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Math Competition Results

November 7, 2016

megsl_logo.gifNineteen Burroughs students participated in the annual Excellence in Mathematics competition, sponsored by St. Louis Community College at Forest Park in association with Math Educators of Greater St. Louis, on Saturday, November 5. Competing in the small school division, Burroughs grade-level teams placed in the top four at every grade level. Recognition is given to the the top 10 scorers (out of 60 to 90) in each division at each grade level. In addition, the top four scores from each school at each grade level constitute a team score, and the top five team scores in each division are recognized. The results were:

Grade 9 Team (winning 4th place):

  • Penny Zheng (4th place individually)

  • Dylan Fox

  • Adina Cazacu

  • John Woodruff

Grade 10 Team (winning 1st place):

  • Jason Zhou (2nd place individually)

  • Matthew Yee (8th place individually)

  • Nathan Peng

  • Divya Srihari

Grade 11 Team (winning 2nd place):

  • William Howlett (4th place individually)

  • Ben Langton (5th place individually)

  • Liam Storan

  • Luanna Summer

Grade 12 Team (winning 3rd place...with only 3 scores):

  • Noah Sock (2nd place individually)

  • Kavitha Gnanarajah (8th place individually)

  • Jon Ince

Furthermore, in an unexpected turn of events Kavitha Gnanarajah claimed the $1,000 scholarship presented to the high-scoring senior. In order to receive the scholarship the high-scoring senior must be present at the awards ceremony. When the first place scorer was not present, the administrators continued down the list, finally reaching number 8, Kavitha!