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National Merit & Achievement Semifinalists

September 26, 2012

National Merit logo-forweb.jpgBurroughs claims more National Merit semifinalists and more Achievement semifinalists than any other school — of any size — in the state of Missouri. The school claims 25 National Merit semifinalists and six Achievement semifinalists, more than 30 percent of the senior class and one of the highest percentages in the nation. One senior was named a semifinalist in both programs. An additional 16 Burroughs seniors were commended in the program. The semifinalists’ selection and commended distinction was based on the students' high scores on the PSAT, which they took as juniors in the fall of 2011.

Burroughs has traditionally been among the top-performing schools nationwide, but this year’s number of Achievement semifinalists (the top 1 percent of black students who took the PSAT) is particularly notable. With only 99 seniors, Burroughs claims more Achievement semifinalists than any other Missouri school. Six of the state’s 21 Achievement semifinalists come from Burroughs, and Burroughs claims more semifinalists than 11 entire states. Burroughs is one of only 17 high schools in the country to claim six or more Achievement semifinalists. Many of those schools are much larger, outnumbering the Burroughs student body by as much as eight to one. African-American students make up about 10 percent of the student body at Burroughs.

Congratulation to the 25 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists: Abby Balfour, Seve Beaver, Xavier Bledsoe, Emily Brown, Jimmy Carney, Sarah Cohen, Ginna Doyle, Kelly Hatfield, David Hua, J.R. Latta, Alicia Liu, Vicky Liu, Corina Minden-Birkenmaier, Brad Riew, Liz Rill, Joe Roddy, Peter Schnuck, Kirk Smith, Teresa-Anne Tatom-Naecker, Katherine Taylor, Charlie Van Doren, Sam Wexler, Matthew Wong, Alice Woods and Melissa Zhang.

And to the six seniors who were named semifinalists in the Achievement Scholarship competition: Robert Beckles, Xavier Bledsoe (who was also recognized in an NMS semifinalist), Solo Ceesay, A.D. Marshall, Foye Oluokun and Collean Trotter.

Congratulations also to the 16 seniors who received letters of commendation. They are Meghan Bach, Robert Beckles (also an Achievement semifinalist), Mackenzie Brandt, Frankie Caiazzo, Andrew Creighton, Siddharth Das, Kevin Eapen, Jake Fruchter, Emily Goodloe, Sally Lemkemeier, Katie Link, A.D. Marshall (also an Achievement semifinalist), Danny Nightingale, Zac Norton, Jordan Shaheen and Will Shao.