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Math and Literary Honors

January 11, 2016

Review et al copy copy 228.pngAmerican Scholastic Press Association Contest

The 2015 issues of the school’s literary/art magazines took top honors in the American Scholastic Press Association Contest. Both Works in Progress (grades 7 and 8) and The Review (grades 7 through 12) won first place awards in their divisions, and Grace Nieberle ’16  won an Outstanding Photograph award for her piece in The Review.

The View from Here, a publication produced from a collaboration that English chair Ellie DesPrez organized with Normandy teacher Inda Schaenen, claimed a first place in the middle school division as well as an Outstanding Community Service award.

Congratulations to all the students whose work went into the making of these magazines.

Excellence in Mathematics

On Saturday, November 7, 19 Burroughs students competed in the annual Excellence in Mathematics competition held at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park. Burroughs was in the small school division—at each grade level, prizes were given to individuals for 1st through 10th place and to teams (consisting of the top four scores at that grade from the school).

Congratulations to our

  • 9th Grade Team which took first place:  Jason Zhou (individual 1st place), Matthew Yee (individual 4th place), Ethan Wang (individual 7th place) and Amalan Gnanarajah
  • 10th Grade Team which took second place (results incomplete!):  Ian Sajjapong (individual 8th place) and William Howlett (individual 10th place)
  • 11th Grade Team which took third place:  Noah Sock (individual 3rd place), Kavitha Gnanarajah (individual 4th place), Jenny Zhou and no one! These three did so well that their combined scores combined were higher than the combined top four scores at most of the other schools
  • 12th Grade Team which took first place:  Chris Wong (individual 1st place, winner of $1000 scholarship), Joshua Kazdan (individual 3rd place), Kate Yee (individual 5th place) and Jessie Li (individual 6th place).