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Day of Silence: April 12

April 5, 2019

During assembly on Friday, April 5, junior Lindsey Steinkamp explained the Day of Silence which will take place on Friday, April 12 :

Day of Silence is a national youth movement highlighting the silencing and erasure of LGBTQ students at school. Nearly four in five LGBTQ students don’t see positive LGBTQ representation in their curriculum, nearly nine in 10 experience verbal harassment, and almost a third miss school for feeling unsafe or uncomfortable.

In Missouri, 75% of LGBTQ students report being verbally harassed because of their sexual orientation, and 57% because of their gender expression. Also, 62% experienced at least one form of anti-LGBTQ discrimination at school, according to the most recent National School Climate Survey by GLSEN, the leading national organization creating safe and inclusive schools for all. ...

What does true silence look like — it’s all day.