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Inda Schaenen (PP)

May 10, 2019

Inda Schaenen, past parent, was featured on the UMSL Daily blog on 05.10.19 after she received a "What's Right with the Region" award for her work in the Normandy school district: "Inda Schaenen has noticed something about herself throughout her career, whether in her work as a writer or as a teacher. 'I do love making things,' Schaenen said. 'Teaching is a very creative profession: the energy in the room and the challenge to figure out what somebody is going to be interested in and how they can have fun learning. That mixture of writer, teacher, researcher – that’s my sweet spot. If there’s ever any one of those three demands that I don’t feel I’m tapping, I feel sort of out of balance.' Schaenen has lived in St. Louis since 1991 and was already an active freelance writer and published author when she returned to school to earn three degrees from the University of Missouri–St. Louis: an MEd in 2007, MFA in 2009 and a PhD in education in 2010. Since 2013, she has been working as an English language arts teacher with the Normandy Schools Collaborative, and a local civic leadership group is rewarding Schaenen for her brand of constant creativity. Focus St. Louis recently announced that Schaenen will be one of the recipients of its annual What’s Right with the Region Awards in the Improving Equity and Inclusion category. Schaenen will be honored along with the other 19 awardees at a May 16 event at Sheldon Concert Hall." Read the article in its entirety here.