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Math Competition

November 3, 2014

megsl_logo.gifNineteen students competed in the MEGSL (Math Educators of Greater St. Louis) Excellence in Mathematics Competition at St. Louis Community College in Forest Park on November 1. Burroughs competed in the small school division, with awards given for the top 10 individual scores and the top five team scores in each division. Awards were given to the following students and teams.

9th grade individual:

William Howlett (5th)

Alison Gill (6th)

9th grade team, 2nd place:

William Howlett, Alison Gill, Luanna Summer, Victoria Sansone


10th grade individual:

Noah Sock (3rd)

Jon Ince (5th)

10th grade team, 4th place:

Noah Sock, Jon Ince, Jenny Zhou

(Only 3 sophomores attended, so our 4th score was a 0, but they won fourth place anyway!)


11th grade individual:

Kate Yee (3rd)

Olivia Long (4th)

Chris Wong (7th)

Jessie Li (8th)

11th grade team, 1st place:

Kate Yee, Olivia Long, Chris Wong, Jessie Li