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Life Is a Learning Adventure

March 5, 2018

During assembly on Monday, March 5, Dr. Barry Gainor, orthopaedic surgeon and orthopaedic surgery professor emeritus at Mizzou, discussed his work in St. Lucia (West Indies) and Peru. His presentation launched Burroughs' International Week which will culminate with the International Dinner on Friday.

Gainor said "life is a learning adventure" ~ a mantra he and his extended family have followed vigorously. "You never learn more than when you cross a border." 

Gainor is a founding member of Health Volunteers Overseas, which is dedicated to improving global health through the education, training and professional development of the health workforce in resource-poor countries. He has held several leadership positions with HVO and said that beyond meeting the organization's goals to improve health care, he has also learned important skills: how to listen, build consensus, fundraise, run a corporation, manage thousands of members.

This work, he said, requires flexibility, creativity and the willingness to share yourself. "Life is a learning adventure," he concluded. "Enjoy the ride."