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Debunk the Big Bad Wolf

April 3, 2019

During assembly on Wednesday, April 3, Ginny Busch '97 spoke to students about her lifelong interest in animal welfare and her current work as executive director of the Endangered Wolf Sanctuary in Eureka.

As a kid, Busch said she spent many weekends at Busch Gardens and thought she'd grow up to be a veterinarian. But she ruled that out during her JBS May Project when she worked for a vet and discovered she didn't want to be the person animals were afraid of. In college, she explored many disciplines and landed in physical anthropology — specifically the study of animal behavior. Busch spent her summers as a zookeeper, caring for animals and facilitating their connections with people.

She worked at Busch Gardens and Sea World for 10 years before joining the Endangered Wolf Sanctuary which was founded in the 1970s by Wild Kingdom's Marlin (and Carol) Perkins. While introducing several animal ambassadors (a fox, snake, possum and maned wolf) to the students, Busch explained that the Sanctuary is committed to preserving wolves and reintroducing them to the wild as well as educating the public about why that work is vital to a healthy, balanced ecosystem. "We need to change the cultural value of wolves — we need to debunk the big bad wolf."