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Head's September Message

September 12, 2019

In about a week and a half, work will begin on the expansion and improvement of the Clayton Road parking lot. Our hope is that — weather permitting — it will be complete, landscaped and lit shortly after Thanksgiving. The completed lot will wrap around the field hockey field in place of the old "pink house" and will provide about 77 additional spaces. This will allow us ample parking, even during peak athletic periods, which seem to occur more and more often, given the addition of 13 new teams for middle and high schoolers over the last nine years.

 In addition to paving the lot, we plan to widen the exit to Clayton Road so that there are two full lanes: one for left turns and one for right turns. Our traffic engineers have studied the congestion that happens typically during morning drop-off, and we feel confident this will remedy the long delays. Because that work will be so disruptive to traffic, we will wait and complete it during spring break in March.
Our deepest thanks go to the many donors who have given to this and the other athletic enhancement projects. Through your generosity, we have also completed the Huhn Family Golf Practice area behind the lodge on the North side of campus, and we are on track to break ground on the resurfacing and expansion of the field hockey field this spring, shortly after lacrosse season.
The largest project in the athletic enhancements is the new natatorium and the conversion of the existing pool space into squash courts, which will benefit most of our indoor teams as well as our summer and youth programming. I am happy to announce that we recently received a $500,000 challenge grant to expedite that work, and if we are able meet that challenge, our plan is to do just that!
While the new and proposed facilities are, of course, exciting, it is the energy of these first few weeks of school that feels so special. Seeing new students settling in each day, seeing 800 at the picnic on Saturday, and seeing the faculty and staff fill the halls again are constant reminders to me that the buildings are beautiful, but it's the people in those buildings that make Burroughs what it is.