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Montgomery Plan Events

October 8, 2014

Here's the latest on community service events that the Montgomery Plan is organizing.


8 am to 1 pm, Saturday, November 15, at Energycare

For this activity, JBS students will help elderly or disabled St. Louis citizens get their homes ready for winter by putting up window and door insulation. No experience required.

Old Newsboys Day

6 to 8:45 am, Thursday, November 20


Save your donations for the JBS volunteers! JBS students and staff will be positioned at the Ladue/Price intersection, the Clayton/Price intersection and in the Clayton Road parking lot to collect donations for Old

Newsboys Day, which benefits more than 150 St. Louis children’s charities. For your convenience and as a reminder, students will hand out Old Newsboys Day envelopes to carpool drivers and student drivers on Wednesday, November 19. You may return your contribution in the form of cash or a check (made out to Old Newsboys Day) to the front desk.

Holiday Food Drive

December 1 through 18

The annual John Burroughs Holiday Food Drive will begin on December 1 and continue until winter break. The food drive includes

  • an in-school collection and canned good sculpture contest  (All students and staff are encouraged to bring in non-perishable food items, especially to their December 3 advisory so that planning for the sculpture can begin.)
  • a collection all day Saturday, December 6, at all four local Straub’s stores (About 50 JBS volunteers will work two-hour shifts, encouraging customers to pick up a few extra items while they shop.)
  • the delivery, sorting, and packaging of donated food to Isaiah 58 Ministries, a local food pantry and community center in St. Louis.

Spring Break Service Trip

WKO.jpgMarch 15 through 19, 2015

This year’s spring break service trip will take a group to Ellington, Missouri, to work with Whole Kids Outreach, an organization that helps mothers with prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care. Whole Kids Outreach also provides ongoing support for those families through equestrian therapy, summer camp, holiday events and more. While there, students and faculty will help prepare the grounds for summer camp, learn about equestrian therapy and visit homes to help mothers in various ways. They may also do some construction work, painting, repairs, etc. This will be Montgomery Plan's third spring break trip to Whole Kids Outreach. Click here for more about the organization.