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John Pierson (F), Maggie Doyle Ervin (F), Eli Hurwitz '19 and Ann Zhang '20

June 24, 2019

John Pierson (Theatre), Maggie Doyle Ervin (English), Eli Hurwitz '19 and Ann Zhang '20 were mentioned by several news outlets in their coverage of the LaBute New Theater Festival, organized by the St. Louis Actors Studio. Pierson and Ervin are members of the creative team for the festival; Hurwitz appears in, and Pierson directs, the one-act play "Kim Jong Rosemary" by Carter W. Lewis, Washington University's current playwright-in-residence. Zhang, who has won the high school competition for the second year in a row, will receive a dramatic reading of her one-act play, "We'll Go Down(In History)", on Sunday, July 20. Here's a roundup of the coverage so far: 

Broadway World, 06.24.19
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07.03.19
Ladue News, 07.03.19
STL Limelight, 07.04.19
KTRS, 07.08.19
Riverfront Times, 07.15.19