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Science Olympiad Team Takes Third in State

April 22, 2016

ScienceOlympiad-2016-208p.pngThe JBS Science Olympiad team repeated its third place finish in the state competition held at Westminster College on April 9, 2016. The team medaled in 14 of the 23 events, including

  • a gold (Forensics),
  • four silvers (Cell Biology, Game On, Invasive Species and It's About Time),
  • three bronzes (Chem Lab, Experimental Design and GeoLogic Mapping), and
  • six honorable mentions (Air Trajectory, Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, Bridge Building, Green Generation and Protein Modeling).

Co-sponsors Martha Keeley (Science), Martha McMahon (Computer Science), Marina Smallwood (Science) and Wayne Winters (Science) fielded the team in January and assigned students to specific roles soon after. Something like an academic track meet, Science Olympiad events ranged from tests in anatomy, cell biology and remote sensing to bridge building projects to chemistry labs. In preparation for this year’s competition, the Burroughs team members designed, built and tested their devices (including an electric vehicle, a robot arm, a bridge and an airplane); gathered study materials, created study guides, quizzed each other and took sample tests; and worked on sample labs. They met with their partners before and after school and during free periods, and they came together as a group for weekend practices and three weekend tournaments, including a regional tournament at which the team placed second, competing with 20 other local schools. There, it medaled in 13 of 23 events, earning four gold, five silver and four bronze medals.

Congratulations to Alison Gill '18, William Howlett '18, Josh Kazdan '16, Jake Kovalic '17, Olivia Long '16, John Nash '19, Minerva Pappu '18, Ruth Selipsky '16, Hunter Sigmund '18, Noah Sock '17, Luanna Summer '18, Lucy Summer '16, Tara Suresh '16, J.H. Wagner '17, Ethan Wang '19, Shoshana Williams '16, Kate Yee '16, Matthew Yee '19 and Jenny Zhou '17 on an outstanding 2016 Science Olympiad season.