consulting focusing on the fashion, lifestyle, food and co-working industries. I hope my experience and expertise will grow the startup community in this city." Read her Q&A here (requires subscription access). 

Banton: "Architecture is a career that allows me to think creatively and be involved civically – one of the reasons I love the profession. I worked toward getting licensed quickly after I graduated from school four years ago and since then, I’ve contributed to over $410 million worth of construction projects at eight different universities as well as a handful of local projects at Mackey Mitchell. While I thoroughly enjoy working on these projects at the firm, my passion for architecture really stems from the issues facing my home – St. Louis. Some of my most rewarding experiences have been sharing this passion with area youth through volunteering, serving on the city’s planning commission and engaging in planning efforts in my neighborhood." Read his Q&A here (requires subscription access).