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Head's May Message

May 19, 2016

Abbott_091012_228.jpgOn mornings like this, I especially appreciate my short commute. I understand many of you were caught in the traffic snarl on Price Road this morning. That construction project should be complete in the not-too-distant future, just as we gear up for a busy summer on campus.

Two weeks from today, students in grades 9-11 will take the last of their exams, and that night seniors, faculty and friends will gather in Graduation Grove for the 91st graduation ceremony. It has been a wonderful year, and it was wonderful to reflect on the year Saturday night with so many of you at the Annual Dinner. The students, faculty and staff have worked hard this year and should enjoy a well-deserved break. Life on campus, however, does not actually slow down all that much during the summer.

I am happy to announce that we will be updating Leland Field and the Skippy Keefer Track this summer. It has been 10 years since a state-of-the-art track and field were donated by Steve Trulaske '75. But hard use and weather have taken their toll. This summer, the turf will be replaced with Field Turf, the same surface used at Mizzou and Notre Dame. The safest field made in the country today, Field Turf is specifically designed to reduce impact and injuries — including concussions — for our football, soccer and lacrosse athletes, who will practice and play there. In addition, the track, which has begun to crack and become slippery, will be re-covered with a Beynon BSS 2000 track, providing a softer surface that is safer for the athletes. It will be great to once again have a facility that is as strong as the teams competing on it.

Over the summer we will also have more than 1,000 kids on campus for Bomber Sports Camp, Burr Oak Camp, August Days and Aim High, which recently celebrated its 25th year. With the retirement this year of one of the founders of the program, Rick Sandler (English), it is a great time to celebrate the partnership that we have with this life-changing organization!

Haertter Hall will also be a center of activity this summer. Already on the books are Sing for Siteman (June 13) and the Arch City Theater Troupe production (August 5-7).

And our faculty doesn't stop. On top of their summer curricular work and chaperoning student travel — including the Classic Department's trip to Greece and the Modern Languages Department's service trip to Nicaragua — our teachers will attend technology and cultural competency training. And in July, we will host the second Equity Exchange — a remarkable partnership of private and public school administrators and diversity practitioners, who come together to discuss best practices across public and private domains.

If you find yourself in St. Louis over the summer, I hope that you and your family will take advantage of the opportunities that are here. Have a great summer!

—Andy Abbott