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Excellence in Mathematics Competition

November 11, 2012

excellence_math.gifBurroughs students took first place in all four grade levels—individual and team—of the Excellence in Mathematics competition held at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park on November 10. Burroughs participated in the small school division, with approximately 20 other schools.

Congratulations to Chris Wong '16, Amanda Cao '15, Will Nickerson '14 and Joe Roddy '13 who were the #1 performers in their respective grade levels. As the highest scoring senior, Joe also won the Carol B. and Jerome T. Loeb Scholarship of $1000.

Awards were given to the top 10 individual finishers at each grade level. The four highest scores for Burroughs at each grade level became the team score for the team competition. The results were a complete first place sweep:

  • 9th grade team: Chris Wong ranking #1 in individuals, Olivia Long #4, Kate Yee #5 and Jessie Li #6
  • 10th grade team: Amanda Cao #1, William Meng #3, Emily Zhao #5 and Will Wolfe #7
  • 11th grade team: Will Nickerson #1, Adam Wang, Miranda Reid and Hanna Kime
  • 12th grade team: Joe Roddy #1, Vicky Liu #4, Jake Fruchter and Matt Wong

Also delivering strong individuals scores were Nick Bach '16 who placed 9th in the ninth grade level and Sachit Bhat '15 who placed 10th in the tenth grade level.