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Erica Barnell '09 and Tyler Bernstein '16

December 3, 2019

Erica Barnell '09 and Tyler Bernstein '16 were both named as members of Forbes "30 under 30" cohort for 2019:

"[Erica] Barnell is a cofounder and Chief Science Officer of Geneoscopy, a clinical-stage diagnostic company working on early detection of colorectal cancer. Its technology analyzes RNA in stool samples to look for early warning signs of cancer, providing a non-invasive alternative to colonoscopies. To date Geneoscopy has over $8 million in venture-backed funding." Read here profile here

"For [Jonathan] Segal and [Tyler] Bernstein, nuclear waste isn't a problem — it's an opportunity. Their company, Zeno Power Systems, is developing a compact, lightweight system that can safely turn material from nuclear waste into a steady supply of clean energy. One of their systems the size of a window air conditioner could potentially power a building for decades." See that profile here