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Head's April Message

April 1, 2016

It would have been hard to believe three or four years ago – when we were in the midst of construction – just how beautiful Burroughs would be in the spring time. The green expanse of the quadrangle is spectacular, but what makes it truly come alive is the energy of the kids coming in and out of the buildings, gathering on the grass and enjoying the season. There is something else beautiful about Burroughs at this time of year, and it is what we've come to refer to as the circle of life in the school.

Just last week, a small group of seniors got up at assembly to sing and, one by one, the rest of their classmates joined them on stage, standing arm in arm, singing "Time of Your Life." It may be a little early for nostalgia – the seniors still have a month of school. But they can sense that their time as students at Burroughs is drawing to a close. Nationwide, this year appears to have been one of the most competitive in college admissions history. At Burroughs, while there are always a few disappointments, it is hard for me to remember a more successful year. Every senior has received decisions from colleges, and more than 90% have earned admission to their first- or second-choices. It seems like each morning more kids walk into the Commons wearing college sweatshirts or T-shirts, declaring their decisions. The final list will be published in May.

While it's hard to imagine the seniors leaving us, it is exciting to see new families entering the school. Last Wednesday, about 100 families gathered in Haertter Hall and the Commons to celebrate becoming members of the Burroughs class of 2022. More than 240 students applied for the seventh grade class – the highest number since I arrived at Burroughs 15 years ago. The class will be the most diverse we have ever had and represents nearly two dozen schools throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. I could not be happier to see this class coming together.

The circle of life at Burroughs is reflected in other ways, too. It is difficult to see such wonderful teachers as Rick Sandler (English) and Christopher Hinshaw (history) announce their retirements, but it is exciting to see the quality of the applicants who are interested in teaching at Burroughs and the incredible new faculty who will join us in the fall.

And just as current student leaders are finishing their work, the elections for 2016-2017 class and student body officers are taking place and new leaders are emerging. Just as Parents Council leaders are finishing their commitments, new parents are stepping up to volunteer. Just as trustees are completing their terms, we are announcing a slate of new board members, which will be presented at the Annual Dinner on May 14.
The cycle of the school year has been revolving at Burroughs for 93 years now ... but it is a nice thing, occasionally, to pause and drink it all in!