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Jon Hamm '89

June 3, 2019

Jon Hamm '89 was mentioned in several news outlets this week after attending Blues games (and dropping by Burroughs) during a visit to St. Louis for the Stanley Cup playoffs. Via "Actor Jon Hamm was in St. Louis for Game 3 and Game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals in St. Louis. The Blues superfan gave a giddy press conference Saturday before game three where he was part comedian, part historian, part St. Louisan but mostly just a fan. Hamm appeared toured his old high school before Game 4, stopped for lunch at a restaurant in Rock Hill, took selfies with fans, and spoke with reporters about his enthusiasm for the Blues playoff run. FOX Sports Midwest reporter Darren Pang interviewed Hamm before Game 4. Hamm said that he brought his best friend and his little brother on a tour of John Burroughs High School. The reporter asked him if there were any similarities to Blues Coach Craig Berube and his high school varsity football and baseball coach Jim Lemon. 'They were both very stoic guys. They didn’t say much but you knew when they were not pleased with your performance,' said Hamm. 'When I went back to teach school I saw another side of him as a colleague. He is a hell of a guy.' FOX Sports Midwest reporter Darren Pang asked Jon what happened during Game 3? The Blues lost their first outing back in St. Louis. 'You saw what that building was like. It was absolutely crazy for the first five minutes. The emotion gets on top of you and you just become exhausted. I think that’s what it was. We came out too high and that happens. I can’t imagine what that is like to come out at home in front of your fans for the first time in half a century. It has to be crazy.'" Read the whole story here

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