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National Merit Honors

September 14, 2015

2015_0909_Scholars001-for web694.jpg

With 27 seniors named as National Merit Scholarship semifinalists, Burroughs claims both the highest number and the highest percentage of semifinalists in the State of Missouri by a wide margin.

Congratulations to the Class of 2016 and the following seniors on this outstanding achievement: Nick Bach, Tyler Bernstein, Jay Borgwardt, Erin Byrne, Lucy Hanaway, Madeleine Johnson, Josh Kazdan, Griffin Kennard, Dylan Lee, Jessie Li, Olivia Long, Emily McDonnell, Samuel Oh, Helen Pan, Jeremy Pinson, William Rapp, Alex Robiolio, Zach Schmidt, Ruth Selipsky, R.B. Smith, Lucy Summer, Tara Suresh, Michelle Tang, Kamau Walker, Shoshana Williams, Chris Wong and Kate Yee.

Another 14 Burroughs seniors were commended in the National Merit Scholarship competition. Congratulations to Safi Ahmad, Drew Bolster, Barrett Carlson, Jason Chen, Elizabeth Edmonds, Sarah Gaffigan, Miranda Gottlieb, Rebecca Kiesel, Gabe Maayan, John McCarty, Maya Menon, Joe Moise, Alex O'Neal and Charlotte Wiland. Great job, Class of 2016!