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Grade-Level Programs

February 5, 2018

Students (grades 7 through 11) will participate in grade-level activities planned by their principals on Wednesday, March 7. Seniors will use the day to meet with their May Project sponsors.

Grades 7 and 8: Seventh and eighth graders will begin with assembly at 8:15 am. Immediately following assembly, the students will participate in an activity facilitated by the leaders of the Middle School Diversity Club. At 9 am, seventh graders will transition to their Model United Nations General Assembly session, and eighth graders will transition to a Design Thinking activity. Lunch will be served; dismissal is at 1 pm.

Grade 9: Freshmen will participate in a diversity program led by Daniel Harris, director of diversity and multicultural education. Students need to arrive by 8:10 am at the circle drive in front of the main building. They will board a bus and travel to the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center. After the program students will return to Burroughs for lunch (12:30 pm dismissal).

Grade 10: Sophomores will participate in a Career Awareness Day, featuring alumni speakers who represent a range of professions — doctors, lawyers, writers, business people and others. The day will begin with an 8:45 am assembly, and the program will run until lunch. After a picnic-style lunch, students will be dismissed for the afternoon (12:30 pm dismissal).

Grade 11: Juniors will get an overview of the course offerings for senior year and an explanation of the registration process. In addition, the Counseling & Wellness Department will host a program on sexual assault awareness. The day will begin with an 8:45 am assembly, and the program will run until lunch. Eleventh graders may stay for lunch or leave after their session is dismissed.

Grade 12: It's a Prefect Day Off/May Project Planning Day for seniors. All seniors are expected to use the opportunity to have a face-to-face, on-site meeting with their May Project sponsors.