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Nanette Tarbouni (F)

February 17, 2019

Nanette Tarbouni, College Counseling, was featured in The Princeton Review on 2.17.19 in an article titled "20 School Counselors Who Make a Difference":

"If you’ve had the good fortune to work with smart, savvy, compassionate school counselors, then you know how much they can make a difference in students’ lives. They’re always a few steps ahead, thinking about the goals you’ll need to set—and achieve—to make your dreams come true. They will constantly encourage you to realize your biggest, boldest dreams.  

Nanette Tarbouni
Director, College Counseling
John Burroughs School, St. Louis, MO

Why she loves her work: 'I love working with students and being a small part of their journey in the college process. It is a joy to watch them find a college home where they thrive and are happy. And I love coming to work each day and learning something new from the students!'

Her advice for students: 'There are so many wonderful colleges, you can find more than one that’s right for you. Know who you are and how you learn, and you will find a great home.'

Something you may not know about her: 'For ten years, prior to coming to JBS, I was the director of admission at Washington University, where I worked in the admissions office for 26 years.'"

Read the article in its entirety here