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Kennedy Holmes '23

May 20, 2019

Kennedy Holmes '23 was featured on KSDK Channel 5 on 05.20.19, which interviewed her about life after The Voice: "From the moment we heard her sing on The Voice, we knew Kennedy Holmes was a star. So what’s she been up to since The Voice finale? Well, for starters, the 8th grade. 'My school is very supportive, so I think it's been a pretty smooth transition,' she said. Kennedy attends John Burroughs School, and outside of the school walls, life for the 14-year-old is a little different now. 'Everywhere I go there's always one person that's like, "You're Kennedy Holmes!"' she said. 'They’re like please, Kennedy, can I get a picture with you? And I'm like, absolutely, because they're my friends.'What’s the one thing she missed most while she was in Los Angeles shooting The Voice? Volleyball. As soon as she was wheels-down in St. Louis, she re-joined her team at the Finesse Volleyball Academy. 'We're happy about that because when she's not there, we're good, but it's not the same because we're missing that one element. She's very dynamic,' her coach Wayne Scott said. She’s also very busy with two practices a week and tournaments almost every weekend. But if Kennedy's tired, she doesn't show it. 'She just brings that vibe on the court, like always keeping people up, always positive,' Scott said. She's the same way in choir class back at school. It's no surprise she shines during her solos, but she also encourages her classmates to share the spotlight with her. 'l feel like I just want to make a positive impact on the world,' she said. See the story here.